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Aperture Beginnings

This mod sets place during Portal 1

Aperture Beginnings Tell the story of A young woman Named Mia,as an employee Working on the dreaded day of GLaDOS Activation, Forced Deeper into the bowels of the Earth, Will She Ever Escape?, Is there anyone Else Alive?, Can GLaDOS be Stopped????

Project-leaders: NunamedDragon


Level Designers:NunamedDragon Dorforyou

Voice-Actors: Theevina

Past Employees:



  • Level designers.
  • Modelers (Who can make People)
  • Programmers (who can at least import content from other source Games)

Voice Actors Needed!

  • Main Character Companion, Appleyard_Voiceovers by default if hes still up for it
  • GLaDOS (Not A Portal Game/Mod without Her)
  • Various Scientists... (Male/Female) Maybe?

*future can be broken or slightly radiated after hired. we do not blame you for it but another future-starter

Want constant updates like every few days rather than the summary that goes on here Follow NunamedDragon@Twitter

It's been a While

News 6 comments

It's been a while...

How have you been...?
So to quickly sum things up, we abandoned Aperture Beginnings. Including myself. I'm been working on Aperture Beginnings for only 2 days after we stopped and had a 10 days holiday to think about this. But I've decided to continue working. My only reason I have never finished anything in my life so far. The original 2 Project Leaders have left leaving me and everyone else (if they want to continue). unfortunately i can't work on aperture Beginnings as much as I want to/used to. Meaning if you think progress was slow now it's gonna get slower.

Anyway Here are some images of the incomplete Single Player Lobby (i've got to show you something), Currently it's 90% done need to finish implementing the level selector build Cubemaps and fix the GOD DAM LIGHTING (cause it looks like shit)

Manage to get the bright light glare on the middle screen just need to do the same on the blue one.
And fix the video problem on the Blue Screen. And Yes the chamber is meant to look unfinished only i did a shit job on it.
Before Lights turn on

After Lights Turn on


I manage to get Razer's Sixsense controller to work on Portal 2 mods like you guest it Aperture Beginning.
I bought the Controller at last years EB Expo for AB i just never used it, oh ya I'm heading off to EB Expo 2012 tomorrow :D
(the image bellow is an older version of the Lobby from above)

To sum this up. Where back
Where rehiring, mostly Modelers, A programmer who can import existing content/code from other source games. People who can make music and mappers (NOT MAPPER WHO USE THE INGAME EDITIOR THATS NOT PROPER MAPPING)

And clearly Greenlight is up with other mods and games. But AB will not be in the Gleenlight until we are half way done.

Also Please leave comment, I would love a negative comment/comments

For those who like constant updates (not this every now and then shit thats here) Follow NunamedDragon@Twitter

Where I all left you in SUSPENSE

Where I all left you in SUSPENSE

News 4 comments

Anyway, just to sums things up we all took a slight holiday to get our lives sorted. I'm sorted but the other 2 (not including voice actor) are still...

Valintine(s) ?

Valintine(s) ?

News 2 comments

It's that special Time of Year where Someone gets that special someone or someone(s), or just a Headcrab plushy like mine...

Slight Late Australia Day Update (Dead?)

Slight Late Australia Day Update (Dead?)

News 3 comments

Hello My name Is NunamedDragon, I'm the newest member of the Aperture: Beginnings, mod team. You may remember me from Alyx's Story Mod....

Alice has a vacation

Alice has a vacation

News 7 comments

The first Alice followed the white rabbit and cut him as she wandered into wonderland...

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Rodericky Creator

The help with the Level designing is still open..... *waiting*

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Glitcher007 Creator

I am having a mini contest see you can win!

Reply Good karma+1 vote

yeah. and heres a suprise leak post from an insider(me):

there is no leak coming today! lol....

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WOA, that's some awesome story! Looks good.
About the "WANTED"... well, I'm pretty good at photoshop and I can and will make textures if you want. By the way, those textures on the pictures are really ugly.
I also can make some music in Fruity Loops Studio 9, and I can send you a link of some examples. I can't make some muthafuckin' awesome music, but their good.
And I can also do a thing: modify the texture of models. I can't freaking make a model because I know **** about modeling, but I'm good at modifying textures of original models like the cubes, doors, etc. :)
Hope I can help.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

ok, so, looks like u died. Whatever. Anyway, I'm on a friend's PC because I can't use internet on my PC... this means I can't help you until I get my internet to work again. :3 Probably in one and a half month I'll have it working again...
Sorry. I'll try to help you when I can... or when you answer my comment. :l

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

a mapper, eh? well, after im done with my current project, ill probably do it. im not a beginner, and, heck, im not even a pro. but i am pretty good at it,sdk. so....yea,let me know if im in.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Will there be a demo realeased? And also how much progress have you done so far?

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Rodericky Creator

I think it will be released in Chapters, that way you will see what I mean by 'funny' maps.
And I can't really say that. You will see later -_^

Reply Good karma+1 vote

:D Yayayayayayayaya. Can't wait!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

yeah chell is realy 130

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