Welcome to the Alien Swarm Director Mod! ASDM is a single player Alien Swarm mod focusing on increasing replayability by creating a dynamic experience every time you play. The ASDM complements the default Alien Swarm AI and Director in two ways. First, ASDM enhances the TileGen map generator to automatically generate the map layout for missions 2-5 every time you play. The layout is impacted by player performance, so the better you perform on mission 1, the longer and more challenging mission 2 will be. ASDM modifies the in-mission experience as well. Based on your performance some doors may or may not open and the number and type of enemies you will fight will differ. Enjoy the Alien Swarm Director Mod!! Full Source: http: bit.ly/13h5Ga5

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Alien Swarm Director Mod - Beta 0.1

Alien Swarm Director Mod - Beta 0.1

Oct 3, 2011 Full Version (19.64mb) 0 comments

This is a public beta for ASDM! Please note: in order to play you must have both the Alien Swarm AND Alien Swarm - SDK installed. Both are free on steam...

Alien Swarm Director Mod - Beta 0.2

Alien Swarm Director Mod - Beta 0.2

Oct 12, 2011 Full Version (28.17mb) 1 comment

This is version 0.2 public beta for ASDM! This version fixes several problems with doors and adds a new room. Additionally, level generation has been...

Alien Swarm Director Mod - Full Release v 1.0

Alien Swarm Director Mod - Full Release v 1.0

Nov 3, 2011 Full Version (26.88mb) 8 comments

Alien Swarm Director Mod full release 1.0! 5 mission campaign with 4 missions built dynamically for ultimate replayability! And ASDM responds to player...

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