Alpha Project is a Battlefield 2 modification which goals are to recreate all features that were left out of the retail game, beside that the mod is about innovation and new ideas that add to the sandbox experience! The gameplay stlyle of the mod is a mixture of arcade and realism.





Alpha Project Main Developers

  • JONES Modleader/Level Designer/Texture Artist
  • BFRHYS Co Modleader/3D Mesh Editor/Coder
  • Dtneter 3D Modeler/Coder
  • Hjid Python Coder/HUD Coder
  • Chad509 3D Animator/Compiler
  • Bad_santa12345 Shader Coder/3D Modeler
  • TheObscure Texture Artist
  • seeneonu 3D Mesh Editor/Compiler
  • Develop013 3D Animator/Compiler
  • Ironclad2014 3D Mesh Editor/Compiler

    (The aboth mentioned developers are those who provide the base work on alpha project, there are many more developers/contributors involved into the mod development which will be credited in the final readme/credits text of the mod)

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Merry Christmas & A Happy Holiday Season! F-35B Cockpit F-35B Cockpit
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21 comments by JONES™ on Dec 24th, 2014

Ho ho hooooo Battlefield Community!

You know who i am, no i aint Santa, thought i got a present for you and i hope you guys wont be disapointed! No matter what, if you were naughty or nice, we worked hard to get this out to you right in time!

Thought be aware this time its a "public beta" so expect bugs or crashes, i have to say im sorry that we didnt had more time to check if realy everything works flawlessly, thought this is something almost impossible overall, so....

Anyway i hope you enjoy our mod and report possible bugs as usualy, just to inform you, it is well known that some maps will lag, unfortunately we reached the memory limits of the bf2.exe on some of our new maps and for now we dont realy have a proper solution for this, thought we plan to patch this as soon we do have a solution of corse!

Also there are unfixed bugs in this version that we are well aware of, thought thats what a beta is for, to find the reason for possible problems and fix them, so we can creat a patch that fixes those issues sooner or later.

Dont forgett to check out the screenshots and the teaser trailer below :) The download link can be found in the download section as soon it is available!

With that said, the Alpha Project team wishes you merry christmas and a happy holiday season!
And of corse, happy fragging!

Alpha Project V0.3 Beta Core Files
Alpha Project V0.3 Beta Core Files

Alpha Project V0.3 Beta Level Files
Alpha Project V0.3 Beta Level Files


The screenshots from aboth and some more showing various ap footage:
Alpha Project Release Screenshot Album:

Additional link showin alot fo screenshots from some of the new maps:
Alpha Project Map Screenshot Album:


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Alpha Project V0.3 Beta Level Files

Alpha Project V0.3 Beta Level Files

Dec 24, 2014 Full Version 5 comments

ATTENTION: be sure to download and install the CORE files first before you install the LEVEL files, installation instructions are within the archiv!

Alpha Project V0.3 Beta Core Files

Alpha Project V0.3 Beta Core Files

Dec 24, 2014 Full Version 34 comments

You were naughty or nice this year? No matter what, we decided to give you a nice christmas present this year and i am sure you gona like it ;)

Alpha Project V0.21 Patch

Alpha Project V0.21 Patch

Aug 22, 2013 Patch 80 comments

After all the waiting, its finaly here, this patch should fix the most problems and add some more new content for you guys to enjoy!

Alpha Project V0.2 Serverfiles

Alpha Project V0.2 Serverfiles

Apr 1, 2013 Server 6 comments

Linux/Windows Serverfiles for Dedicated Server Administrators

Alpha Project V0.2

Alpha Project V0.2

Mar 29, 2013 Full Version 98 comments

Again the long wait is over, after a long waiting period we are finaly back in action, our second installment is ready for a release!

Alpha Project V0.1 Serverfiles

Alpha Project V0.1 Serverfiles

Aug 1, 2011 Server 17 comments

Wana setup a server running Alpha Project V0.1? Then you might download the serverfiles to save you uploading the whole mod to your gamingserver!

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Moka_Akashiya85 Dec 27 2014, 7:07pm says:

Well, the mod looks amazing. However, i've encountered quite some CTD's and missing or messed up images. So far, i've encountered 4 issues.

1. JNG-90 and SV-98 menu images are messed up.
2. Selecting the Silencer on the RPK-74 causes a CTD.
3. Had a strange CTD on Wake Island 2007 (16). Unsure why or how.
4. Missing hud icon for the M110. Swapping weapons causes a CTD.

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JONES™ Creator
JONES™ 17hours 43mins ago replied:

thanks most of the reported problems were already reported and we are investigating to fix those issues within the next weeks!

thx for reporting!

+2 votes   reply to comment
Moka_Akashiya85 11hours 24mins ago replied:

And 3 more.

7. The AK-101 with the Kobra sight is bugged. The ADS is incorrect.
8. The M16A4(?) with Magnifier (x3) is bugged. The magnified and non-magnified versions do not share ammo.
9. Launching Alpine Train (16) causes a CTD.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Moka_Akashiya85 13hours 27mins ago replied:

Alpha Project is a very good mod, and it should be as perfect as it can be. I'm glad i can help atleast a little bit.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Moka_Akashiya85 Dec 27 2014, 8:15pm replied:

2 more.

5. Selecting the M16A4 with Desert Camo and Silencer causes a CTD.
6. Spawning with the QBU-88 with a Silencer and Ironsights causes a CTD.

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theWolf_123 Online
theWolf_123 Dec 27 2014, 7:00pm says:

Alpha project 0.3
Crash on all maps after
loads complete
Press done
Spawn for first time
And after playing for 5-10 minutes
I have bf2 v1.50 and xpack

+2 votes     reply to comment
jaimeBR Dec 27 2014, 5:58pm says:

want to know when you will fix the lag and crashes is expected .. Sorry my English 'm Brazilian

+1 vote     reply to comment
Guest Dec 27 2014, 4:33pm says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

JONES™ Creator
JONES™ Dec 27 2014, 5:00pm replied:

We disabled bot customization as it caused alot problems, lag and crashes before

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pureevil29 Dec 27 2014, 9:10am says:

My thoughts on version 0.3 (part 1)
- Textures: The textures are very high def. in comparison to the vanilla BF2 maps, surfaces feel a lot more 3D and less flat thanks to the quality and design of these new textures. Because of this maps feel less cartoonish, and more real and apocalyptic like a real battlefield.
- View distance: The view distance is much improved over the vanilla maps as well. Depending on the layer of the map there are different weather effects and also night maps with lights! But I still prefer the layers with clear views as I can see more of the fight from afar and enjoy more of it instead of missing the action because the fog, dust or weather is in the way.
- Design is excellent and in most maps you will feel like you are in a James Bond movie so probably movies are a big inspiration for the maper/s. The only thing I don't like about some of the maps is that many buildings do not have interiors forcing you to fight on the streets favoring long range scoped weapons. On the down side most maps are a lot darker in ver 0.3 which might seem nice at first because you see the new light effects better and it is easier to hide but perhaps it is a little overdone and more tweaking on the darkness could to be done.
Weapon Balance: Weapons are a lot more accurate than vanilla and feel powerful and loud as in real life. It is not hard to hit targets at long distance but there is strategy to it. If you go trigger happy you won't be as accurate and you need to fire in short bursts to maximize your chances of hitting your target. Tracer effects are a little bit overdone in my opinion, giving away your position too much and making the game feel a little bit arcadey.
Weapon Customization: Another of AP's strongest points is its revolutionary weapon customization system that allows you to modify your weapons with different scopes, silencers and cammos.

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pureevil29 Dec 27 2014, 9:09am says:

My thoughts on version 0.3 (part 2)
Missing features: One of the few things I don't like about AP is that destroyed vehicles explode like baloons and their wrecks disappear almost instantly making the whole thing feel unrealistic and taking away some of the fun. I think the AP team should emulate the design of PR in this regard making vehicle wreck stay a lot longer emitting smoke, fire and stuff like that.
Overall, AP is a mod that brings many new and amazing features to an old engine making BF2 feel a lot more like newer games like Insurgency on the source engine but at the same time it is forcing the engine a little bit too much making it laggier and unstable.
AP as of version 0.3 is a mod of extremes... it does a lot of things trying to be different and unique and in the process overdoes some of the new features taking the experience too far away from BF2 or even AP 0.2. The crosshair for example does not makes sense to me, they worked so hard of adding all those different scopes and customization system and then they add a dot making it very viable to just fire from the hip taking away part of the AP hardcore experience.

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Bad_santa12345 Dec 27 2014, 4:52am says:

I think this mod has become too bloated with content. With a small modding team finding and fixing bugs becomes almost impossible for this much content. There is also a lot of hackish python/HUD code which has not been tested in large scale and variety of hardware and software configurations.

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Devilman. Dec 27 2014, 8:00pm replied:

The problem is not that AP is too bloated with content
The problem is,that AP is not optimized for the amount and type of content it has
Which is why many people are experiencing lag,and is why the bots arent behaving as they should be

Bots require alot of resources for their calculations,strategies,priorites and other things
If the game is not running smooth,there are many side effects

AP has many things which each contribute certain small amounts of lag,combine these many small amounts of lag,
and you have alot of lag,and dumb bots

One exmple of underoptimization/bad workmanship is
swrif_ak5d_grip,swrif_ak5d_grip_compm2 and swrif_ak5d_grip_eotech all have no Geom 1
Even though the game will use the Geom 0,in place of the missing Geom 1
The debugger will continually and endlessly bring up error messages about subgeometry
These should be avoided,its nothing major,but is just one of the many small contributors to the total amount of lag

There may be other handweapons with similar issues

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TheObscure Dec 27 2014, 8:32am replied:

I have to concur. I think that 2 things of this beta release could have been done differently.

First off, we added too much to the customization system, without polishing it so that it can be consistens in terms of quality and functionality with the other content; secondly, we pushed the memory of the game almost entirely overboard, where lag becomes almost too frequent. The new maps have too much detail, which I like, but combine that with the customization system, then lag should be persistent. Also another thing is that we have set high goals for this release, especially with new animations. At this moment, the mod is weird combination of different styles of animations which may give an inconsistent feel.

Overall those things will most likely be fixed in the future, but it will take a lot of time, so please guys don't expect the next release for the next 6 months or so.

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JONES™ Creator
JONES™ Dec 27 2014, 11:02am replied:

Wait wait, that is not true man why you say that? We will release a update within the next weeks and not a half year, i think thats my desicion when we relase updates without meaning it bad ;) Fixing those things wont take that long thats totaly overdone saying we need 6 months for it...

+2 votes   reply to comment
pureevil29 Dec 27 2014, 12:20pm replied:

I think you both guys are refering to different things, I think TheObscure meant that the animations (inconsistency) would take 6 months and you are talking about quick stability and performance fixes to the maps and weapon customization fixes that should take alot less =)

+2 votes     reply to comment
JONES™ Creator
JONES™ Dec 27 2014, 1:14pm replied:

hah could be, still the next release is the "patch" for me which should rais the stability imense aswell fix most so far known crashing bugs, visual stuff that dont have a big impact on gameplay can be fixed later thats true ^^

+1 vote   reply to comment
TheObscure Dec 27 2014, 1:13pm replied:

Yes, that is exactly what I meant, thanks pureevil. Fixes in the form of codes may be very fast; 2 weeks more or less like you said, but fixing the memory issues will take long since the only way to fix it would be through removing map details. Animations is very much out of our dev's hands, because we are not fortunate enough to have a full-time animator. :)

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JONES™ Creator
JONES™ Dec 27 2014, 1:14pm replied:

*wink* :3

+1 vote   reply to comment
JONES™ Creator
JONES™ Dec 27 2014, 5:14am replied:

Hey! Been some time i saw you around, chech your pms, was asking you about something some time ago when we talked last time.

Yes we know that we have a small team and alot of content, thats why we did this beta test here, our goal is to get as much reported from the whole community as possible to list it up and fix it in the end, i think also our small team can do this.

And i also agree on you about the code we use, lots of it isnt perfect and cause lag sometimes, we just realized this and hope to find ways to improve or replace it with other ways :)

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This mod is a perfect little thing - it changes the game so that it is far more playable and enjoyable than vanilla BF2. Proper damage and accuracy in this mod are nicely balanced so that you actually can kill things if you aim and shoot - in vanilla BF2, you're lucky if you can get 2 shots on an enemy with a rifle when prone, sometimes even the first flies off elsewhere; and when it takes 5-6 shots to bring an enemy down, it's horrific. This mod fixes this nicely; not so realistic that everyone…

Aug 16 2011, 10:41am by Theta.Sigma

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