Embody Harold Mason and Ryan Finch as they journey into the most chilling nightmares that a mysterious demon house provides to them. This is an Amnesia/Silent Hill/Fatal Frame/Resident Evil based custom story. Many aspects from all these games and even more will be included!

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Not scary, boring design of the maps, weird music..


JetlinerX says

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While it's good to see a new full conversion, this one was very hard to get into. I give you - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

The Good:
+ Great immersion
+ Great sound design
+ Scary environment
+ Fair mix between scares, and puzzles.

The Bad:
- With so many custom models, you expect a custom monster
- Not as scary when you see a monster you already know.
- The jumpscares were a little overwhelming at some points
- Immersion breaking text/dialogue giving blatant hints at what to do.

The Ugly:
- Lack of any new monsters
- The doors do not fit in with the environment WHAT SO EVER
- Cut scenes try to display gruesome killings, without animations on the NPCs.

All in all, it's a decent custom story if you are looking to spend your time with a scary environment, but when a custom story tries to live up to such a big name as Silent Hill AND Amnesia, you really have to apply more work to it.


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