Advanced Combat Environment (ACE) is a full conversion modification for Armed Assault. The overarching philosophy of ACE is to provide its users with a combat simulation that is both realistic and enjoyable. Our primary mission is to create a wide variety of real world weapons, vehicles, equipment, and tactics so that those playing the ACE modification will be able to better simulate combined arms combat on a modern battlefield. ACE is designed from the bottom up with the goal of encouraging its users to employ real world tactics and strategy (fighting as a team) in order to accomplish realistic military objectives. We strive to create hyper-realism without losing sight that the mod must be playable by the “advanced” user. Our focus is not only on creating coding and scripting which highlights realism but on creating realistic missions on which one may experience the full spectrum of virtual combat.

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Well the mod itself is just outstanding, really liked the realism and all, but for me it needed some fixes and tweakings. I know this mod was made for multiplayer, but i am a person who likes to create my own missions and scenarios so it was kinda frustrating with the AI after 5 mins of combat, because 80% of them will be laying on the ground cause they're wounded and cant heal themselves ( also after 5 mins they get up, run 5 meters and drop on the ground "dead" (still wounded and black screen XD)) so it needed this little tweaking that they could at least heal themselves or better yet medics could heal them( yes i know XD 9hard420script9000me XD). This mod had a lot, and i mean a f lot of weapons, soldiers, cars, tanks, apc's, and the overall realism really impressed me ( i am low pc user so i really look into old games with alot of realism cause i cant run better). Overall 9/10 actually 9.4/10 cause i suck at scripting and messing with arma mods and cant fix that wounded bot stuff or remove it ( maybe i was 2 lazy)

Russian armor is too weak, Good that finally Russian voice apperars, but not in all sections :/ Often CTD's, wounded effects is a nighmare, aim shaking is pretty annoying - like player is sick for epilepsy. That make this mod almost unplayable for me beacose i prefer playing Russian side and mod is made like only for US fans.... That things can be fixed, i gived 8 beacuse after this game looks great, many optional functions, diffrent vehicle damages, many effects, sounds, nations... 8/10


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