This mod attempts to reflect the reality of 13th century Europe. The starting point of the journey is year 1257 AD and attempts to be as historically accurate as possible. From this point on the player and NPC lords shape this land and fight for supremacy and control of the continent.

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It's finally here! A new release after two years of waiting!

Posted by DrTomas on Nov 30th, 2012

A new version of Anno Dommini 1257 has been released. Featuring many unique and unseen to other mods features. You can download it from our download page!

Mod features:
- All of Europe, featuring 42 factions
- Hundred of new historical, region based troops.
- More then a thousand new items, armors, weapons, all historically accurate for XIII century.
- Buildable castles.
- Manor system, with the ability to build custom settlements (build buildings appear in the scene!)
- Realistic combat system, with taunts, formations, improved horse archer skirmishing scripts and other features.
- Custom battle scenes, realistically depicting each region of Europe.
- Weather system, including desert storms, blizzards, rain storms
- Play as one of your soldiers after your death, with our made auxiliary player feature (can be turned off in the mod options).
- Cruading system: Join a crusade or start one yourself!
- Join a crusader order as sergeant or a knight!
- New lance recruitment system, aiming to emulate medieval feudal recruitment system.
- Companion system improved and remade
- Sea battles and sea travel
- Many new scenes for castles, towns and villages. A good number of them - are historically based reconstructions of real places!
- Many other minor and major features!

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Chezzlor Dec 1 2012 says:

Loving the mod so far!

Only a few issues I've encountered so far:
- When non player parties travel on water they do not use a boat, they run/hover over the ocean.
- When enlisting in armies, the General never promotes me, ever. I have fought in many victorious battles, stayed with the party for so many days... but nothing.
- team vs team tournament. When I selected this option it made it me vs a team, very difficult.
- Sometimes in 1v1 tournaments I face myself as he/me sits there waiting to be a free kill.

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DrTomas Author
DrTomas Dec 3 2012 replied:

Thanks for the bug reports! We are preparing a patch, which should be ready sometimes this or next week. Probably.

The boat on water is not a bug. To save resources, it's turned off by default. You should turn on the feature in the camp menu, via mod options.

I'll check out the tournaments tho.

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Guest Jan 4 2013 replied:

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jerome7 Dec 1 2012 says:

Hurray :D :) thank you

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Chezzlor Dec 2 2012 says:

Further bugs...

- Most of the woman faces appear distorted
- Once in Sicily's town during a feast most of the lords were replaced with naked distorted faced woman.
- After a massive battle with various allied generals vs various enemy generals I retreated then reengaged. After my victory most lords were captured and the game crashes soon after. But nothing a reload won't fix.
- Minor mesh issues with kettle helmets and a couple armors.

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DmitarIvanović Dec 6 2012 says:

Every 5-10 minutes my game crashes and I get this message [] Sometimes it just freezes and I can't do anything but get out of it via task manager.

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DrTomas Author
DrTomas Dec 7 2012 replied:

Sadly the game engine has some problems with memory management, which leads to crashing on certain machines (mostly to ones with 32bit OS). This is especially problematic with big mods, such as ours(which is double the size of native!). And as modders we can do little to help as we have no access to the source.

A possible way to avoid crashes is to follow these instructions:

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lonewolfenrir Dec 7 2012 says:

i have notice that the city guimares of portugal is at south of france for some reason

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doublejsam1 Dec 14 2012 says:

how do you build a castle... o.O

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ikdulo Dec 20 2012 replied:

Yes i also want to know this.

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beardetmonkey Jan 21 2013 replied:

yea me too

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Meton_Wadjan Dec 20 2012 says:

Hmm i would like to know hot to update this, i have version .95 and it only says to download from our page so im a little lost (noob in the modding world)

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Badabinq Jan 3 2013 replied:

I was told to just download the patch and apply it to the mods folder

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Andreasqiao Aug 14 2013 replied:

why this desura download only applies to 0.95 pre 10 ? where do we can get 0.97 beta or even 1.0 version ? Please instruct me..

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Meton_Wadjan Dec 21 2012 says:

a little bug i encountered was in the begining mission when assaulting the city guard (after saving the merchants brother) one of the enemies gets stuck inside a wall and it cannot end the battle, everyone tries to kill him but just run into a wall continously.

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Prodigious_ Jan 25 2013 replied:

same here

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sotospithis Mar 22 2013 replied:

What i did to end this was to run to the keep and press F to enter, it got me out of the map and the quest was over.

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ostkaka1 Dec 22 2012 says:

how do i get the new ver

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Guest Dec 29 2012 says:

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wow120296 Jan 1 2013 says:

When i download this i get the old version with less towns faction and features. What do i do?

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Mikhail_Polenski Jan 1 2013 says:


Yeah, I also encountered the same issue, the download here gives me the 0.95 pre-release 10 version, not sure what's wrong... :(

Somebody help please.

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Mlgcat Jan 21 2013 replied:

Same I have Prerealease 10 and I don't know how to update it D:

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ConteRagnar Nov 15 2013 replied:

i too

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XGurranX Jan 12 2013 says:

When i trie to launch i get a message saying "can´t open file Textures\ Count Pons d`Empuries then the game closes

+1 vote     reply to comment
MrMarshall352 Jan 12 2013 says:

Uuuh I havent been on this for a while and I cant find out where to download it. I have the original I just down know where the patch is.

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XDemonToastX Jan 14 2013 says:

how do i make the weapons stop breaking after i use them

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Konamaru67 Jan 22 2013 says:

I have a bug where vassals are stuck in a glitched area, i dont get stuck on it but the vassals and patrols do and they just stay there moving but not moving at all from that place

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Prodigious_ Jan 25 2013 says:

how do i doenload this, its not letting me...

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cheythom99 Jan 29 2013 says:

How do you get the new recruitment thing to work. When i play i can get men from everyone

+1 vote     reply to comment
scottishknight19 Feb 4 2013 says:

I thought i had the new version and its still .95. What gives?

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Guest Feb 18 2013 says:

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sotospithis Mar 22 2013 says:

I am unable to install a single upgrade to this mod i am stuck with the 0.95 version. For some reason whenever i try to download the new updates i either get errors or absolutely nothing. if anyone could help me that would be great, i am tired of watching this great mod on youtube and remain stuck with the absolute basics

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dainiuskuliesa Mar 31 2013 says:

I have problem with my Mansions Marshall, I say to him muster a new army, but then I leave mansion there only angry band of alchoholics with 0 units. Any help to fix this?

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giovanialex Jun 23 2013 says:

rgl error...textures error....some info about this?

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giovanialex Jun 23 2013 says:

ERROR: Unable to open file: CommonRes\weapon_meshes_e.brf

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Guest Jun 24 2013 says:

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halorcool123 Jun 27 2013 says:

Love The Game But When I Go To The Tavern Or Fight It Crashes And Says Sky error 8?

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halorcool123 Jun 27 2013 says:

Great Mod

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KittCatt Jun 30 2013 says:

Does anyone have this problem? because i downloaded it from MODDB and when i click the installer it says

"1257_0.97 has stopped working"

Is there any fix to that problem? It's 1 GB and i won't download it again from desura :(

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abinas Aug 15 2013 says:

So is castle building even active, or is there something special needed before it becomes available?

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Guest Sep 19 2013 replied:

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opticgames24 Sep 21 2013 says:

How do I Castle Build?

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