You are Mathew McNamara almost 79 years, and you have a problem... You don't really know if you're awake or not, but you can feel the fear running trough your body... You must escape, but, how are you going to escape if you don't even know where you are? You've been sent into your memories... Starting in your forgotten childhood. Your life wasn't exactly easy, and that life has a price... pay it, or die...

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Anywhere [OLD] Animator at Paranormal Studios

animator paranormal studios anywhere artists hi! i'm kyle, from paranormal studios and we are looking for a animator to work with us in some fps and tps games. experience is required. the software is not a problem. probably we will need to animate humanoid models, structures (falling down...) or even weapons. is a free work. but maybe not far in the future we will sell the games, so we will make some payments... by the way, another requirement is keep in touch. we don't need more "plants" decorating our member list. thanks for the interest ^^ stay tuned~~

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Windows, Mac, Linux
Paranormal Studios
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Released Jun 27, 2013
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