This is a modification for Diablo II: LOD that revamps skills for all characters and allows new ways to play Lord of Destruction.

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May 11th, 2012
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This is a modification for Diablo II: LOD that revamps skills for all characters and allows new ways to play Lord of Destruction.

Diablo II: Lord of Destruction Ancestral Recall v1.10 Mod Read Me -
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Ancestral Recall v1.10 Build for LOD v1.10 Final -> By TeknoKyo

**Note: Didn't make any changes except ported to LOD v1.10 final.
Very bz with stocks and Ragnarok online now. Won't be workin on mod till my Ragnarok
char reaches at least 90.

Read thru the whole thing if you've never tried AR. Especially the installation.


Make a new sub-folder called AR in your D2/LOD folder(Default is C:\Program Files\Diablo II)
- The AR folder should look something like this C:\Program Files\Diablo II\AR
- Unzip all the files to AR folder
- Run AR with AR.Bat


Please post at my forum at PhrozenKeep on which version you like/play ... I'll most
probably only update on the 1 that ppl mostly play. If there are not many ppl who plays
either AR mod ... I'll just stop public releases and help other mod-makers make mods that
ppl play ... :)

For Bug reports or anything that u wanna talk about ... put it in the forums

Forum: <- go here and click forums link, there is a link to TeknoKyo Mod Forum under Specific Mods.

Pls use the forum instead of emailing me so that every1 can help each other and myself.


-Make a backup of the file Patch_D2.mpq in your Diablo2 directory before copying this mod over it.
(Most probably located in C:\Program Files\Diablo II)
-Make a backup of your char files that you wanna use for this mod b4 playing.
(C:\Program Files\Diablo II\save)
-To install ... just unzip the Patch_D2.mpq into your Diablo II folder.
-Play the game in Hell for the best experience.
-Remember you can use your existing chars to play the this mod and try playing Hell.
-You can start a new char with this mod and then use that char on normal LOD too.
-Use ""players 2"" for normal AR(Natalya10x) play, Use ""players 3-8"" for Harder to extreme
play. I usually play on ""players 4""(20x) for Norm/NM and ""Players 2""(10x) on Hell

For new players:
-Crypts-Burial Grounds -Act 1 is as hard as Act4 and Act5 ... so most probably it's too hard
unless your char can at least kill diablo.
-Lvling and difficulty - intended completion levels Norm=40, NM=70, HELL = ??
-Make sure you kill Blood Raven in Norm for an early boost.
-In Blood Moor ... when starting new chars ... go for Nest Kills ... it'll give u a few good lvls mabbe up to lvl 10 for another early boost ... but it won't be that easy.
-Killing Corpsefire will give you good startup items ... this is how I play on Realms.
-Try starting new characters to take advantage of the new skills.
-Make sure you read thru all the changes on all AR versions from ARv1.00 to the latest
release to know what is changed on AR.
-Make sure you check the scrshots on my site to see the new things in AR
-Look thru the AR Info, Maps, Cube Recipes, Hirelings pages on my site for before
starting out.

*** Changes that might affect chars(You still can revert back) - Only for AR-SE ***
- Skills are changed and chars will not be the same when u use your existing chars, your chars will be a lot more powerful
- Reverting back to Original LOD will affect char skills.
- Added in Megainventory, cube, stash, increase, so reverting back to normal LOD might
result in Item loss ... the Megainventory is done by Fusman(IMHO 1 of the coolest D2
modders) and Phalzyr ... so if all Credits goes to them ... :)

Credits and Greetz:
- My wife who has been so ever patient with me ... and made my life complete ... :)
- Blizzard, especially Blizzard North for making a real cool game and making modding
even easier on LOD ... this is the kind of coding that other software company should
learn from.
- Blizzard for the way-cool softcoding that enabled the production of this mod.
- These ppl deserve credit for the Mod-making tools that makes D2/LOD mods possible ...
MPQ2k - Justin Olbrantz(Quantam), Andrey Lelikov, MpqView - Simply Red Software,
DC6Con - Ryan Smith and Forest Hale, DC6Maker - Clannad, D2Lvl - Isilweo,
Cv5/.dcc - TeLAMoN, Bilian Georgiev Belchev, TblEdit - Darkstorm and every mod tool author
- Phrozen, Iowan, Fusman and TheAcolyte for getting me hosted on PhrozenKeep and Planediablo
- Every1 at PlanetDiablo, PhrozenKeep, Chealist-Diablo 2 Hacklist, Diabloworld, VKmods, Infoceptor and all the rest of the D2 sites.
- All my Beta Testers, players, supporters for making this mod worth my time ... at least
there are ppl besides me who does play this mod ...:)
- Every1 participating who plays and support D2/LOD mods.

This mod is provided as is where is and no part of this Mod is to be distributed or reuse
without my permission ... Whatever ... ;)
If you like this mod, just realise that in this world, there are people who are unfortunate,
and live your life to the fullest of your potential.

Site :
Forum: <- go here and click forums link, there is a link TeknoKyo Mod Forum,

Due to the fact that I'm a damn lazy guy I might not reply emails ... if you seriosly want replies ... post in my forum ... unless it's real personal ... :)

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Ancestral Recall - v1.10
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