It is a non-linear map which have many paths to take and reach the end. The point is, that you play a map one time and you are happy. Then you have a little break in Portal, because there aren't any new released maps for some time. But the answer is here: play the Deja-Vu again, but choose a different path with different puzzles. You can choose freely the way that is going to lead you to the end. Thats it!

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Feb 6 2009 Anchor

Here you can post what ever you want to ask us, like, if you can be a beta tester, when the mod coming out.. everything, feel free to ask. We will answer every questions as fast as we can ofc :)
It's not much more to say here, i think you guys get it already.

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Feb 7 2009 Anchor

Um... I think i want to be a beta tester im not sure ill think a bout it. :redface:

Yes I do.8)

Feb 8 2009 Anchor

Hmm, I'm not quite sure if we need more beta tester's we have already 3 of them, but I can ask tuoppi if we need more.

Feb 8 2009 Anchor

ok, thats fine i just really want to play this it looks so cool

i still want to

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