Embody Harold Mason and Ryan Finch as they journey into the most chilling nightmares that a mysterious demon house provides to them. This is an Amnesia/Silent Hill/Fatal Frame/Resident Evil based custom story. Many aspects from all these games and even more will be included!

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This mod that has been created for Amnesia: The Dark Descent is extremely good as it is even scarier than the actual game which makes it more of a challenge to complete. I would recommend this game to anyone who enjoys playing horror games as they will definitely get a thrill out of this mod. Also recommended to people who have played Silent Hill as it is like that game as well. Overall, a really fun game to play, very scary/creepy, and interesting.

Awesome! Contained some pretty easy but fun puzzles. Also, the music and using Penumbra stuff in Amnesia was a great pull! I'm not scared easily, but at least this wasn't just another CS where there's teleporting naked guys every 5 meters. Really cool that you added a technique to kill these damn monsters, I've been wanting to do it ever since I got Amnesia.
Also, it's great when you reference other games in this, for example Harold going into Penumbra mine (?) was awesome to hear, gets your imagination running.
Anyway, this Custom Story is GREAT, that's why I give it 10/10 and Would Play Again badge :)


Great :3

This custom is so excellent!!!!!!!!

really good mod, scared me a lot in many parts, and included very much unique stuff, which i havent seen before in amnesia! also really good puzzles.


Well, looks like there are lots of diametrically opposed reviews for this mod. I tried it and I liked it. Good ideas, lot of stuff, sound effects... I see a big effort in it but I really dont know why would somebody rate this 1 or 2, its a low blow for the developer.

Bro honestly I played it and i want to give you a 10/10 because it was true, that it was creepy and in all fairness that was and is an epic level!!!!! STEPHANOOOO!!!

My present for you dudes!

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