If you are tired of sword and spear game play, then welcome to the battlefield of antiquity with an Amazon twist. this mod will show you an ancient world filled with surprises with so many battlefield contraptions and variations of strategy...

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Awesome mod :) i love those model and it not require high spec like some mod :) because i play it on my laptop when I'm traveling so. My laptop CPU is very strong but suck graphic card :) so this mod save my day as i boring of vanila rome totalwar.

The developer always keep this mod amazing. The update fix those bug and make game more fun.Also developer always kind to answer question :) not many like to i really love them.

Thank for awesome mod developer

Simply epic!


best mod for Rome Total War, in some respect even better than Rome II


tgkratistoi says

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well doneļ¼

Finally , I have the opportunity to play with factions that are fielding excellent archers in Antiquity. Beside that , the plethora of ingenuous war contraptions and tactics of implementing them makes for me the RTW experience a whole lot richer . The three Amazon factions,the bigger map, and the Far East Celts give a more complete idea of the ancient world. It is ,as if Isis revealed herself...

Wow! is not a good enough word for this fantastic mod!

Amazing mod if you like Rome: total war this is a perfect mod for you

Really enjoyed it, great balancing of new factions/units

Interesting gameplay features and visually appealing.

Awsome mod , one of the three best mod for RTW with Europa barbarorum and Lord of the Rings Total War .

Thanks .

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