Glad to introduce a new project with new playable race - Adeptus Mechanicus Explorators.

Mod Team:

Karandras - Project Leader, 3D-content, OE-code, FX, textures, AE-code.
Warboss_Rus - lead AE-coder.
Archon - 2D (menu design, old taskbar design)
Skinnie - FX, 2D-content (new taskbar, icons, etc.)
MonkeyXXL - textures (teamcolors and reflection maps).
Dante Inferno - textures (teamcolors and reflection maps).

Thanks to:

Thudo for support and coordinating of voice recording.
GoldenHorde for soundscript writing and valuable suggestions.
Andrei354 for his awesome Knight model.
FoK team for their content, modified parts of which we use.
Elysian Legends Mod team for their content.

The mod is for Soulstorm.

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All hail the Omnissiah!

The public Beta of the Adeptus Mechanicus Mod is available now for download containing a fully playable new race for Dawn of War Soulstorm with a very unique playstyle!


The priests of Mars, followers of the Cult Mechanicus have arrived on the battlefields. Driven by their quest for knowledge rather than for conquest, the Explorators are here to recover lost technology, but will fight to the death in this cause. Their love of the machine means that the Tech-priests utilise advanced technology in their weapons and automatons and revel in upgrading the weak flesh with mechanical augmentations.

Arriving in a mobile base, which is both production plant and fortress they use powerful automatons to assist them, however these must have their databanks refreshed by coming into contact with a listening point, or being rebooted by a leader else they will grind to a halt and need to be recovered.

admechss 1

Explorators are highly mobile, moving from site to site and do not use more than the minimum of buildings, so their listening posts are unique in that they can be used for research or defence. Further, they can convert incoming requisition into power with their matter converters.

Truly, the Adeptus Mechanicus have arrived!

Download now

Hail the Omnissiah!

Hail the Omnissiah!

News 10 comments

Important news regarding the Adeptus Mechanicus Modification for Dawn of War : Soulstorm.

Race Modification guide for Soulstorm

Race Modification guide for Soulstorm

Feature 15 comments

There are a number of Soulstorm race modifications available on Moddb, so I've put together a quick guide of the available ones, as well as the Unification...

RSS Files
Adeptus Mechanicus Exporators - RC 1.1

Adeptus Mechanicus Exporators - RC 1.1

Full Version 17 comments

This mod brings Adeptus Mechanicus Explorators faction into Soulstorm. After the 1st Public Beta, this is now the Release Candidate version.

DoW Community Map Pack 1-4

DoW Community Map Pack 1-4

Multiplayer Map 1 comment

The most known community map pack of the past decade, age of glory of DoW modding. Uploaded 17-11-2006 on Now saved on Moddb.

Adeptus Mechanicus Exporators. Public Beta 0.99

Adeptus Mechanicus Exporators. Public Beta 0.99

Full Version 59 comments

This mod brings Adeptus Mechanicus Explorators faction into Soulstorm. The 1st Public Beta. --- OBSOLETE VERSION --- !!!!! Download RC 1.1 instead.

Streets of Magerion DOW:SS map

Streets of Magerion DOW:SS map

Multiplayer Map 3 comments

Here is one of my(Skinne) old maps that was kinda popular. I(Skinne) decided to put it on Moddb, since most of the old links are no longer available...

Objective_Points mod v2016.03.19 for DC and SS

Objective_Points mod v2016.03.19 for DC and SS

Patch 40 comments

The supplementary Objective_Points mod version 2016.03.19 for DoW:Dark Crusade and DoW:Soulstorm. This mod is vital for running any other mod(s) with...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 337)

This team has many mods and all of them need a lot of work.
Just be patient.

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Any Progress news or is this mod dead

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes

Just because a mod has not been updated in a few months doesn't mean it's dead. Why do people assume this...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Gambit_1 Creator

Most of our mods are not dead.
We already have updated versions for almost ALL of them :)
Delayed releases, most of the time mean that we need just a few assets that prevents us from releasing a new version :(

P.S.: Coincidentally, I uploaded AdMech V1.25 for the team just a few hours ago!
MUCH has changed including some radical stuff (attachment, commander changes etc.)

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I downloaded the mod but i canĀ“t play it, I extracted (Or unzip i dunno how you sy it in English) the WinRar archive and then inserted it on the game file but when i open the game the Adeptus Mechanicus doesnt appear, do you know how to fix that?

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Gambit_1 Creator

Have you put the UNCOMPRESSED contents of the compressed file into your SS installation directory?

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Every time i play this mod and the arch magos transform into the nightbringer it is like someone is slapping me. Why do such a good model have to be turned into a bad clone of an entirely unrelated unit. I love the models in the mod except for the nightbringer clone which fits into this mod like a bad sore. :-D

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Gambit_1 Creator

We need a modeller to handle that, brother.
Lacking one, we are forced to resort to that alternative.
It's not like we LOVE that model !!! :)

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Thank you for this mod, but it have some problems, IMHO:

1. Some upgrades to weapons from skitarii and warriors - useless.
The grenadelaunchers and plasmas with the hellguns are enough, and, maybe, sometimes the flamethrower is useful, but i didn't see reasons of why give flamers to skitariis who can't into close combat, if you can give flamers to the hypaspists, who specialize in close combat and can quickly retreat in case of danger.
Sniper rifles at first glance, absolutely useless - maybe instead of a small range/damage/rate of fire, but squads armed with sniper rifles are killed too quickly, before they had time to cause any damage - In any case, IMHO, this wargear is a waste of resources at any stage of the game, especially if you choose between them and grenade launchers.
Increasing the unit cost after armor up, need to be lowered - from 30 to, say, 20-25.
Full subjectivity - need a decrease reinforcement cost to 30 and increase the basic squad size to 6.

2. Warriors have some problems too: absolutely unnecessary multilaser, which has no effectiveness against infantry (not able to cause normal damage even Scarab-builders (!)), despite the fact that it is indicated in the description (Multi-lasers are highly effective against hordes of Infantry or lightly-armored Vehicles).
It's worse than the starting heavy bolter.
Special effectiveness against vehicles, too, did not observe, although in this case I can not vouch.
Warrior's multimelta seemed to me, is less effective than hypaspist's multimelta.
Flamethrower is relatively useful in the early stages of the game, but a low amount of morale will not allow chase the enemy's capers, and after early stage flamer becomes unnecessary.
Plasma need increasing damage against demons, because despite the effectiveness stated in the description, lascannon, IMHO,better. Anyway it's a wonderful thing.
Lascannon, perhaps it is worth a little damage up against vehicles, but at all it is very effective against buildings and this advantage makes it extremely useful thing.
The autocannon is a weapon of victory and mass oppression - cheap, angry and early accessible.
Rush of warriors with autocannons and lascannons with the support of a pair of plasmas didn't make colossal damage to the enemy army, but allows you to make hell on its base.

3. Upgrade, in which warriors do not consume morale is useful, but, IMHO, it would be better to replace it with a simple morale increase around 25-30 points / a series of similar upgrades, increasing morale by a factor of 1.5 or 2/decreasing the rate of morale falling - it would reduce the requirements for the control of the unit, but did not completely remove them.
IMHO, upgrade, which remove morale consuming can be more useful for Hellstalkers.
Also, the would be nice to increase initial stock of the morale of the warriors - 60 instead of 50 would be very useful for large maps - a warrior who ran at the beginning of the game can weaken the enemy, after having shot the builders and returning to the base at the expiration of morality (an interesting point: at zero morale, the unit gets out of control, but it continues to execute the order given at he moment when the morale was still, although the speed of its movement is greatly reduced).

4.The turret with its current price of 300 requisition and a small amount of hp is useless, especially since it can only be built by the hero and only every two minutes.
IMHO, decrease requisition cost threefold, add energy cost, greater than that of the turrets of other races and lower the speed of recharging the turret call from 120 to 30-45.
Probably, it would not prevent up on a small hp additition - 100-150 hp.

A little more IMHO:
Temporary withdrawal into the invisibility of the hypaspists is useful, but is it logical?
I mean that the invisibility of the crowd of pieces of iron with heavy weapons and on the hoverboard looks the same as up for the sniper rifle for the ogrin squad.
I think they better need grenade, especially since they also have a flight besides invisibility.

And if it is so desirable to have an invisible unit, it's easier to take a light version of the skitarii, give them these unfortunate sniper rifles (with improwed stats) and invisibility and assign them as capers, because according to a relatively recent codex, Mechanicus have the division of infantry to light and heavy.

P.S. Sorry about two things - my terrible english and size of this wall of text.

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Gambit_1 Creator

First thanks a lot for you time and detailed report brother.
I have taken into account everything you said and I will try to see what can be done. :)

The problem is... I am leading most of our projects, and I do not have time for updating the all within a reasonable amount of time. :(
Now I am working on Unification (putting in the EXCELLENT Survival mode by brother Argonaut) and it is no easy task!! Monumental, I would say.
Plus, I want to finish Inquisition Daemonhunters - I have included a completely NEW Grey Knight Branch!! And this is almost as if creating a new race!

So the time we spent in testing Ad Mech (and weapons/balance etc.) is not as much as we should...


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I forgot how I usually write reviews so I'll just keep this short and to the point. This mod is cool! Adds a new faction and absolutely different from everything else. Military focused and no base building. - While the idea is nice, I'm not feeling the gameplay. I believe in the past the drones lose morale and stuff then die off and are unable to attack... Loss of morale happens way too easily then the unit becomes useless. Yuck. - Improvements were made. Very good improvements. - Faction is underpowered…

Jun 28 2017 by Lord_Cylarne

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