You wake up because of some noise in the next room. It annoys you because you want some sleep after being drunk last night. The doctor said a week earlier that strong liquor can trick your mind, so be careful what you believe in...

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Not proper lighting used, no scary atmosphere, poorly detailed maps and alot of nonsense scares. I enjoyed the voice acting and the length though.

I understand that it's your first story, so I won't judge. I bet your second project would be a huge improvement from this. Try to improve on mapping, as in this one it looks really rushed. It's like for example a room with one table and a closet in it.

I appreciate you trying, 6/10.

The rooms were waaaaaay too empty, and too dark aswell, plus this looks like it was made for pewdiepie


rikmac says

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Pretty good CS, well worth a play.

You have a decent story but scriptings can be much better and several maps are very empty. Though, it's pretty scary and the collapse event did weight over the less good things with your scriptings.

A great attempt that will scare you for sure! Good luck with future projects :)

8/10 - Really good


The dankest mod :D



Wauw! That was weird, and cool at the same time! I am a fan from this kind of Amnesia Custom story's! Well done!

Also do you guys know more of silly/weird/funny Amnesia custom story's? Thanks!

Had some good scares. Seemed pretty streamline and wasn't hard to figure out. Could've had more puzzles but all in all it's a good custom story.

Funny! :D LOVED IT!


Me and my bro's really enjoyed this custom story the humor was well placed and made us laugh a lot and it did have the fear and ambiance that amnesia is known for. Last night FTW

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