Allied Intent Xtended is the most feature rich single player experience there is for BF2. Building upon the great Allied Intent Mod, AIX aims to deliver an amazing array of content which is 100% bot compatible for use in single player and coop gamemodes. With a sea of multiplayer only or partial sp mods out there, AIX's main focus has always been about creating the best experience for SP that we possibly could. It's important to note that while AIX can be played in a multiplayer environment, the nature of this mod will make the conquest MP game modes unfairly balanced as things are created with bots in mind! Features: - 14 custom maps and 10 Dice remakes! - New UN Army! - 37 Custom weapons and 7 custom kit items! - 32 new aircraft! - Resupply crates! - Pickup kits and gun crates! - Enhanced AI strategies! - New Bot behaviours and full support for easy offline stats and awards in AIX 2.0!

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CnC_Fin says

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Allied Intent Xtended has probably the best singleplayer experience of all Battlefield 2 mods.

In AIX, there are four armies to fight with: USMC, PLA, MEC and UN. Each army has completely new kits, such as MEC and USMC Support kit with Minigun, UN Special Ops with silenced P90 and Chinese Engineer with Tavor assault rifle.
There are more than 40 different weapons to choose from, including all new weapons and pick ups throughout maps. Some of my personal favorites are H&K416, M109 Barret, Mk.14, P90, StG-58, VSS Vintorez, Miniguns... there are lots of them.
Infantry kits have also new objects, such as Claymore mines for Assault kit, timed C4's for Spec Ops, Flaretrap mines for Sniper, Mortars for Engineers and many more.

AIX also includes big bunch of new vehicles, mainly helicopters and jets. A10 Grandslam is definetly for them, who like to fly and pound the ground heavily with 45 bombs and gattling gun. Harrier is new jet for both USMC and UN forces, not to mention the Su-47 Berkut for MEC and PLA armies. All jets in AIX have various weapons.
There are bunch attack and transport helicopters. These include AH-64 Apache, Mi-24 Hind, Battlehawk, Pawelow, Ka-50 Blackshark etc.
Another new vehicle is the Amphibious ATV, which includes rocket pod or gattling gun. It can carry 1 passenger along with driver, and as the name suggests, it can go on land and water.

With all new kits and vehicles, you can create different attack or defese strategies. If you're happy (or unhappy) owner of Battlefield 2, Allied Intent Extended is something you can't miss. Download the mod, and have lots of fun in dozens of different maps with dozens of different kits and vehicles to choose from!

Fun mod! Lot's of fun weapons!

Really nice.

great overall ejoyable nice aircraft. Interesting guns fairly smart bots

Its a super great mod. I think there should be unlocks though, to keep it interesting. If there is, I don't get them.

Really awesome mod. Best mod for Battlefield 2 ever. Still has some problems,but these are personal. My biggest issue is the lack of smaller maps.


A huge mod with stunning graphics and a lot of FUN!!!!


Very nice mod! but the problem what i put 9/10 is, this need 3D aim man!
But very good mod.
I'm waiting for more updates and more!
So nice work to all who was doit this mod

Co-Op review: Easily one of (if not the) best co-op mods available for Battlefield 2. New weapons, new vehicles, new maps, the ability to play many maps co-op in 16, 32 and 64 player variations, simply put: days and weeks of replayability and fun!

This mod doesnt have much of change or it does but the points is it is very good quality

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