A custom story for Amnesia: The Dark Descent in which you once again take on the role of Daniel, roughly one year after his ordeal at Brennenburg. Daniel has been doing quite well since his escape, but one night, a loud crash awakens him. It is up to you to investigate the source of the disturbance, and find out what it all means. IMPORTANT: YOU MUST HAVE JUSTINE FOR THIS STORY.

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The story is just fantastic, one of thee best mods that anyone has played, this mod happens to give scares at good times when they need to be, I am happy to say to finish this but as well as sad that it could not continue like the original game Amnesia: The Dark Descent, all thou this game happens to be one of thee scares mods people won't follow up with your creativity to do ones like this. This game happens to have one of thee best endings, I didn't die and I didn't cheat at the game at all but the levers in the storage would just **** me off and I would just walk away, the many scares that are in this mod gives you chills just because you will never know when they will happen, even thou that all of the jumps scares that were coming I knew they would happen, but I am NOT saying that it has a bad anything, but that it was easy to know when the jump scares were coming. I love this game I give it a 9/10 please create more like this

This was good because there was jumpscares and other good things


Erestroskinga says

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I really like how the story connects with the original story, it explains a lot of things, even though then might not be true, but you sort of get a feeling that you are continuing on the story in a really fitting and good way. The ending was also great.

Awesome custom story my only complaint is that there were a few too many monsters but otherwise great. The story kept my interest and the ending was epic haha.

This is thee most retarded start for a game, ever.

I agree with @Tanshaydar, so I won't repeat what he wrote.
IMHO the author made what seems to be an Adventure Game closer to D&D/RPG only with some missing components: like fighting (preferably with weapons), gaining exp. points, skills, gold collecting and wizardry
... or were they really missing?

Weapons: there was a knife and our hero was using it (twice!) and not just for peeling apples.

Exp.: However we couldn't see them directly our hero earned XPs along the way and the points manifested themselves with stronger and faster monsters roaring on each level.

Skills: Our hero could master the Wardrobe Hiding Routine, which at the end he perfected so well, he acquired a skill that allowed him to summon a wardrobe whenever he only felt that a monster could pop his head out of the next dark corner. He also learned the Silly Walk specialty to survive the depths of the Vicious Spiders' Mine maze.

Gold: At one point our hero became very rich after collecting 60 tinderb... gold coins that is. He had to spend some lately but ended up with more than 45.

The wizardry: some spells were used - detect secret doors, dimension door (this one with a gruesome component - Blood of the Twisted), close wounds, mental stability and raise dead (used extensively during the Boss Fight). The opponents were using even more powerful ones I just couldn't possibly name.

And the last but not least the boss fight, with special boss music, enormous boss' power and spawned monster as expected from the decent Boss Wizard.

And there were enormous labyrinths with hundreds of boxes and barrels and thousands of books and bottles and there were peaceful cities and murky caves... ok I may have exaggerated here a little bit, but did you get my point?

It definitely wasn't a horror game. Not even close.

And yes I was writing about Abduction that aspired to be the main story continuation. But for me it was some kind of experiment to make an RPG game with the Amnesia's lvl editor and it deserves


This custom story is right up there with The Great Work. Loads of entertainment.

Nice!! Custom story a lot of maps!!! , the story is amazing!!! in my opinion 10/10 :D

I recently done a recording of this on my Youtube channel for my horror weekend and it was perfect, this game me quite a lot of scares, everything about this custom story is really good, keep it up!
If you want to view my video here it is! youtube.com/watch?v=f_dRNchclMU&feature=youtu.be

The second-best mod I've played after La Caza. Basically a lesser version of the original game. I liked that it echoed the original's design at a lot of points. Traveling through realms was great and really original. The boss fight was awesome. Really long and detailed. The whole mod was maybe a little too long and a little too repetitive with all the monster attacks. The very, very end was a bit cheap too. But this was scary, long, detailed, and creative. The most interesting part was seeing Alexander's place and how it contains a lot of ideas for how Brennenburg was designed. Great work all around.

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