Embody Harold Mason and Ryan Finch as they journey into the most chilling nightmares that a mysterious demon house provides to them. This is an Amnesia/Silent Hill/Fatal Frame/Resident Evil based custom story. Many aspects from all these games and even more will be included!

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Seth1466 says

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This custom story was sadly to say, very poorly made in my opinion. Maps were very bare and empty. Scares were very lacking and too many of them were jumpscares. Puzzles seemed way to easy with the orange light telling you everything needed. Some models, (especially the doors) seemed very out of place and overall very strange looking. Textureing was very badly placed. Lighting was also very bad considering that it was almost always just a point light covered red and put with a huge radius. I also was expecting to see some custom monsters out of this CS but only saw the Penumbra: Black Plague creature.

Amnesia custom stories should never have a combat system, PERIOD. It ruins the whole style of Amnesia. Going through this I was never actually scared, but I was on the edge of my seat because of the constant jumpscares. Overall, I'm rating this 3/10. Those 3 points our going to the fact that this is a full conversion. (And I know those are not easy to make.) Fill up the maps a bit more, improve on the scares, add a custom monster, and I will be much more interested in this.


armandoz says

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