Age of Chivalry is a total conversion for Half-Life 2 currently being developed by Team Chivalry. We are a close group of friends who are dedicated to creating a fun story driven multiplayer experience set in a fantasy world in the medieval ages. We are creating a fast paced and fun first person melee combat system that will take the player to a new level of immersion. The players will be able to take part in sieges, town raids and open war in a story driven game. Our goal is to let the players write the history of the game as the teams battle it out over a sequence of user controlled map cycles depending on the victor. We want to take the overall experience to a new level of fun. All of our members have a solid modding background and we hope that you support our modification as it grows and develops!

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In this weeks preview we look at aoc_firecrag, a lava-ridden island that will decide the fate of the Mason Order and the Agathian Knights in CR1.

Posted by AgeofChivalry on Nov 20th, 2008

Preview Thursday #3 - Fighting Fire with Fire

This weeks Question of the Week: What is your favourite Game Mode?

Progress on Content Release 1 (CR1) is rolling along really well lately and the entire development team feels like this release is going to be a huge step forward. I personally can't wait to get ingame with you guys and end the teasing! This week we look at aoc_firecrag, a more fantasy-based "Capture the Flag" map where the Agathia Knights wage war against the Mason Order on a rocky barren landscape in sweltering heat near flowing and sizzling lava.

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The ruins of a castle and fortifications long forgotten provide plenty of cover and the rugged landscape yields harsh results for those foolish enough to come unprepared.

User Posted Image

At the ends of both sides of the map rest a temple, Each holds a holy artifact, For the masons it holds the Nerconomicon, the book divulging all the secrets and mysteries behind the black steel of the Mason Order.

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For the Agathia Knights it holds the true crown of the first king to ever rule over these lands, a dark day it shall be indeed if the Mason Order is successful in capturing it.

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Each team must defend their respective temples and artifacts while also mounting an assualt across the lava ridden island and into the enemies temple, the first team to bring back the artifact to their temple 3 times wins.

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Quick Developer Blog- Humble and Optimistic

Just to let you guys know, you can now submit your questions to be answered in this blog by replying to this thread! We seriously listen and want this the progress in aoc to be as interactive with our fans as possible.

Anyway, on with the blog... Being a game developer often times you get so attached to your own game that you overlook its faults and sort of brush them off looking only in awe at the things you have achieved. Today, its become a different story for Team Chivalry, now we look at our game with humble eyes, we're trying to look at our game like we've never played it before. A big complaint we've always had is that the game is confusing, players don't understand what they're supposed to do/where to go or why their opponent seems to be able to land strikes when they cannot.

Well these core issues are the things we hope to address in CR1, we want to make players able to pick up the game and play to some degree of success immediately. Today in the public version there is no question that this is not the case for the average person, the game has a high learning curve and we really feel like this detracts from the amount of players that our game attracts. So in CR1 we have a ton of stuff planned (stuff that will be featured in later previews) that will help ease the transition from a FPS game to the First Person Medieval Combat game that Age of Chivalry is. Being innovative often comes with a price. For us this is one of the primary issues we feel needs addressed in the game and we are convinced that CR1 is a huge step forward in the right direction, I hope that you are there to take that step with us!


Stay tuned next week where we have ANOTHER map preview coming your way...

In addition, we have several positions open for new beta testers for the game, help us make the changes YOU want to see, send application to:

Tibberius Bane - Age of Chivalry Marketing Coordinator

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Ratchet66 Nov 21 2008 says:

These look like ancient Greek temples and also remind me of the temple from Tomb Raider Anniversary.Good job.

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gregfriis Nov 21 2008 says:

Awesome! You might want to do something about the red fog, though. It doesn't really work well with the 3d skybox behind it. I also don't think that its color really matches the rest of the map. But the map itself is really cool!

+1 vote     reply to comment
D3VIL Nov 21 2008 says:

Downloading AoC through Steam now!

+1 vote     reply to comment
FJS Nov 21 2008 says:

Looks great, I like the dark book idea.

+1 vote     reply to comment
awesomepossum Nov 21 2008 says:

Awesome new map, the game is looking great

+1 vote     reply to comment
Hellsevil22 Nov 21 2008 says:

how much stress will there be for the CPU of....idk 2.0 ghz?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Ilsamir_Lord Nov 21 2008 says:

Aspects of the map are looking nice, but like all lava maps, you would never be able to get that close! The fumes, let alone the heat, would lay you low pretty quickly.

Still, it looks like fun :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
Amosinn Nov 21 2008 replied:

Lava in games has always been subject to extreme change indeed.

+1 vote     reply to comment
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