Action Half Life 2 is designed to simulate the experience of being in an Action movie. Movies like Hard Boiled, Face Off, and Die Hard are the inspiration for AHL. AHL2 is AHL reborn on Source engine.

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meh its cool

Epic, though, I wouldn't minda parkour move where you hold control before you land to roll and save your health. :D

This game is already and awesome game and when its out of beta it will be an awesome game

very good multiplayer mod !
you must play to this game
the character is just ******* epic !

I LOVE IT!!! just a shame that there no bots nor normal players ever...

It is a well made mod but lets be honest I was expecting more from it. GREAT JOB


Mr.joe says

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Action have life 2 is a great mod, you can play as many people such as a FBI agent, awesome russian guy, and many more. And its pretty fast paced, but it has some realism in it and some funny moments. And it does have some servers with about 2-8 players in it, but its still early, but its great. I recommend this mod to everybody.

Action in AHL 2 speaks louder than words.


masterfox3000 says

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It's awesome.

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