Allied Intent Xtended is the most feature rich single player experience there is for BF2. Building upon the great Allied Intent Mod, AIX aims to deliver an amazing array of content which is 100% bot compatible for use in single player and coop gamemodes. With a sea of multiplayer only or partial sp mods out there, AIX's main focus has always been about creating the best experience for SP that we possibly could. It's important to note that while AIX can be played in a multiplayer environment, the nature of this mod will make the conquest MP game modes unfairly balanced as things are created with bots in mind! Features: - 14 custom maps and 10 Dice remakes! - New UN Army! - 37 Custom weapons and 7 custom kit items! - 32 new aircraft! - Resupply crates! - Pickup kits and gun crates! - Enhanced AI strategies! - New Bot behaviours and full support for easy offline stats and awards in AIX 2.0!

Post addon Report content Warbirds II HISTORIC (AIX)
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Apr 24th, 2011
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*** IMPORTANT *** - There is two versions of these aircraft, one download set is marked 'German' and the other is marked 'Historic' - The German set has no Hakenkreuz (swastika) on the tail fins, whereas the Historic version does have it. Warbirds 2 includes a BF109E, Ju87 Stuka, P51D Mustang, Spitfire Mk.V, and a Spitfire Mk.IX. By clivewil.

Planes by clivewil.



This is the final stage of my dabbling in WW2 aircraft. The Emil and Mustang which were previously released received some minor updates and so are re-included here...
...but there is now also:

Junkers Ju-87B 'Stuka'
This aircraft's supremacy at dive-bombing and ground attack was matched only by its utter failure in the face of fighter opposition. This one carries a single SC500 bomb and 2x MGs for the pilot, plus a single MG for the rear gunner (It's a fairly meaty MG though, i wanted it to have *some* chance of survival against fighters.) It carries sirens to scare the absolute crap out of its intended victims.

Supermarine Spitfire Mk.V
The Spitfire Mk.V was available in many different configurations; this one has 2x Hispano cannon and 2x 250-lb bombs for ground attack. The paint scheme is similar to that used in the earlier stages of WW2.

Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IX
The IX was purely an interim stop-gap measure between versions, but ironically was built in greater numbers than any other variant. Like the Mk.V, or even moreso, the IX was much modified and there were countless variations (I have even seen an IX with a low back and teardrop canopy.) This one carries 4x Hispano cannon - to stop it being uber, they are the same potency as the V's two cannon, sorry - and also has 8x RP3 rockets, which gives it a similar battlefield potency as the P-51D. Paint is similar to schemes used in the latter part of WW2.

Booby Prizes:

Toy Quad Flak Emplacement

I have also included a very badly made and totally unrealistic flak emplacement. I make no apologies for this, and if anyone finds it offensive then they really need to get a flippin' life. Quoted from the ReadMe:

"A really cheesy cheap-arse 4-barrel anti-aircraft flak emplacement. Very loosely based on the German Flakvierling 38, these normally need a large crew to operate so i have made mine each usable by a single operator. In reality these smaller AA guns would only fire what amounts to cannon shells; i have adjusted mine so they are more like the proximity-fused shells you'd get from a Flak 88 or similar. In 95% of cases you can replace any stinger or TOW with this and it should appear in the correct position.

They are ugly to look at and bend the laws of reality somewhat. Please don't bother complaining to me about this, i really don't care - i built them to add to the overall atmosphere and to provide a hazard to aircraft, and in this regard they work exactly as intended."

Daqing Air War map

I have included a re-work of Daqing just so you can get up and running straight away, with planes and flak already in place. Yes it's in China and not Europe, get over it. The large chimneys have been replaced with small factories to reduce air collisions and a new navmesh has been made to suit. View and fog distance is 1000 meters.

It is set to teamRatioPercent 400, which means you'll have four times the bots on the enemy side than your own, which should give you more of a fight than even teams would. If you want to adjust this, look in the ai\ file. If you run more than 64 bots and the map crashes, you will need to reduce this number accordingly. (I forgot to mention this in the readMe, how nasty of me)

Please Note: Unlike my previous free-use releases, this one has a caveat - you can do what you like to any of the other planes, but if you want to publicly post re-painted Spitfire skins you must clear it with me first. I'm trying to avoid any of those amateurishly applied abortions happening to my favourite plane. If you feel you can't comply with this condition, simple - don't download them. Bye bye, go play Freecell instead.

*** IMPORTANT *** - There is two versions of these aircraft, one download set is marked 'German' and the other is marked 'Historic' - The German set has no Hakenkreuz (swastika) on the tail fins, whereas the Historic version does have it. It is the responsibility of the downloader/user to ensure that they download and use the correct set, in accordance with the laws of their country. Both sets are identical apart from this one detail.

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Sonic030X Apr 27 2011 says:

Hey wheres Warbirds 1. i find other planes from these.

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ytres Author
ytres Apr 27 2011 replied:

Warbirds 1 was just the BF109 and P51D that are also in this package.

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Sonic030X Apr 27 2011 replied:

Oh thanks i found some clues from clive's junk forum in BFSP

I Have some tips for other using the Bf-109E

Read this forum :
Follow my post of Sonic030X

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