What if vampires had empires? This is the idea that started it all. Since then I have been mixing modern Horror Cliché with traditional Slavic mythology and hints towards the dark chapters of Romanian history. The result is something like an Eastern European Age of Mythology. With a bit of black humour...

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It's great.
the style is beautiful.

i recommend it for people too.

When i first tryed this mod, i was expecting something average(many reasons for this, years of mod scouting on the internet)

And i was almost killed by a heart attack when i first started playing!

• High Quality and originality project

• Deep work done around art

• An enjoyable WIP balance, trying to keep AOE2 base untuched while
introducing such original content is not an easy thing.

• Varied faction specialization

• Gameplay extention

• Great(sometime illarous) audio content

Just great for it's cathegory (scifi?Fantasy?Horror?dunno the english word)

Lots of fun. Great detail. Need i say more?


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