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Graphically, the mod is excellent and boasts some serious visual refinements and overhauls that breathe new life into Doom 3's horribly dated visuals. However, technically, the mod is nothing short of a complete disaster. Unavoidable crashes related to certain characters merely speaking to the player is a glaring nuisance that's entirely unforgivable. It's made worse by the fact that these crashes occur EVERY SINGLE TIME these characters go to speak. The first crash occurs almost immediately during the first few minutes of gameplay, specifically the "welcome to Mars" phrase the first encountered NPC utters. Skipping to the next level was warranted, and thankfully allowed, but any hope that the next NPC dialogue section wouldn't cause the game to crash again was quickly crushed. The NPC in question attempted to do a "Mars Sec radio check," which promptly caused a crash. Every. Single. Time. Tweaking some of the settings before loading the aforementioned sections again didn't rectify the issue, any time.

This mod was something that could've been completely enjoyable, but sadly, it's unplayable due to a glaring level of technical ineptitude or incompetence. It's hard to know which.



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