My mod takes place in a fictional ancient land, with huge amount of totally new content like weapons, armours, scenery, ...

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Mod is not dead ! I'm working so hard ! Read this article for the news of the mod and some features !

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Hi everyone !

First, thank you a lot with all your comments ! You're a great community !

Tomorrow or tuesday I'll post an update to show you all my new model, especially Tydeidian and some others.

I've just finished the story of my mod ( \o/ ), but it's in french, just give me the time to translate it in English. I know it must be frustating that I just showed models but I do one thing at a time, there are so much work, but the mod isn't dead !

I can tell you some of the features !

- A lot of mercenaries, I said A LOT OF ! Available in high number, from 20 to 60 (light unit - medium unit - heavy unit - super heavy unit ). I like the idea of the hall of mercenary but i didn't remember the name of the person who give me that idea. If you read me this smiley is for you => : )

- 3 Invading factions viking/frank inspiration, indian inspiration, huns inspiration.

- Maybe give more restrictions to items like "21 force required" to make it a little more RPG style, but not sure.

- Armies of minimum 200 soldiers to 500 for the biggest one but of course the character will be able to recruit 90-120 soldiers from the beginning.

- A lot of new companions, I'd like to make them more RPG with an unique look and an unique story

- Hundreds of new items of course !

- A new map, with a dark universe GoT style

- Brainy bots !

- Formations !

- Some new animations

- Naval battle (Not sure)

- Multiplayer (after the singleplayer of course)

- I'll try to find some music copyright free (if you have any idea !)

- Some new sound

- New castles - towns - villages (after the models, coding, ...)

- Siege improvement (more ladders (4-5), maybe destructible doors (if bots can destroy them), maybe some secret passage to storm the town with 10 super heavy soldiers ! ^^

- Freelancer ! (Of course)

- Diplomacy

- ...

Be ready, in the next weeks, Amazons will follow ! So excited to work on them ! Stay tuned for more details next days ! Bye !

Count Romann


Good luck!! Your mod looks amazing!! And i love your ideas, specially the invading factions and the huge amount of mercs ;) Keep it up!!

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:D yay

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Antonis9 Online

Best of luck! Your models are great and the ideas sound really good! For copyright-free Music, you can try any of the royalty free sites and Cevin McLeod's music, which is great and he has written many pieces for Antiquity. Also, you can contact a lot of people that write music on YouTube, most I've tried are kind and generous. :)

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Teeff Online

Looking forward to it.

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I like the ambiance of this mod could be great, i wish you can finish it !

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Awesome mod, but do you think that you can expand the battle size?, because if you keep it native with armies that large, its going to be something like the rome at war mod, huge armies and never ending battles.

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brother, please put the freelancer mod, it is one of the most incredible mods I have ever seen, it will add to your project and if it is not too much, it would be interesting to edit our own army, as in the "new aeta" or "16th Century the Northern Hemisphere ", please, good luck in the project!

sorry my english was on google translate

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