The AdmiralMOD is a popular CALL OF DUTY 2 MOD with many features and gametypes and since a few days there are AM Cup's: ( all over the world. In a few weeks it will be available an instant Team vs Team function... and much more. Features: Gametypes: - Capture The Beer - Counterstrike S&D - Domination - Multiplayer Missions - Night Of Zombies Game: - Protected AutoDownload ON - Map vote and Gametype vote (+ Clanmembers) - Halftime-Mode for Search & Destroy - Points settings (CTF/SD) - Mortar Attacks Player: - Player-Classes (Soldier, Medic, TNT, Artillery, Spy) - Rank-System (like UO) - Squad System (each team has Squad-Units) - Player Sprinting (USE-Button) - Player Climbing (USE-Button) - Player Boat Landing (not only spawn on the map) - Player Bleeding - Player Healing (Class-System: as Medic) - Anti Teamkill - Anti "UnknownSoldier" function - Inactive Players - switch to spectator - Optional: Arm Shot: drop weapon - Optional: Unknown...

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