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Halloween News

4 years ago News 27 comments

That's right! Happy halloween everyone! Now this period of the year is the best time for a horror developer (at least for us). This is why we're trying to make this event a bit special, with a couple of announcements.

Afraid of Monsters: Director's Cut

First of all, it's the 4th year anniversary of the Afraid of Monsters: Director's Cut release. We're very proud of the mod, and we recommend you all to try it out during Halloween, and also while you're waiting on Cry of Fear. A trailer of Afraid of Monsters: DC is displayed below. Please visit the mod here:


The Cry of Fear progress is going awesome, and we've made so much the last month. Last week, I made another update that was 647 mb big and contained 814 files and 112 folders, and that update only took 2 weeks. This shows how great the progress is going!

Another cool thing is that the Single Player campaign is almost entirely finished. All the endings and all the unlockables are all finished. And now we're talking about 30 unique unlockables such as clothes, weapons, game modes (like Hunk in Resident Evil), developer commentaries, items and etc. This demonstrates how far we've come with modding since Afraid of Monsters: Director's Cut, which only had 1 unlockable (which we thought was damn awesome).

The coming months we will try and focus on the new game mode that I mentioned, and also co-op. And of course fixing bugs. This will hopefully go pretty quick, as co-op is almost finished as well.

Unlocks for the community

We've also come up with the idea to have the community unlock certain things by liking our Facebook page. This was a great success when you, the awesome community, unlocked the Gameplay video. The result of it was that we started seeing new faces appear, which is the whole point of making a game - to entertain people. Therefor, we have made this little list here where you can unlock screenshots, videos and also the official Cry of Fear release date. Simply all you have to do is enter our Facebook page and like it. We want you to spread Cry of Fear around, so we can hopefully give the whole world an evil heart attack by scaring them to death with this mod.

Everytime you unlock something, we will post a news about the thing you people have unlocked. To like our Facebook page, go to the link, or click the image below. Good luck!

News and Interview

News and Interview

4 years ago News 15 comments

We're still stuck working with Cry of Fear, and will be a few months more, because progress is going a bit slow now. This is mostly because we're a small...

The making of Afraid of Monsters

The making of Afraid of Monsters

4 years ago News 29 comments

2 days of shooting, 8 days of editing, covering 4 years of work - The making of Afraid of Monsters is finally here!

AoM Making of, and the last two episodes of the Dev Commentary!

AoM Making of, and the last two episodes of the Dev Commentary!

4 years ago News 2 comments

Now here's the last two episodes of this developer commentary play through. In case you've missed the other news, those videos are simply a playthrough...

Developer Commentary on AoMDC LP Part 7 and 8!

Developer Commentary on AoMDC LP Part 7 and 8!

4 years ago News 5 comments

Special update! This news contains part 7 and 8, and I will continue to upload the rest of the videos every week. In case you've missed the other news...

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Afraid Of Monsters DC Russian Weapon Pack Part 2

Afraid Of Monsters DC Russian Weapon Pack Part 2

3 years ago Models Pack 2 comments


Afraid Of Monsters DC Russian Weapon Pack Part 1

Afraid Of Monsters DC Russian Weapon Pack Part 1

3 years ago Models Pack 3 comments

Afraid Of Monsters DC Russian Pistol Pack

Afraid of Monsters: Director's Cut

Afraid of Monsters: Director's Cut

8 years ago Full Version 193 comments

The full version of Afraid of Monsters: Director's Cut.

Afraid of Monsters: Director's Cut Gameplay

8 years ago Movies 9 comments

This is just some very small gameplay, so you can see how it's kinda going to be. The quality is very bad, that's because I just don't want to spoil so...

Moving fog

8 years ago Movies 6 comments


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imkongkong Sep 4 2006 says:

when i think about it, this mod is really closely related to silent hill.. and from the original, the maps fit more of the silent hill type of story.. but from what you're saying its more of a psychological thing he's going through.. then i would suggest more out of this world things to happen.. like a level that would be spinning around, lights go off and back on then you're in another room or something, more stuff like that

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JasonBourne77 Sep 26 2006 says:

I'm pretty glad that there's gonna be more blood and gore in DC, because one of the reasons why I hated using the knife was that there was no kick at all in just knifing the monster and not seeing any blood spurt out. For me, the more blood, the better.

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ruMpel Creator
ruMpel Oct 11 2006 says:

Oh yeah, this mod isnt in a hurry, really. I can say, that I wanted to release the mod til halloween, but that wont be possible. I have been ill and couldn't work anything this month, and I've been studing stuff too. I THINK it will be released this year. I'm not sure.

It was the same with AoM, I planned to release it at 2004, but that version would totally suck.

+1 vote   reply to comment
dethtoll Sep 1 2006 says:

have you ever played thief 3? the cradle is pretty much THE reason to- it actually managed to scare ME.

+1 vote     reply to comment
HounderKnight Aug 30 2006 says:

Well, anyways....anything new with the mod?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Faizu Sep 20 2006 says:

hehehe, A director's cut! That's great... Played the first version of the game though. Nice. Hope this releases soon.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Jenga2112 Aug 20 2006 says:

Actually, it'd be your team banding together to stop the killer. You could set up traps, ways to block the killer in a room, bait the killer so when he comes up another teammate could take him out when he has his attention elsewhere. And yes, I did confuse co-op for DM but it'd still do well as co-op if done right.

Hey it nevers hurts to brainstorm right? You could always use these ideas for whatever project you do in the future. Anyways, I really loved Afraid of Monsters because it was the first mod to get that "Silent Hill" feel to it. I'm really interested on what you decide to do with these extra endings.

+1 vote     reply to comment
ruMpel Creator
ruMpel Aug 18 2006 says:

Guys.. There will not be any Co-op for this mod, maybe a funny extra multiplayer system like half-life, but not co-op. This is a singleplayer mod... these Ideas about Co-op you give me can be a standalone mod instead.

+1 vote   reply to comment
HounderKnight Aug 18 2006 says:

With co-op, you could always have seperate maps and levels for each. Meaning single-player will have it's own story-line and maps, while co-op has a whole 'nother line of maps, instead of just using maps from single-player to co-op.

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Crispy Aug 18 2006 says:

Don't get rid of the semi invisible monsters, please! They make the game so much more frantic and scary (you just need more ammo for the bigger guns so you can take them out quickly). You've already read the rest of my suggestions in the PM, but I agree with what imkongkong said about more surreal stuff, going into a painting is a great idea.

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An amazing atmosphere, sounds and great enemies. It gives you the perfect feeling that your all alone, but your not at the same time.

Dec 21 2010 by Prowler445

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The mod started off in a hospital of all places which surprised me and when you enter the dream it really starts off surreal and creepy. The abstract part where you have to walk towards floating red lights was strange but even though the premise sounds boring, if you stray to far from the straight line you're suppose to walk on you, you hear creepy whispers and flashes of twitching zombies, to far and you get killed. Awesome. When you finally get back to the hospital it has a really good Silent…

Oct 24 2011 by TheUnbeholden

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