ABR MOD is new overhaul mod as alternative to Complete Mod. You can consider this mod just like a pack with merged mods, but it was made as one solid overhaul with its own balance, graphics and audio. However, this mod doesn't change game dramatically. The main goal is to make COP up to date and give good experience for a couple of game sessions with same atmosphere. So, it's just a good renewal and a reason to go back to the Zone for one more time.

ABR MOD Features


New weather and nature style for each location


New textures of buildings


New variable visuals of NPC's


New minimalistic and informative HUD


New artefact models and particles


Inventory revewal

Cells are smaller, texture is lighter due to new weapon icons, new icon of major, retexture of his face, new icons for exo and bandit coat, darker cursor.


Original weapon replacer


Dynamic gasmask HUD with breathing sounds


New loading screens

Loading Screens

New menu with new music



  • More background ambient: 15 minute day mix, 10 minute night mix for each location.
  • New anomaly sounds.
  • New weapon sounds.
  • NPC's run breathing and waiting sounds are been removed.
  • Partly sound folder was taken from Misery 2.1.
  • Action music on the way to Pripyat.
  • New music in intro.
  • Russian voices.


  • New simulation makes life in the Zone more active and realistic.
  • Weapons are deadlier. Works both ways.
  • Actor can cut off trophies from mutants and sell them to local barmen.
  • Medics don't heal.
  • Medkits are healing slowly.
  • When actor uses medkits or consumables weapon hides.
  • You can carry 70kg.
  • Outfit and helmets are less durable to damage.
  • Weapons on dead bodies will be mostly in middle shape but not sellable. Collect ammo.
  • Nimble sells 8 unique variations and absolutely new weapons.
  • Nimble sells weapons and armour. No need to wait 24 hours.
  • Artefacts are rebalanced. Shock resistance and additional weight artefacts are more useful. Others are less effective but balanced.
  • Lost sentry in Pripyat will be more "controlled" now.
  • Evacuation mission is a point of no return.
  • Bloodsuckers are very fast now.
  • You can sell Compass and Oasis to barman.
  • Kuvalda will ask money for detector.
  • Trapper will give you money instead of weapon.
  • Trapper will give your reward for killing Zaton's chimere.
  • You start game with bandit coat, saw-off and few supplies.
  • Now military squad in Pripyat will not die, if you will go to kill monolith in next building as it was scripted before.
  • New purple nightvision.
  • Fixed text and dialogs.
  • Merchants buy gear in condition not less than 80%.
  • Merchants sell all weapons, ammo and addons. New outfits appear as in original.
  • Economy is like in the original. But you can't sell weapons from dead bodies anymore.
  • Rebalanced difficulties. Low difficulties don't have invincibility as before and now are playable.
  • Ultraviolence difficulty is recommended.
  • The easier difficulty the more ammo you will find on dead bodies.
  • There are less medkits, bandages and food to loot.
  • Quest NPC's are immortal. (Due to friendly fire)
  • Emissions are off.
  • Actor taking off helmet when using food or pills.
  • You don't need upgrades to use addons to with any weapon.
  • Steel box has real treasures now.
  • First person death.


  • Major wears his helmets in cutscenes.
  • Now subtitles in outro video is white, not gray.
  • Real weapon names.
  • Dot crosshair.
  • Different scope reticles.
  • Members of suicide squad are wearing helmets during the scene.

P.S. This is not a HARDCORE mod, but can be miserable at start.

Optional Bonus: Maps with marks of stashes. (Not quite cheat, because of mutants living on edges of locations)

ABR MOD contains, full or partly, these mods by their authors:

  • Thanks to: AP-PRO.RU and to: PROforum, denis2000, Ferveks, _S_k_i_F_, Khyzyr, makdm, NEO, Jargon, buffy.
  • Thanks to: Shoker for God Of Zone v1.0 mod for testing
  • Thanks to: MODDB.COM and to: Marek33 for hud tips
  • Thanks to: WinCap (AMK Forum) for death_manager.script edits
  • Thanks to: Jeepus for consulting and saying that it's ok
  • Thanks to: GSC Game World for creating S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series
  • Thanks to the best mod team: Autumn Wanderers for inspiration
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Hello, users of MODDB and everyone. First of all thanks to MODDB site, this is real good gaming site with kind community. Thanks to community for support and comments. It gives me momentum to work faster.

Date of release

So. I'm affraid I will not finish mod to the end of this month. But next month is for sure. I've started in April 2017. So, it seems depelopment is in progress almost an year now. Wow.

Weapon updates

I've found that some weapons had bad run animations, I mean real bad, there was abrupting movements. So I've replaced AKS74, AKS74 "Combat" (it's AK47 "Kobra" now) and Gauss. Changed texture of AKS74u for more smooth one. So now running animations is cool. Also, there is no such a thing, when you see the end of your hands during reloading. Or when attached scope is "disappearing" in actor's head. But there is still no cure for fast stopping animation with attached underbarrel grenade launcher. Anyway, it's just like actor is pulling gun very fast. Reload animations from STCOP was pretty, but AO's models has better run animations, I've chose second.

AKS74 new model

AKS74 "Kobra"

AKS74u new texture

New Gauss

Here is my handmade upgrade icons. Knife and grenades are needed for actor's favourite weapon showing. I've made them because I noticed weapon packs has icons not 100% true to models. Equipment icons also have being edit.

Upgrade icons


Also, I've added first person death by SkyLoader. There was bug, now helmet on actor when dying. So now actor just fall down. And it's cool, I think.

Scopes update

Then, I've started to work with scopes textures and have edited Absolutes scopes by CrommCruac. I've made different texture link to different scope models. And changed equipment icons. Icon of scope shows it's color. And color means that: orange - standard, green - more range, red - detector\zoom, gray - nightvision. Here is PSO series.

Here is Susat series. Also left Dusk scope without lens marking as it was in original.

May be this scope marking is not better than vanilla, but it's more useful, and you actually see what you have in backpack.

Weapons with integrated scopes are in development. I'm thinking what and how to do better. There are also some things to do, so stay tuned!

Regards, ABR.

ABR Mod Weapons

ABR Mod Weapons

News 14 comments

Eleven minutes video showing all weapons in the game. Also mod work progress.

ABR MOD Progress

ABR MOD Progress

News 14 comments

Just want to share some stuff and make you sure - ABR MOD will be released.

ABR MOD Weather

ABR MOD Weather


Within month (I hope), ABR MOD will be released. I want to share some weather screens.

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Great work so far !I really enjoy what i've seen so far and can't way to play the mode keep it up!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
alanberserkrose Creator

Thanks for interest. Work is keep going. Soon there will be more materials about development. Stay tuned!

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Looks interesting, I give follow on this mod.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
alanberserkrose Creator


Reply Good karma+3 votes

PRP (Pripyat Reclamation Project) is included (some aspects or in toto)?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
alanberserkrose Creator

No. I searched and there is no official PRP. It's mentioned only in Special Edition Mod.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Not bad! I'm waiting ...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
alanberserkrose Creator


Reply Good karma+3 votes

Can't wait to try out this mod on release! Is there a way to enable emissions?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
alanberserkrose Creator

Thanks! Unfortunatly not. In the start there was bug - music didn't start after emission. Then after setting everything in weather, sun was going crazy and flowing fast in the skies before emission. And I'm not scripter to make everything shiny. And the most sad thing about emissions is AI behavior. I was standing in cover and enemies just walked to me to wait emission too. Well, it was atmosphere breaking. I would happy to keep it, but I couldn't.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Do you consider ask some modders to help with that?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
alanberserkrose Creator

Simple example. I've asked how to spaw some bodies around Major on start of the game. Modders said: make it thru the script. Genius. I'm really tired and just can't wait to finish everything. Only one or two times somde people helped me. But that's the minority of cases.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
alanberserkrose Creator

It's a waste of time. They just say some common things that never helps or just don't say anything. I've asked Cromm, but he's busy enough, because he didn't answered. So I am alone in this.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Ah thanks! I'm fine with there being no emissions.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
alanberserkrose Creator


Reply Good karma+2 votes
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