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Bring forth the toybox of war in a fast, action packed strategy game with a light hearted twist in this tribute to Nintendo and Intelligent System's Advance Wars series!

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We have reached a point now where we have a playable product and need community feedback for us to continue.

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We have reached a point now where we have a playable product and need community feedback for us to continue so we are creating a New Year open beta, the download will be available on New Years Day. This is NOT the full mod, it is NOT bug free and is NOT perfectly balanced, though we've worked it to an acceptable standard. That is why we need YOU to help us by arranging and playing online matches and posting your thoughts and replays on our forums!

What this mod WILL NOT HAVE
- Blue Moon, Yellow Comet, Green Earth and Black Hole armies.
- Air units, naval units, silos, pipes, the missiles ground unit, the Neotank and any AWDS units and structures.
- CO's and associated powers and stats.
- Custom maps but we have adapted Temple Prime (2) and Pool Party (4)
- Music and custom voices.
- Destruction animations.
- Custom menus.
- Custom infantry, mech and vehicle pilot art (though we are using RA3 infantry models for now the units are functional)
- Terrain effects and bonuses.
- Working AI. Playing a match with any level of AI will cause the game to crash.

Why are these not included?
For a number of reasons, primarily it's because we want to balance the mod in layers starting with the basic land units without CO's or terrain getting in the way. Once we're happy we've balanced them, we can go on with introducing terrain, CO's, air and naval units and other game changing factors. The lack of destruction animations and fully finished UI is down to the fact that we wanted to get this beta out for New Year with all the important things that are needed.

What this mod WILL HAVE
- Playable Orange Star land forces.
- Working game play mechanics for the standard game mode inducing cities, bases, HQs, property capturing and fog of war toggle.
- Relatively balanced units (from internal testing)
- 2 working skirmish maps, Temple Prime (2) and Pool Party (4) all adapted for Frontline game play.
- Custom loading screen.
- Unit/building descriptions, icons and portraits.
- Unit decals and new team colours.

Please leave feedback here including bug reports, balance concerns, over used and underused units and general replays here!
We advise you arrange matches via this forum thread or via our steam group. To keep order and make matchmaking much easier, we suggest that everyone should use casual 16 for Frontline matches!

Installing Frontline:
To install the mod, drag the "Frontline" folder into the "Mods" folder found in "C:\Users\ USERNAME \Documents\Red Alert 3\Mods", if the "Mods" folder does not exist, create it.
Launching Frontline:
To launch the Frontline, open the Red Alert 3 Control Centre, select "Game Browser" then open the "Mods" tab, select Frontline and press "Launch Game".

In the event of the skirmish screen not allowing you to select a map, army or team colour, delete the "skirmish.ini" file from "C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Red Alert 3\Profiles\PROFILE NAME" then relaunch the mod, this should fix the problem, though we advise that you create a profile specifically for AW: Frontline use to prevent this from reoccurring!

To finish off I'd like to stress how important it is that you give us feedback while our fanbase is still small so we can improve Frontline and get an even larger community!

See you on the battlefield!


i'll try it out on a good sunday! i look forward to this!

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any screen shots?

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TotallySnappy Author

Like all of these? There's nothing much else we can really post, if we get a good replay with some screens worth showing off we could always post them.

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