Age of Darkness is a mod set in the historical period spanning the two world wars of the 20th century. Unlike most WW2 mods, it is meant to place great emphasis on the following:

  • The role of oil in the first half ot the 20th century (modern weapons such as tanks and battleships consume a fair deal of oil. Oil-producing regions produce additional armies on CtW)
  • The struggle for supremacy between liberalism, socialism and reaction
  • Psychological warfare and propaganda (the wrong political choices may result in successful infiltration and riots by enemies in your cities)
  • Mechanisation vs "horse & bayonet" armies- rifle infantry and cavalry will still be around, but their position, secure in the early game, will be increasingly challenged as the game goes by.
  • Better atmosphere - buildings and units designed are to lend an atmosphere more appropriate for the period, spanning over twenty factions based in every continent of the modern world.

What Age of Darkness is not:

  • A glorification of militarism or war - All wars are, regardless of who wins, evil. The only thing that can be found good in war is the individual will to survive and excel and to improve oneself, but Age of Darkness will involve a much edgier experience: tanks will appear battle-scarred, human soldiers will look exhausted and grubby, and the technologies all revolve around repression and treachery.
  • A feel-good Americanocentric game - the fact still stands that it was not a simplistic contest of "good versus evil", but the result of several political blunders and outright naked imperial ambition of those who fought on the winning side. In the fight to defeat Nazi Germany, the Western Alliance had to make many decisions whose side effects are still being felt today, such as the annexation of Iraq and Iran during the war, or the muzzling and internment of ethnic minorities deemed a threat.
  • Another generic WW2 mod for Rise of Nations - less emphasis is being placed on the Western campaign of the Second World War - or the weapons used (we are not Age of Tanks and never will be), and more into exploring how it all came about - from the humiliation of Germany to competition between European and Asian nations in the aftermath of the First World War, resulting in the 2nd Sino-Japanese War, the winter War and the Spanish Civil War, which definitely set the stage for a greater and more escalated international conflict. A CtW detailing events such as the Gran Chaco War and American occupation of Latin America is also being envisioned.

(1/5/15) As expected, Age of Darkness v0 is finally complete and ready to download. No further updates will be added however until I get feedback on how best to redo the stats of the tanks.
Meanwhile, we have started compiling a Bahasa Malaysia version of Age of Darkness Wiki, which is to aid us in developing a Malay version soon.

Remaining updates inclde the following:

  • AXP2: White Terror - covers Finland, Nazi Germany and Russia. Spain and Portugal introduced [2-4]
  • AXP3: Apres Moi ... - German and British air units added, this covers most "mainstream" units. We expect ALL German and British air units to be complete.
  • AXP4: Blitzkrieg! - Germany and several other Western factions, this should include France, the Oslo Group and the Netherlands, as well as further armoured and aerial units of this conflict [2-3]
  • AXP5: Northern Expeditions - China and Japan added. Technologies should be complete by now, with China being able to import weapons but thus far I cannot confirm if this is even possible.
  • AXP6: Days of Infamy - Japan, USA expanded, consisting mostly of infantry and armour. In light of AXP v0 this will most likely mean more tanks for the USA, and plenty of infantry - possibly machine guns too.
  • AXP7: Powder Kegs - Introduce Turks, Iranians and Iraqis.
  • AXP8: Pax Versalica - Complete any and all WW1 units for all existing factions. This will most likely mean that the Middle Eastern units for the Indian, Iraqi, Turkish and Iranian factions will be worked upon.
  • AXP9: When Cobras Smoke - Brazil is added to the game. American armour added.
  • AXP10: Black Dragons - Japan and China expanded. Japanese armour added.
  • AXP11: Alamein - Italian armour added to the game. German and British armour further added.
  • AXP12: Triumvirs - effects of politics expanded. Some wonders. Argentina, USA and Spain added and expanded.
  • AXP13: Red Christmas - Soviet units expanded, and Germany is further expanded. Another wonder. Perhaps we need to introduce a wonder one step at a time.
  • AXP14: Marte - Italian army, pre-1943. Greece enters the game. Possibly either Bulgaria or Romania make an appearance.
  • AXP15: Battle of the Atlantic - naval forces are revamped in full. Introduce the E-boat and Argentina
  • AXP16: Overlord - further expansion of USA and Britain. British faction should be fully skinned and ready.
  • AXP17: Rise of Quisling - expand Oslo Group, Romania, Bulgaria, Austria and Argentina. Introduce the Nahuel.
  • AXP18: ... Le Deluge - rebalance and finish off any other loose ends.
  • AXP19: Atomic Age - introduce the Domination CtW. Age of Darkness is finished.
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For almost 30 years between the World Wars, eastern Europe was a hotbed of political unrest, interracial conflict and national intrigue as the new nations founded by Versailles jockeyed for power and influence for two decades. Most prominent of these conflicts was the question of sovereignty over Transylvania, which was coveted by both Hungary and Romania, and would play an important role in the events leading to the Second World War.

This first x-pack to Age of Darkness showcases additions to the early Hungarian, Polish and Romanian armies, as well as a slew of new units. Challenge tank rushes with valiant antitank riflemen, garner naval supremacy with battleships and clear the way to victory with new cavalry and armoured units, for a new AGE OF DARKNESS is on the horizon.

Each update installs as the public beta version (note: both hyperlinks below run through

Parallel download 1: Dropbox
Parallel download 2: MegaSync (use this only if Dropbox is not working for some reason or the other)

For installation instructions for Steam, please consult the Age of Darkness Wiki.

  • New shared unit for Hungary and Romania: Mobile Infantry, anti-tank riflemen
  • New units for Poland: wz34, 7TP.
  • Naval Yard, Battle Cruiser and Battleship introduced, as well as capital ships for Germany and Japan
  • Some new units for Germany and other factions introduced including antitank units and modern fighter aircraft.

Wehrmacht zombie Calarasi Algerie Stug3

(L-R: Mechanised Panzergrenadier, Mobile Infantry, Battle Cruiser, StuG III)

Mechanised Panzergrenadier

Light motorcycle unit, which is armed with an LMG. Fragile yet fast and mobile, the Mechanised Panzergrenadier is useful for chasing down fleeing enemy units, as well as providing a cheaper option for recon to screen your army during operations.

Mobile Infantry

Contrary to belief, Mobile Infantry are not a newfangled sci-fy/space opera walker unit, but are mounted infantry squadrons raised by Romanian and Hungarian armies to function as infantry - thus these units are tougher than standard normal cavalry.

Battle Cruiser

Medium to heavy ship, meant for massing naval power and meant to function as an advanced "early game" line ship, or as a substitute for the heavier and more powerful battleships and capital ships.


A variant of the Panzer III, the StuG III has a higher minimum range, but a powerful 75mm gun which allows it to make short work of any enemy vehicles it encounters. Its only one weakness is that it is very vulnerable to attack aircraft, and swarming by assault infantry.

Naval Yard

A hulking behemoth harnessing the prowess of a modern military-industrial complex, the Naval Yard is a hulking building which is constructed with one sole purpose in mind - and that is to supply your fleets with the most powerful and advanced weapon systems in sea warfare. Units such as battle cruisers and aircraft carriers can be assembled here.

AXP2: "White Terror"

  • Expansions primarily for Germany, Finland, Poland and USSR.
  • Low-level patriots.
  • Some wonders
AXP v. 0 - Public beta

AXP v. 0 - Public beta

Patch 16 comments

(4/5/15) Complaints regarding missing gpiece errors have been investigated and dealt with! this public mod beta should now be playable!

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what happened to the download and by the way that download link didn't work

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Beelim Creator

It's been amended and pending re-approval. However, I will be sending you a link to an alternate download pretty soon.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Mod very cool but it havent pictures and it is crashing sometimes

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Beelim Creator

Can you tell me what the crash messages are? I need to know what they say so I can try to replicate the crash myself.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Beelim Creator

No lawn darts on duty, says MOD

Recently, the all-worrying trend of artillerymen playing lawn darts during live-fire exercises has come to the attention of the Ministry for Defence, which has sent a memo to all officers to suppress with utmost severity any instances of soldiers playing with lawn darts in the course of their duty.

"While we acknowledge that soldiers do need leisure activities to alleviate the stress of their duties, the usage of lawn darts is not only unprofessional, but potentially perilous to the army as a whole," stated Brigadier-General T. Shaw after a debriefing held quite recently with the Defence Ministry. "We have made clear our reasons for forbidding the usage of lawn darts while on duty, and have decided to implement severe penalties on any personnel contravening this order."

The ban on lawn darts applies to all personnel in all regions, and comes into force effective next Sunday afternoon. Quartermasters nationwide report that in anticipation of the ban, they expect greater participation in indoor darts competitions for servicemen, while it was rumoured that officers have turned to other sports, including fencing and longbow practice to make up for the ban on lawn darts.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

First i want to say that i really look forward to play this mod. Good job!
I read the article about Poland on your Wiki-site. The most part is okay so far. But i am wondering that Poland dont get a air-battle bonus in the late game. Polish pilots were worldclass in World War 2. They were a very important factor in the Battle of Britain (better kill-ratio than the british pilots!). So my suggestion would be that Poland could use british planes with a attack bonus for pilot skills. Only a suggestion point by me to balance this weak faction ;).

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Beelim Creator

The reason is because, well ... as you know Poland didn't exist as a sovereign state in the later 1/3 of Age of Darkness' timeline. You are right - the Polish squadrons had an elan and performance worthy of their more gentle huszar predecessors ... but it might be way too complicated if we did that. Age of Darkness originally meant to incorporate that (goes to 1947) until I decided to spend more time on WW1 stuff.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Will you add Russian Empire/White army?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Beelim Creator

As sub-factions, yes. In theory if you play as Russia and align yourself to Fascism (Hierarchy + Militarism) then you are forming the White Armies. However, Russia is designed in such a way so that it benefits more as the Soviet Union, and in CtW, will be locked in as thus.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Okey, but i want fight in Russian Civil war

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Beelim Creator

Tovarits you can always create your own scenarios. Or play against a friend in multiplayer once it's done :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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