You wake up, You find out that you have woken out in a memoriable castle. You find a note, that says you must go through trials to escape. But it's not only trials you have to... worry about .

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I hope this is full of awesome but just too short -_-
But anyway, keep it up! :)

A fair custom story. The design was OK, some "drama" (falling down to the prison). Not bad at all. Quite enjoyed it. 7/10


It was very atmospheric I was jumpy at every turn (mostly).
It was too short so it didn't really enthral me all that much.
There was little to no plot which made me said because I am really into that.
Monster encounters were very little so I don't even consider them there.
I liked the music that was implemented, it felt original.
Just about everything else was average.

That's it for me.

Good story,but really just to to short,but i liked it.


Humeba says

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That was scary as hell! Thank you and I hope to see more from you.

I played it, and i liked it!!!
The only problem with this mod that there is no story at all, and a big bug at the stairs in the hall, i fell in the floor :)
But actually it was cool the atmosphere the jumpscare the puzzles...great work bro!!!!

I'l give you an 8/10 maybe one day i make another story too.....
However have a nice day ^-^


story is great and scary as expected
plzz make it long

I loved thanky for mading it and has always See ya Bye!!!

Brilliant mapping ideas, not just a random bunch of maps squashed together. The grunts came at decent times except for the last one which randomly appears behind you. Overall, there was one main objective which had little objectives to it. Recommended!

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Highest Rated (2 agree) 7/10

I hope this is full of awesome but just too short -_-
But anyway, keep it up! :)

Aug 9 2013 by Bad_Peek