You are Mathew McNamara almost 79 years, and you have a problem... You don't really know if you're awake or not, but you can feel the fear running trough your body... You must escape, but, how are you going to escape if you don't even know where you are? You've been sent into your memories... Starting in your forgotten childhood. Your life wasn't exactly easy, and that life has a price... pay it, or die...

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HumiliatoR says

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What? Where is your effort all I saw is really undetailed maps with really crappy map design, like I see in the first map no effort just 5 minute made map.. and I can see through the walls too. Every map has no effort only some scripts and there are like none scares, just maybe good story and using monsters for them. But seriously this is so unfinished with map design, it's that awful. Sorry to be too harsh, but this is really not good. There is a lot missing walls, those "Door entrances" look really ugly because you dont have door frames even there.

I'm sorry, but I dont like this at all just plain dumb, no effort to show here.
I think some peoples maybe enjoy this because they don't care this mod map design, but I really care and that's one of the strongest point of mod making, story is second one and scares as always. I didn't scare once, however it was great storytelling if this is only your point. Forgive my bad rating, but I'm just honest with you.

2/10 - Really poor

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