Amnesia: Fear in Hands is an Amnesia: The Dark Descent custom story, being developed by Blaster Lizard Gaming Team, the same creators of Canis Lupus. Fear in Hands features the content from A Machine for Pigs, The Dark Descent, Justine and Canis Lupus.

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Brazil [OLD] 3D Level Designer at Blaster Lizard Gaming Team

3d level designer blaster lizard gaming team brazil level designers we from blaster lizard are looking for 3d level designers around brazil to work with us for a game mod called amnesia: fear in hands, that is being developed for over 3 years, in the following activities: - project and create an astonishing world, capable of developing huge levels full of details that can match to the core universe of our game, understanding its concepts and needs. what will be required from the professional? - great knowledge of 3d game engines like hpl 2.0, unity, unreal engine and cryengine; - professionalism and enough skill to manage working with deadlines; - intermediate/advanced english language skills. how you will be working for us? it will be a contract of non-presential 6 (six) months where we will keep contact with you all the time. we want to create a relationship with someone that shares a huge passion with game development of the horror genre, able to come with great ideas of design, concept & 3d application, that can not only increase the quality of the final product but to overcome all of our expectations. if you are interested in the job, please consider sending us an e-mail through our official website, available bellow. the job application will expire on 30th june 2015. we can't wait to talk with you. best regards lyautey m. neto blaster lizard gaming team ceo

Anywhere [OLD] Player Modeler and Animator at Blaster Lizard Gaming Team

player modeler and animator blaster lizard gaming team anywhere programmers we from blaster lizard gaming team are looking for experienced people in the art of modelling and animating characters (humans and animals) for the game canis lupus. we work with .obj .max and other files formats that is supported in the unity 3d 3.7 engine. we are not professionals. this is our very first game and experience with game design. you will have full credits for every creation and animation that you do. but pay attention: we will not pay you for anything... this is an indie and amateur game and we plan to distribute it for free if we can.

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