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This mod attempts to reflect the reality of 13th century Europe. The starting point of the journey is year 1257 AD and attempts to be as historically accurate as possible. From this point on the player and NPC lords shape this land and fight for supremacy and control of the continent.

You may not use any part of this mod without obtaining permission from the original author in any works, free or commercial, unless otherwise specified.
The mod currently requires Warband 1.143-1.153 and it is to be considered in beta stage. Bug reports and suggestions are welcome!

-All of Europe, featuring 42 factions
-Hundred of new historical, region based troops.
-More then a thousand new items, armors, weapons, all historically accurate for XIII century.
-Buildable castles.
-Manor system, with the ability to build custom settlements (build buildings that appear in the scene!)
-Realistic combat system, with taunts, formations, realistic horse archery and many other.
-Custom battle scenes, realistically depicting each region of Europe.
-Weather system, including desert storms, blizzards, rain storms
-Play as one of your soldiers after your death, with our made auxiliary player feature (can be turned off in the mod options).
-Crusading system: Go crusading to the holy land a crusade or start a new crusade yourself!
-Join a crusader order as sergeant or a knight!
-New lance recruitment system, aiming to emulate medieval feudal recruitment system.
-Companion system improved and remade
-Sea battles and sea travel
-Many new scenes for castles, towns and villages. A good number of them - are historically based reconstructions of real places!
-Many other major and minor features!

Available factions:
1. Teutonic Order
2. Kingdom of Lithuania
3. Golden Horde
4. Kingdom of Denmark
5. Polish Principalities
6. Holy Roman Empire
7. Kingdom of Hungary
8. Novgorod Republic
9. Kingdom of England
10. Kingdom of France
11. Kingdom of Norway
12. Kingdom of Scotland
13. Gaelic Kingdoms
14. Kingdom of Sweden
15. Kingdom of Halych-Volhynia
16. Kingdom of Portugal
17. Crown of Aragon
18. Kingdom of Castille
19. Kingdom of Navarra
20. Emirate of Granada
21. The Papal States
22. Roman Empire of Nicaea
23. Crusader States
24. Kingdom of Sicily
25. Mamluk Sultanate
26. Latin Empire
27. Il-khanate
28. Hafsid Dynasty
29. Kingdom of Serbia
30. Kingdom of Bulgaria
31. Marinid Dynasty
32. Republic of Venice
33. Jotvingians
34. Prussians
35. Curonians
36. Samagotians
37. Welsh
38. Republic of Genoa
39. Republic of Pisa
40. Guelphs
41. Ghibellines
42. Kingdom of Bohemia

For full list of credits, visit our official forums:

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A new and final (this time really final) version of the mod has been released. The new version mainly contains various fixes: for scenes, script errors and so on. In other words, some of the last holes was filled.

This version should also be compatible with 1.11 version of the mod. However this is untested, so use at your own risk. It is generally recommended to start a new game with every new version of the mod.

This is the last version of the mod with no plans to continue development anymore. Thank you all for your support and contributions over these years!

Anno Domini 1257  - Angry peasant edition(v1.11) released!

Anno Domini 1257 - Angry peasant edition(v1.11) released!

News 16 comments

Anno Domini 1257 - Angry peasant edition has been released for Warband 1.158 and up.

Final version of 1257ad

Final version of 1257ad

News 36 comments

This mod attempts to reflect the reality of 13th century Europe. The starting point of the journey is year 1257 AD and attempts to be as historically...

Anno Domini 1257 0.97 beta released

Anno Domini 1257 0.97 beta released

News 42 comments

It's finally here! A new release after two years of waiting!

More mods for Mount&Blade Warband!

More mods for Mount&Blade Warband!

News 11 comments

Desura now supports more modifications for Mount&Blade Warband.

1257AD version 1.13

1257AD version 1.13

Full Version 52 comments

Full installer for Anno Domini 1257. Mount and Blade Warband 1.153 or higher is needed to play.

Anno Domini 1257 1.11 patch for 1.10

Anno Domini 1257 1.11 patch for 1.10

Patch 56 comments

A patch for Anno Domini 1257. This will update your mod to 1.11. Requires full 1.10 version of the mod. Save game compatible.

1257AD version 1.1

1257AD version 1.1

Full Version 95 comments

Main installer for Anno Domini 1257, version 1.1. Warband version 1.158 or higher is required.

Anno Domini 1257 version 1.03 installer

Anno Domini 1257 version 1.03 installer

Full Version 123 comments

The main installer of 1257ad for Mount and Blade: Warband v1.158.

1257AD 0.97.1 patch

1257AD 0.97.1 patch

Patch 69 comments

This is the patch for 0.97 version of the mod. Just extract the rar in your mods folder and play!

Anno Domini 1257 version 0.97 Beta installer

Anno Domini 1257 version 0.97 Beta installer

Full Version 82 comments

The main instal of 1257ad for Warband v1.143-1.154.

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Now i start with putting tons of new items and companions for this edition. . .

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Kriegtooth Online

Because theres a new version, and ive said this before here(I think) and at TWC, I think a really cool option would be to choose what faction you crusade for when you tell your king you wanna go Crusade

Either the Kingdom of Jerusalem(duh) or the Teutonic Knights. Maybe even the Papal States, since, not sure if done in 1257, but some of the wars for the Papal States were deemed crusades. Didnt really attract people, but it could still be an option!

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I can't play it :( cuz i have winrar error :(((

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In my game, I'm a Swedish vassal and we've been at war with the Novgorod Republic for a very long time. We've taken over every last fief from the Novgorodians, but they have not been eliminated yet. Instead, they are all in hiding across the parts of Europe that have not declared war on them. Where can I find Alexander Nevsky? I want to capture him to end the war, but travellers cannot tell me where he is. Where do rulers of a kingdom go when their faction has no land? Do they hide with allied/neutral kingdoms like their vassals do? Most of the Novgorod vassals are taking refuge at Golden Horde fiefs, and a few are hiding at Danish castles. Where would Nevsky be though?

Also, where can I find the Swedish Destrier and the Sweden-faction surcoat?

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I hope this mod was not made with a clear pro-Christian/European bias. Or else there's no point in having the non-Christian factions.

Mamlumke infantry isn't supposed to be weak. It's one of the best cavalry of its time that was able to defeat Mongol forces at the battle of Ain Jalut. Also, mamluke infantry shouldn't have archers in it and they should be wearing chainmal, not clothes or simply leather. In the mod, I tested them by putingt them head to head with knights templar cavalry, same number earch side, and they couldn't land more than one kill.

I've tried the other Muslim factions as well, they are so nerfed it's unbelievable.

What Muslim factions (especially Mamluke) should have is very strong cavalry, decent to good infantry and very good archers. In comparison, European has mediocre archery (with the exception of the English who have the best archery, yew for the win), good infantry and slightly less good cavalry than Muslim factions (with the exception of Seljuks who should be in the game). Mamlukes are what to cavalry what England was to archery and what Mongols were to horse archery.

Think about it, if the Muslim factions really had weak infantry and weak cavalry, they would have all got conquered by Christians or Mongols.

Also, the Marinids are not black. They were Amazigh north africans. Their skin color is white or light brown.

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Wow. So you're the same Kolios who was just whining about Muslims not being dominant enough on the Taleworlds forums. Mamlukes are fine in my experience, and I've done quite well with them... this mod is balanced very well actually.

You're just butthurt because you aren't good at the game, and honestly it seems like you just want to hate on specific religious groups. Just enjoy the damn mod... stop being a raging bigot.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes

Stop playing the victim. There is no hating on any religious group. Everyone has bias. And I said "I hope this wasn't made with bias". I'm not claiming that there is.

If this was a mod made by Muslims, I'd check if the Muslim troops were made much stronger than they were. Bias should always be checked.

Also the fact that you're a stalker shows that you don't really have anything of substance to say. You're projecting a lot too, maybe you should take some time off the internet and learn to cope with your emotions...

And no, this wasn't about me playing good or bad. I was just sitting back and letting the AI troops fight each other. Mamluke cavalry was not able to kill more than one Crusader Knight. If this isn't unbalance, then you're very new to games.

You cannot argue that Mamluke cavalry not being able to kill more than one Crusader cavalry unit is balanced.

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you can always use morghs editor :D

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Thank you for the advice! I didn't know that tool existed.

Hopefully, the mod's creators will fix the infantry of Mamluke since there are archers there. I've tried putting 100% infantry in custom's battle but archers still show up.

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DrTomas Creator

Custom battles are not a good way to judge balancing, since they do not have many scripts that regular battles have.

Hence, the archers that you get when you use infantry.

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I think you are right, since custom battles don't show the best troop units, except in the case of the Knight orders (Templar, Teutonic, etc...).

Thanks for the reply.

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I have to say this mod is one of the most successful mods I have ever played. It needs some polishing, it's still alpha, but yet feels like closed beta. I can't wait for a final version. The mod itself feels like a total new game. The map is just outstanding as in size and in factions. The soundtrack is beautiful and fitting. Combining AD 1257 with Warband Battle Sizer will give you the most amazing experience you ever had in M&B. Numerous times I felt like in the movie Braveheart on the battlefield…

Dec 9 2012 by cassian220v

Lowest Rated (5 agree) 1/10

Run time crashes constantly. I was really excited to play this too.

Aug 8 2011 by Cstriker01

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