Action Half Life 2 is designed to simulate the experience of being in an Action movie. Movies like Hard Boiled, Face Off, and Die Hard are the inspiration for AHL. AHL2 is AHL reborn on Source engine.

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Yes.. it's release day... after several months of work we've finally reached our first release!

Posted by Hawky1984 on May 31st, 2009

The release is here!! Yes.. it's release day... after several months of work we've finally reached our first release! AHL2 In Your Face! Its been a lot of work and much effort has gone in from all involved... so well done guys! We made it!

Since it's a first release, beta, etcetera etcetera, yada yada, you know this talk: It's by no means done, polished or complete. It's rough around the edges and in various other places, but so far we've been having a massive blast playing it, and we hope you will too.

Download. Close the steam service, install, restart, and it should work by magic.

Latest Alpha screenshots Latest Alpha screenshots Latest Alpha screenshots Latest Alpha screenshots

Fun is mandatory, the rest is optional. So enjoy.

With the best regards of your favorite mod teams
MinistryofAction & The A-Team

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benguy1 Jun 1 2009, 5:38pm buried:


well you rickrolled me, therefore you lose my download.
this is not some internet chatroom full of trolls this is serious stuff and while its ok to rickroll in certain places, this isn't an exception, take it off or become a joke mod.

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wazanator Jun 1 2009, 9:41pm replied:

Wow someones got issues

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Hawky1984 Author
Hawky1984 Jun 2 2009, 4:26am replied:

Lol, if you can't take a joke, then you shouldn't play games. This mod is here to stay, and tbh, i couldn't care less if you play or not.

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m82sniper Jun 3 2009, 5:13pm replied:

Oh my god, a joke!!! How dare you!!!

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[ladnet]brad Creator
[ladnet]brad May 2 2011, 11:01am replied:

You should have kept watching the video..... *sigh*

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Blood_Wraith Jun 1 2009, 6:06pm says:

Look's nice! It would be really cool if someone made The Specialists Source.

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mdarwin1 Jun 1 2009, 6:49pm says:

this game is very fun but does have minor bugs that need to be fixed like the reloading one, which makes it so when u reload ur clip halfway it then takes the rest of ur ammo but other then that its really cool

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Blood_Wraith Jun 1 2009, 6:56pm replied:

Yeah I tried the game too, has quite a few bugs but is pretty nice for a early version.

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Statofarius Jun 1 2009, 8:02pm says:

We played this mod in the Podcast 17 PlaySession, check the video at:

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FJS Jun 1 2009, 8:11pm says:

Awsome vid =P
The mod looks great!

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Otreum Jun 1 2009, 9:05pm says:

I loved the way the music fit perfectly with the footage, very well done, it sounded like the track was specifically built ontop of that footage, nice!
The footage wasn't too appealing to me though, however I understand it's not in it's final version, and I remember the old Action HL, it was like this to begin with, so I definately have high hopes :D

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Stubby Jun 1 2009, 9:23pm says:

crashes all the time, i wish the bugs dident ruin it so much, i was begining to have lots of fun.

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wazanator Jun 1 2009, 9:45pm says:

The whole bleeding thing is total garbage no one wants to sit around and heal them selves in a fast paced shooter like this.

Plus pressing Q to get up again after diving is kind of weird feeling it should be set up so that when you pressed a movement key or jump you stood back up.

An option to choose what random weapons it chooses for you would be nice. Kind of annoying getting stuck with sniper rifle and a grenade.

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hammy-bob Jun 1 2009, 10:50pm says:

Great start for a mod, and since you warned ahead of the time I won't complain about bugs so keep up the great work you are on the right path

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kaiserpanda Jun 2 2009, 2:55am says:

Their advertising is amazing. The gameplay isn't.

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Hawky1984 Author
Hawky1984 Jun 2 2009, 4:29am says:

The bleeding is a part of AHL...
To get up from dives, you can use the jump key aswell, for now it's got to be pressed twice though, and it takes a little long to get up. Next releases will see a lot of changes in the dives.
And if you get stuck with a rifle and a nade, try throwing your knives ;)

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kellnite Jun 2 2009, 7:49am says:


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Mr.John Jun 2 2009, 8:43am says:

Imma dl laters K?

+2 votes     reply to comment
Jashin Jun 2 2009, 9:01am says:

Nice. Only one thing...

I'm so sick of the default HL2 explosions.

+2 votes     reply to comment
kmarvell125 Jun 2 2009, 12:05pm says:

Loved the mod. Very nice. Only thing I'd like to see added is a quick switch b/t primary and secondary weapons. And open areas are a little laggy, but it probably doesn't help I'm running on a near 10 year old PC.

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RangerC Jun 3 2009, 8:15am says:

I played the original Action half-Life Hours, years!
I heard from the Ministry of Action since AHL Directors Cut...
I ever wanted to play these in Source, but if my dream comes true, this will be in your hands.

What i like:
- Cool Gameplay!
- Nice Weapons!
- The Equimpementmenu at start has the same things like the original
- cool Beta Map

What i dont like:
- Same Models from Action Half-Life/ DC
- Player Models... Please make own one, the look like the originals, but cool new Textures!
- Only one Beta Map

It will be my favourite Mod if you will do that!
New Weapon Models musnt be, but new high resolution Textures arent hard to make right?
And i think the orange Color doesnt match with the original.

Its a great BETA, the Main Gameplay did, only some missing things, the Textures does not mathching with Source Textures and Graphics, but you can correct that.

Only some things from an Action Half-Life Gamer.

Good luck!

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Hawky1984 Author
Hawky1984 Jun 3 2009, 10:58am replied:

Thanks for the compliments. Obviously there will be new models/maps/textures in future releases. It's just that the team wanted to release and there was no real dedicated modeller present ;)

As for maps, there are some new maps in progress and also some remakes of old ahl1 maps (bananamans, bankdoom, etc.)
Check the forums over at for more information :)

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matti3 Jun 3 2009, 9:03pm says:

btw,congratulations! :)

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yourgrandma Jun 4 2009, 3:06pm says:

pretty good, close to the originals feel... though it desperately needs maps.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Hawky1984 Author
Hawky1984 Jun 4 2009, 4:36pm replied:

Maps, gun models, dive animations, bugfixes :P

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Joel8160 Jun 5 2009, 6:22am says:

Reloads his shotty and says: Ready for Action!!!

+2 votes     reply to comment
AlphaGamerXV Jun 6 2009, 2:34am says:

Wait is this no.1 or no.2????i cannot download only can download the first

+2 votes     reply to comment
Hawky1984 Author
Hawky1984 Jun 6 2009, 10:58pm replied:

AHL:DC2 is the Action Halflife 1 mod.
The newest version is AHL2, which is 'Action Half-life2: The Sauce Of Death', which can be downloaded here:
And here:

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mars3554 Jun 12 2009, 2:19am says:

Just want to say, damn good start. This mod is what so many others are not: fun.

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zonssi Jun 17 2009, 10:42am says:

The kung fu is boring..

+2 votes     reply to comment
Noremakk Sep 13 2009, 12:50am says:

So the mod's play time is slowing down... Any news on when an update to spur the life back into it should be coming? I really love this mod and would hate to see it become another unplayed, obscure title.

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Noremakk Oct 4 2009, 12:23am says:

Nobody plays this game anymore! :(

I love this mod; is there any way to stir up some more action in Action Half-Life 2?

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aqwerf Apr 14 2010, 5:03am says:

In fact, most of the bad things that has given creation, over time, may simply disappear, after all is the earliest version of the mod (1.0), and multiplayer versions, as we know, are updated frequently (in fact, in the case of a little updating AHL2 podzaderzhalsya). Meanwhile, Action Half-Life 2 is not only nenapryagayuschaya and funny multiplayer modification, but also a great way for half an hour escape from everyday worries.

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Noremakk May 30 2010, 1:25am says:

So... Nearly a year later: are there any planned updates?

+2 votes     reply to comment
[ladnet]brad Creator
[ladnet]brad May 2 2011, 11:03am replied:

Yes, from the next generation coders. We all got old so we handed the baton onto the next generation :)

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PredatorX May 27 2011, 8:59am says:

This can't live up to "the Specialists" or "action half-life" for the original hl.

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