This mod aims to update much of the 2004 Axis and Allies RTS game to modern day warfare. A new campaign is planned along with a new WW2 mode, and current nations to be involved include China, Russia, the United States, the United Kingdom, EU, and many other countries. Infantry and naval combat are being entirely reworked, as is the game economy.

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British Challenger II Tank Squadrons
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out of curiosity, what will the stats be like for health, attack, defense, and so-on?

I think the Brits still prefer to use HESH rounds-- so maybe use blast damage, and have every shot paralyze for one second?

one idea to consider is a smoke-screen attack. it might have the range of 10, and it uses a 20 second enchantment. effected enemy units would suffer a 30% reduction in speed and rate of fire. the attack could recharge every 60 seconds. (I used something similar in the Uncommon Valor mod with the British 95 mm howitzer tanks) the difference here is that it would only be useful in melee range-- whreas with the howitzer tanks it works at normal tank combat ranges.

I think nearly every post-war British tank has used smoke dischargers-- so it could be something to consider.

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Wordsarecool Author

Stats as of 3/5/2014 are/were:

health = 500
defense = 20 (The Challenger II is one of the best-defended tanks on earth)
morale_value = 25 (30 for CO)

speed_max = 3.3
acceleration = 2.5

L30A1 120mm Gun
recharge_time = 6.1
area = 1
range = 26
[Effect Template=APDamageEffect]
amount = 120
[Effect Template=MoraleLossEffect]
amount = .25

L94A1 7.62mm Machine Gun (move_bonus = 0)
area = 1.5
recharge_time = 2
range = 18
[Effect Template=PierceDamageEffect]
amount = 14

Ill probably be changing these.

I really like your smoke discharger idea and Ill probably implement that.

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Wordsarecool Author

Also both pierce and blast damage resistance are higher than vanilla.

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Wordsarecool Author

These stats are no longer accurate.

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The most well defended main battle tank in-game before upgrades, with a powerful 120mm cannon to boot. A bit on the slow side compared to most of the other MBTs though.

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