Amnesia: Fear in Hands


Set ninety years after A Machine for Pigs, Daryon Wolfinger, a bankrupt detective now finds himself lost and desperated for unknown answers about his disappeared wife, Nathalia, that left him just after a violent fight in their house. Daryon is a very aggressive husband and a terrible father. Living in the shadows, hiding from the monsters and fears in his head, he tries to escape with the famous Amnesia potion, also known as the very popular beer. He breaks his wallet and spend everything on the bar, waste all the opportunities in his life sitting in an old chair in front of a dirty balcony. Every swallow is a pain.

He takes care of a poor child that he dares to call his daughter, Sofia. She has only eleven years old and for him she is everything that he has left in his miserable life. He would do anything for her, but surely she wouldn't do the same. Scared and full of hatred, she blames him for everything that he did with her mom. Beating, struggling, choking... For her, it's unforgivable just like a black eye punch. She hates him, but Daryon, in a last attempt to set things right, tries to track down his now ex-wife to restart his life for everything that he has already done.

He fails again and again... The depression comes, he can't believe or accept the loss... He's a dangerous man, capable of everything... Discounting all his discomfiture on everyone. A shadow emerges, sending them letters about an old machine, a couple with a mask and truthless blood. He investigates the case, tries to call back up to help him to solve the mystery but no one can hear him. He pursue him to the edges of this Land, but again, the answer is the same: failure.

The shadow starts to follow Sofia's feet. She can't run from it. She begs for her father but he's busy drinking on the bar again. When he finally awakes from the torment of disability, it's already too late for both. He sees another one letter from a mysterious man, followed by a broken window in Sofia's bedroom: "I'm with her... You know me very well Dary... But you don't know what I can do to you."He can't afford it. His wife has already been too much, but losing Sofia isn't an option. He picks up the car on the garage and start running to get his daughter back... The queasiness from the beer starts to flow through his body and the worst happens.

He pursues the man but end up plummeting from a cliff, in the thoroughfare of the outskirts of Brennard City... He wakes up in a forest, bleeding, destined to die. With no memory except from hallucinations of a man with a gas mask, holding the hand of a girl, he now must ask himself his purpose and true reason to save the ones he once loved.


- Game Duration: 3-4 hours length to complete it entirely;
- Main Story: Three main campaigns;
- Open World: Access anything. Every room, district and location since the beginning of the game;
- Global Localisation: Available in three different languages (Russian, Brazilian-Portuguese & English)
- Development: New mechanics, and a totally different game style for Amnesia;
- V.A: Professional voice acting.
- Sound Design: Original Score composed by Jackson Thomaz, from Pasttronic, exclusively for the game.


Our expectation is to release the game late 2016. We are pushing our teams to the limit to offer a complete experience by the end of this deadline, but we won't regret if we have to delay the release of the game if we think it would be necessary. Since we care more about the quality of the game over quantity, we will not release an unfinished product and won't start any beta testing before the game is fully complete. The game still will be updated after release with the correction of possible pos-release bugs & glitches, and with the addition of more languages support, like French, Spanish or any other possible language.

You can expect that the game won't take much longer to be available. When we finish the game and release it to the public, it will be available to download on ModDB and Linkr, for Windows, Mac & Linux, with possible updates for a VR official compatibility.

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4 comments by BlasterLizard on May 20th, 2015


Recorded more dialogues lines with Lucas Favero Paim (Daryon Wolfinger actor for Brazilian Portuguese) and Philicia Clarke (Sofia Wolfinger for English). Almost everything went out perfectly, but we still have to do some audio mixing and editing before adding it to the game.


We have exhibited for the first time a 100% working chapter of the game on a press conference in Facebook for the Brazilian fans that are supporting us all of these years of hard work. It was a short 7 minute demo gameplay introducing the monsters, the new features involving scenario manipulation, multiple illumination system and of course some of the new monsters of the game.


Talked to Adriano Jordison, our leader tester about playing our full game for the first time before it reaches a BETA status. Adding the final details in the demonstration build to finally release it for internal testing. Fear in Hands still has a lot of bugs and glitches that can even come with a fatal error, but besides that, the game runs pretty smoothly.


Working on the illumination system for the game. Today we have reunited the team to create & develop a weather script that interacts with the environment. We were able to make a whole house go dark after a heavy thunderstorm via scripting. We're planning to add more of those kind of details in the future levels of FiH.


Finishing the GDD (Game Design Document) of Fear in Hands, that has been started on December of last year. We'll soon begun searching for other game developers to help us finish the game, putting extra content and supporting us with basic and complex scripting.


Today we have reached an incredible milestone, showing for the first time in years a full playable build of Amnesia: Fear in Hands, that is now exiting from Pre-Alpha to Alpha and luckily, in the next months, to Beta stage. Been played in a locked room, two players tried our game for twenty minutes until they reached the end. The criticism was pretty good, where most of the people that saw the showcase told that the major problems with the game were the bugs. Simple task to resolve.

They liked the new mechanics and the environment, finding it very dark & spooky. We can't tell how happy we are right now. Simply outstanding! In the new few months, we will be finally releasing the Public Demo for everyone here in ModDB. Now the mission is to increase the player experience by adding more cool features, fixing the incomplete or buggy ones and increasing the details of each level of the game.


Will be showing tomorrow an updated version of the Amnesia: Fear in Hands demo to a group of game designers that works for PlayStation Brazil. Currently, we're trying to fix most of the bugs that has been found on our previous showcase, during an exhibition in Fnac.


Finishing the voice acting, creating more custom assets for the game, editing the new trailer, testing new mechanics (that soon will be revealed) and modeling the final version of the Torturer enemy.

For more news, keep tracked to this specific update.

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Fear in Hands Full Original Soundtrack

Fear in Hands Full Original Soundtrack

Sep 16, 2012 Music 12 comments

As we promised, here is, the upcoming Soundtrack .rar file with the full and official soundtrack of Amnesia: Fear in Hands PLEASE CLICK IN VIEW DETAILS...

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DarkPearStudios May 19 2015, 9:22am says:

Vocês disseram que, sobre a nossa fonte de luz, nós vamos poder utilizar tochas, glowstick, lanterna e lampião. Mas duas perguntas, nós vamos ter que escolher um desses ou vamos coletar durante o jogo? e sobre o lampião, vocês irão usar o modelo do TDD ou do AAMFP?

+1 vote     reply to comment
BlasterLizard Creator
BlasterLizard May 20 2015, 11:26am replied:

Vocês irão coletar tudo durante o jogo. Podendo se desfazer de qualquer um desses meios de iluminação mais tarde. A respeito do real lampião do jogo, isso ainda não está 100% definido, mas acreditamos que não será o modelo original de nenhum dos dois jogos. Estamos trabalhando no nosso próprio lampião para poder customizá-lo da forma certa, fazendo-o parecer mais realista em relação ao contexto histórico de onde o jogo se passa.

+1 vote   reply to comment
DarkPearStudios May 20 2015, 12:26pm replied:

Obrigado por responderem! E só mais uma coisa: Eu não sei se vocês vão poder dizer ainda, mas usando o achismo, qual seria o tamanho do jogo para baixar? Mais de 1GB?
E na última atualização, vocês disseram que no dia 8 vocês exibiram uma demo de 7 minutos do jogo. Tem como vocês postarem o video no seu canal de youtube ou aqui no moddb?

+2 votes     reply to comment
BlasterLizard Creator
BlasterLizard May 21 2015, 9:44am replied:

Bem mais que isso, DarkPearStudios. Só com o que temos agora, a build já deu 1GB. Até o lançamento do jogo, esperamos algo em torno de 2-3GB. Junto com o game, adicionamos várias modificações da engine que afetam o gráfico do jogo, o que consequentemente gera uma diferença de requisitos mínimos para rodar o FiH especificamente.

A respeito do vídeo de gameplay, sabemos que tem muitas pessoas ansiosas para ver o que mostramos na conferência e é por isso que estamos preparando algo diferente para mostrar a todo mundo. Como o gameplay que mostramos estava ainda em Alpha, acreditamos que pouco acrescentaria em divulgarmos para todo mundo. É por isso que queremos aguardar até agosto para projetar um conteúdo mais sólido e completo. O gameplay novo será exibido tanto no ModDB como no YouTube, então podem ficar tranquilos.

+1 vote   reply to comment
DarkPearStudios May 21 2015, 8:16pm replied:

Obrigado por responderem. E só mais uma coisa (Eu sei que eu disse só mais uma coisa no outro comentário, mas eu sou um pouco curioso. :D) Porque vai ser necessário ter os dois games instalados no pc? eu entendo ter o TDD já que o mod é para o TDD, mas vocês disseram que vai precisar ter o AAMFP também.

E outra coisa. (Eu disse só mais uma coisa?) Eu sei que vocês estão bem focados no FiH, e eu não sei se deveria perguntar para vocês mas como vocês também estão envolvidos e eu não consegui uma resposta então... vamos lá. No canal de vocês, há o trailer do mod Amnesia The Hunt, em que vocês disseram que estão ajudando no projeto. Mas a muito tempo eu não vejo uma atualização do mod. Foi cancelado?

+1 vote     reply to comment
BlasterLizard Creator
BlasterLizard May 22 2015, 12:02am replied:

O jogador precisará do Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs por questões funcionais do mod. Grande parte do acervo de conteúdo do jogo é tomado por dinâmicas de gameplay e jogo apresentadas no segundo jogo da franquia, e não no da primeira. O jogo vai abrir normalmente se você não instalar nada, mas ai não nos responsabilizamos se o jogo bugar, 'crashar', travar, congelar ou parar de funcionar repentinamente.

Em relação ao Amnesia: The Hunt, não temos uma resposta direta dos desenvolvedores do jogo deles. Estavamos emprestando a nossa equipe de dublagem, mas acredito que eles cessaram o desenvolvimento do jogo. Não removemos o trailer por questões de profissionalismo e ficamos muito tristes com a notícia de que provavelmente o jogo tenha sido cancelado. Já encerramos a parceria com a Czech SCARE mas esperamos que a equipe volte algum dia a desenvolver jogos. Ficamos bastante impressionados com o potencial de trabalho deles.

+1 vote   reply to comment
DarkPearStudios May 25 2015, 1:32pm replied:

Que pena... Também gostei muito do trabalho deles. E só mais uma pergunta, dessa vez vai ser a última mesmo. ;)
Apesar do Pigs ter uma estória nova, não deixa de ter uma referência ao Dark. Não é aquela referência que faz você mudar completamente o seu entendimento da estória.. mas está lá.
E como vocês disseram aqui que o mod vai ser uma continuação dos amnesias (Eu acho que não está mais escrito na descrição mas eu já li isso aqui.) Vai haver alguma referência ao Pigs ou ao Dark?

+2 votes     reply to comment
BlasterLizard Creator
BlasterLizard May 30 2015, 6:20pm replied:

Sim, várias referências. A intenção com o Amnesia: Fear in Hands é responder todas as perguntas que a Frictional Games não fez com The Dark Descent. Então é de se esperar que várias menções de personagens e locais de jogos anteriores sejam vistas em FiH.

+1 vote   reply to comment
DarkPearStudios May 31 2015, 12:44pm replied:

Ah ok. Muito obrigado por ter respondidos todas as minhas perguntas. Vocês são demais! Se precisar de um tester eu estou aqui. Haha, brincadeira. (Na verdade não, se quiserem...) Mas bem, boa sorte com com o desenvolvimento do mod! E vocês já devem saber que SOMA lança dia 22 de setembro, e eu espero que vocês desenvolvam um mod incrivel, como o FIH parece ser, para o SOMA. Bem, desejo tudo de melhor pra vocês, boa sorte com tudo.

+2 votes     reply to comment
BlasterLizard Creator
BlasterLizard May 31 2015, 1:45pm replied:

Obrigado você por nos motivar a continuar e sempre querer melhorar. Estamos investindo pesado no jogo para que ele fique o melhor possível. Quem sabe... Se a Frictional disponibilizar as ferramentas, nós que somos os trabalhadores com certeza iremos investir em um jogo tão sensacional como o SOMA está parecendo ser!

E é claro... Estamos sempre dispostos a receber mais game testers como você. Pode deixar que entraremos em contato para deixá-lo testar nosso jogo.

+1 vote   reply to comment
amnesiaking1899 Apr 17 2015, 6:54pm says:

I'm growing so impatient because it looks like its gonna be he best custom story ever! Hurry up and give a release date please!!!! :D

+1 vote     reply to comment
BlasterLizard Creator
BlasterLizard Apr 18 2015, 9:38pm replied:

We will officially announce a release date around August. Be prepared! Thanks :)

+1 vote   reply to comment
amnesiaking1899 Apr 18 2015, 11:19pm replied:

C'mon and give a short teaser demo for us (: Or mail me a sneak peak please? :D

+2 votes     reply to comment
BlasterLizard Creator
BlasterLizard Apr 19 2015, 1:14am replied:

Hmmm since you asked for it... I will put it into consideration. You might hear from us very soon about the new cool stuff that we're creating!

+3 votes   reply to comment
amnesiaking1899 Apr 19 2015, 10:49am replied:

I'm very excited! I'm hoping that y'all will give us a little sneak peak into Fear in Hands! One thing, will the brute be more seen in the game instead of the grunt being mostly seen?

+1 vote     reply to comment
BlasterLizard Creator
BlasterLizard Apr 19 2015, 1:22pm replied:

We are testing everything with a lot of prototype ideas. All the monsters will have a huge participation in the game. We want to bring a very nostalgic feeling of discovering Amnesia all over again, in a totally different perspective.

+1 vote   reply to comment
amnesiaking1899 Apr 19 2015, 3:39pm replied:

Will the monsters will respawn after death? And thank you! And let us know if a demo/ sneak peak will happen! (:

+1 vote     reply to comment
BlasterLizard Creator
BlasterLizard Apr 20 2015, 2:29am replied:

I will, I promise!

+1 vote   reply to comment
amnesiaking1899 Apr 20 2015, 6:00pm replied:

I can't wait! And thank you! :)

+2 votes     reply to comment
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