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Greetings Modding Community,

I announce our already-started team's project as a Total Conversion Mod for Warband. We have been making progress in Models so far and especially about different kind of creatures. We are planing to release a beta as first which will feature only 3 Greek Gods and 3 Norse Gods which are Zeus,Poseidon and Hades against Odin, Loki and Thor, Hope we will make great mod just as we wanted and to your desires.

-20 New Heroes with complete overhaul and specialy abilites.
-12 Factions which are Zeus,Poseidon,Hades,Loki,Thor,Odin,Isis,Ra,Set,Kronos,Gaia and Oranos.
-Over 300 New Models with own textures and Bump maps. Some of them only related actually to the game, most of them will be taken from real antique mythology.
-Completely redesigned map for the factions to be in true place.
-Over 10 new Static & Moving map icon.
-New Interior designs with New Prop designs.
-New Musics which will be triggered at special moments.
-Special Events like Battle of Troy, Hunting Medusa with Perseus...
-Dynamic Living World Map with every faction's own custom parties who patrols, sieges, attacks, raids...also count more Neutral and Bandit parties.
-Item Sets; Thats something i am just hoping to put in, for example when you wield Spartan Shield it is going to add you some Strength only when it is wielded.
-Dynamic Town/Castles, some new NPCs like Bards, Beggars, Thiefs.
-Completely newly designed Combat, so when you play this game it wont be like Native. Make your moves very carefully.
-New animations for Attacking, Parrying and so on...
-New Dialogs and Options for many things like Lords.
-New quests which some of them will be custom-made and some of them which is hiding through the MS.
-"Game"'s actual idea is completely redesigned. I mean RTS is going to be deeply decreased and will give you more RPG feeling.
-Unique Artifacts, which some of them you can only have it in inventory, or use it as weapons but main idea to sell them to Merchant with a deep expense.
-While in combat if you kill some Elite Troop or A Lord at least, you are going have extra experience maybe even his weapon.
-Wild Animals and Creatures who scours the world.
-Random Matters in Battlefields.
-New Skills to help you in game and waiting to be improved, also skill system is going to be changed. Now, you will be able to give more points.
-OSP kits to be added.
-New Particle Effects for many things.
-Permanent Wars between gods.
-Overhaul modification to Multiplayer.

-Completely newly driven art, screens and many concept arts.
Everything Every resource in Age of Mythology, including without limitation: Armors, Weapons, Scenes, Props, Icons, Logos, Concept Arts, Codes...etc.
Which were originally produced, designed or licensed for Age of Mythology (with the exception of those designs or original works identified as being from Taleworlds, the OSP or other sources and the Warband and Mount & Blade games themselves, which are the property of Taleworlds) is the sole property of the Age of Mythology team and/or their creators and may not be used for any purposes whatsoever without explicit written permission from the Age of Mythology team and/or their creators.

Please observe copyright laws ask permission before you use something from Age of Mythology in a mod of your own.


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Greetings once Again, Well, spoiler no longer keeps its existence. Here, let me present you the result of a bit of time that we spared for ourselves which i can take into account of "Holiday". Well, now you may have a better track of what we did till now, and who are these "Geniouses" behind this project by website i linked at upper part of post.

Feel free to sign up, comment, feel, share and be a part of this community as we try to make it better which i just can't say for now. You will have awesome opportunities as you join up, site is being watched by infamous eyes.

Anyways, a thing has been cleared out. Now as for other thing, we prepared a little sneak-peek, actually can't even be little yet good enough to feed your hunger.

With our animators' return, they already got their hands on 5 new animations. But, now what i am going to be showing you only be two of them.

And, another one. Don't forget all of them is WIP.

So, with their return and preparation of website. I got the opportunity to put the team together once again, started to continue the development where we ended up.

To start by with FAQ;

Q: Will there by fly-able animals?
A: I don't see any reason why it wouldn't be. Just need time and work to be put on, so till the final release. Give it a go.

Q: How about with codding part? Got anything done till now?
A: Absolutely. As the main codder, i give you the guarantee of mod will be like no other and Native itself. Already done in creating 3 new quests, some dungeons and base of the new Feature of "Last Ritual". Plus that, with the development of WSE, everything is now easier to make and some things have been possible to make, of course. Nudity...

Q: You got quite a team. Are all of them active and working often? Are there any secret contributors behind the team?
A: To sum up, last count of the team was exceeding thirty-five. Most of them are working accordingly to what we were estimating for. Some of them are busy and inactive due to colleges and school stuff. For the contributors, yes. We got quite a large contribution list specially done for the project.

Q: With the preparation the website and commerciliazing this organization, what else can expect from you?
A: With this organization came into reality, we already started some secret works around related and unrelated to Mount&Blade sequel. Our aim is to be able to mod more games. *Sighs* We still earn nothing. :P

Q: When this is going to be released?
A: Not before 2012, not after 2013 for the first version.

Q: If a M&B 2 hits up, what are you going to do?
A: We will likely go on for final release that we once aimed for Warband. But we will always have a project for TaleWorlds.

Well, yes. We are returned a bit, we will show you more work as we progress. Wait till next update, because it is going to be from codding side.

Don't ever forget to take a look around media and specially the forums. As i mentioned before, we are being watched by infamous eyes and will have some events, don't waste any time, sign up and start to share.

Warmest Regards.

Facebook Page is launched. "Mythbook" and Olympus Studios mystery...(!)

Facebook Page is launched. "Mythbook" and Olympus Studios mystery...(!)

4 years ago News 1 comment

Greetings. Join our facebook page and hear some secret project that i am thinking to work on.

Eyes - Off!

Eyes - Off!

4 years ago News 12 comments

Greetings Everyone, As everyone know, nudity and wine once were to be counted as blessing in Antique Mythology and now the mod's concept has been expanded...

Animation Department #3

Animation Department #3

4 years ago News 4 comments

Animation part of team were working on new polearm walking animations after last animations, see what they did for new walking animation for polearm&polearm/shield...

Animation Department #2

Animation Department #2

4 years ago News 7 comments

Animation part of team were working on couple of things after last attack animations, see what they did for new walking animation for one-handed weapons...

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OST - June Gift.

OST - June Gift.

4 years ago Ambience Sounds 2 comments

There are 14 voices in the pack which reminds the game. Have fun with our choices!

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rum8 Sep 16 2012 says:

can't wait to play this mod

+1 vote     reply to comment
Starvoider Nov 10 2012 replied:

its dead. they havent updated in a year.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Guest Feb 23 2013 replied:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Stefanice Aug 9 2012 says:


+1 vote     reply to comment
gauge632 Jul 19 2012 says:

looking nice ;D tracking :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
ericomi196 Jun 25 2012 says:

dude just an idea but if you got thise mod from age of mythology why dont you put the hoplite from the game ??? not the golden ones the silver hoplite that apear only on scenamatic !!!! it will be great and i need thise mod for heaven sake realese a beta or something :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
MatejCroatia Jun 22 2012 says:

almost every day I'm going to Mod DB to see if this mod is available to download OMG I CAN'T WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIITTTT, f*** I'm becoming crazy...

+3 votes     reply to comment
kodok60 Jun 4 2012 says:

so hows the mod coming along

+1 vote     reply to comment
thunderburst May 25 2012 says:

it looks very good mod but i hope it will contain lots of options and special units like in brytenwalda such as spies ,and freelancer mod.
after all it looks very great mod and i hope you will release it soon but donot forget to provide with lots of options.keep up the good work and thanks for reading.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Mr_M&B May 7 2012 says:

hope the first version will come in this summer cuz next school years will be hard and i wont be able to use computer

+1 vote     reply to comment
MatejCroatia Apr 14 2012 says:

anyone know release date??? I can't wait anymore I'll eat myself

+4 votes     reply to comment
endlesskush Mar 26 2012 says:

when does this mod come out looking forward to it

+1 vote     reply to comment
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