Prepare yourself for this Untold story of the Brennenburg castle.

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WetDogSnout says

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I liked the part with the noses...

This is just perfect for me!
It builds up slow and has a great feeling to it, the scary parts are very well done and not just jumping in your face. The level design feels very nice and everything plays just perfectly, i can't seem to find anything wrong with it really.
Very impressed! Great work!


Ragendar says

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Alright, I'm going to touch points in order of story, level design, sound, progression, conflict, and conclusion.

The story, though a bit choppy at times, was a good one. I was very focused in solving the mystery. There were times however when I was unable to follow the sequence of events. Another point, the voiceacting was superb 90% of the time, and I was thoroughly impressed with the dialogue and flashbacks.

Level design was exceptional. Everything was well detailed, and there were few slip ups or out-of-place furnishments. The only area that was slightly choppy was the sewer. It looked like a cross between a sewer/dungeon/morgue. Still acceptable however.

Sounds were placed fairly well, but what really bought my thumbs up to sound for this mod were the choices in music. You had Beethoven in the theater, and then an extremely cool custom song in 'that one map which I cannot sufficiently explain without spoiling it.' I still listen to the song outside of the game, and it does truly go well with the area.

Progression was very straightforward. I never got stuck, puzzles were few and far between, and were fairly simple. I applaud the use of notes to solve the sewer puzzle and 'that other puzzle which I cannot talk about.'

Monster spawns were poorly placed at times. The player should never see a monster spawn unless it is made to poof. This reduces the immersion, for instance when I saw one spawn basically right in front of me, I proceeded to put my hands in my lap and let him have me.

The conclusion... Was an interesting choice, as the choice is all yours. There are three possibilities, however do NOT rely on August to tell you correctly which conclusion is which. Analyze the endings for yourself and choose the way you would use each ending, not the way August tells you to. It was a satisfactory ending, though it wasn't mind-blowing.

I enjoyed playing this mod, now you play it yourself.

I have tested this game and can honestly say since the ratings appear to have started so soon that the story is very immersing, it makes you want to know more. There is no cheap anything in this and time and effort and years of work have taken it's toll. I also like the whole story is not based around puzzles and actually feels like an adventure! Feel and play the game for what it is, don't rush through and follow the story, you will be impressed.


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