Black Death takes place somewhere in Europe inside a small town with a dark past. This particular town was hit hard with the black plague during the medieval times. Inside this town there is a castle which the villagers believe that it held hundreds of citizens affected by the plague inside of it. Almost to act as an isolation center from the rest of the village. This castle has been abandoned for more than almost 500 years and recent claims tell how they have spotted people entering this castle and not coming out of it. One brave villager known as Edward Castman has decided to venture into this castle to see for himself what lies inside this tomb of darkness and figure out who or what is still lurking inside of it.

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Great story, scary as hell. The maker realler knows how to effectively scare you without a reliance on pure jump scares.

Ok so I was bored at 23:00 and I felt like playing Amnesia. Just needed a short and good custom story, and this one seemed perfect. I installed it,finished it in 20 minutes, which was kind of short, but the scares were great, well placed and they were logical. Excellent Custom Story, 9/10, just needed to be longer ^^

cool story dude! lots of junp scares and nice story plus no lags at all! 9/10!

so fun, got my blood pumping when all i knew to do was run for the hills

Very enjoyed it! Was scary and not too long. I'm always proud when I don't die, and i suceeded :)


Good mod, I don't like it when people do voice overs. But otherwise 10/10


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