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"Bandits, coming in at eight o'clock high...break, break, break,........Gold Wing take those fighters, Natley and McArthur with me, we're going after the bombers....I'm going in on the leader.........got him! his starboard engine's burning up.....follow my lead men, tally ho!"

".......Damn it Gold Wing keep those fighters off us, I'm being torn to pieces......primary fuel lines been hit.....Jesus, keep them off me you bastards....those last two bombers aren't going to shoot themselves down....good God they've got the Bristol, her tanks have blown, she's going down!"

A Wing And A Prayer is a total conversion for the Homeworld 2 engine, moving the action from space combat to early twentieth century aerial battles between a variety of fictional aircraft and airships, ranging from scout fighters up to ironclad super Zeppelins. Drawing on the style of games like "Crimson Skies", and "The Hunt For The Red Baron" and books like "Jack Black and the Ship of Thieves" A Wing And A Prayer will thrust the player into the gold age of flight, as the German Imperial Airforce and the British Royal Flying Corps decide the future of the countries far below, and attempt to uncover why the Kaisers ultimate aerial killing machine has mysteriously disappeared in an Arctic storm.

"Theres nothing more we can do men, The Bristol hasnt got a hope in hell.....lets mop up the last of the enemy and head back to base.......any casualties? wheres Balding? did anyone see if he bailed in time?....well lets clear out of here and just hope we make it back in one piece....the state my plane's in it feels like all I'm flying on is a wing and a prayer".


  • Original setting, story and premise set during the stylistic and technical golden age of the 1920's, the first Real Time Strategy to focus exclusively on aerial warfare.
  • Two fully realized races with unique ships and abilities; the German and British airforces, and one Mini-race, The Air Pirates.
  • A broad selection of original units, from ornithopters and fighters to gunships and heavy bombers, nimble flak Zeppelins and refinery ships to flying dreadnoughts and carriers.
  • Dynamic weather conditions benefits or undermines player strategies. clouds, sunlight, rain and wind all effect your aircraft. Alter the weather with Weatherships, Harness the suns deadly rays with the Sunbeam airship or electrify your opponents with the Lightning Zeppelin.
  • Upgrades including amour piercing and incendiary bullets, improved engines, armour and more give your units the edge over other enemy craft, Customise your fighter to annhilate bombers with incidenary bullets or to devastate gunships with armour piercing rounds.
  • Altered game physics recreating high altitude aerial combat, aircraft bank and slow when turning, gain speed from diving and slow as they climb. Pilots try to outfly and outfight their foes rather than gun them down in simple head on attacks
  • German Imperial Airforce The IAF emerged after the disastrous losses of the European ground offensives as the premier military force of imperial Germany. Well equipped, professional and battle hardened, the IAF rely on brute force and conventional firepower to knock opponents from the skies. The war is an opportunity to relive the glory of the 1914-18 air war, settle the score with Britain and above all to make clear once and for all the dominance in Europe of the young German state; it is a war for Kaiser and Reich.
  • Royal Flying Corps What was once a small reconnaissance unit has expanded massively to counter the German aerial threat, and the RFC is now all that stands between German bombers and the British mainland. Utilizing cutting edge technology with old fashioned British ingenuity, the RFC fight with a mixture of valour and desperation, mindful of the fact that defeat will mean not just the end of the empire, but of Britian itself.
  • [*]Air Pirates Psychotic murdering scum with no sense of honour and out for profit alone, the Air Pirates wouldn't want anyone to think of them as anything else. Robbing the passengers of civillian airships, claiming bounties on enemy ships and scavenging their remains to sell, the Air Pirates make a healthy if unscrupulous living in the skies above Europe. Wanted criminals across the world, there is no love lost between the Pirates and the British and German airforces, and any encounters are likely to be explosive battles to the death.

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Shiver Me Timbers!

8 years ago News 8 comments

Another update from those fiendish Air Pirates, showcasing the last of their units (it is a mini-side after all). This time we have the two airship available to the scurvy dogs, as well as the Mercenary Fighter and Pirate Bomber, both vital weapons in the battle for more grog and gold doubloons:

The Air Pirate's Pirateship and Mercship Pirate Merc Fighter and Bomber

In other news I'm gradually updating the forum, adding old art that for one reason or another has now been dropped, and posting ideas for analysis and comment. Its not too late for new units to be included, if anyone has an idea for an aircraft and they fancy explaining the idea on the forum, or even sketching it out then go right ahead.
As ever the forum can be found here.

Avast Scurvy Airdogs!

Avast Scurvy Airdogs!

8 years ago News 5 comments

...And prepare to be boarded by this weeks showcase, the Air Pirates. A blood thirsty band of scum that cruise the skies on the look out for unsuspecting...

Something Through The Clouds

Something Through The Clouds

8 years ago News 5 comments

After yet another hiatus, a long weekend has given me the time to get back to focusing on AWAAP and various other projects that had been on the back burner...

The Big One

The Big One

8 years ago News 7 comments

A real windfall of new media this time, starting off with the the promised concepts of the British and German gunships. Gunships in AWAAP come in two...

Look Out Below!

Look Out Below!

8 years ago News 6 comments

After a short hiatus I have returned and bring with me come the finished concepts for the four dedicated bombers of the British and German air forces...

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overlongk Jun 26 2010 says:

Ok and the mod ..?

+1 vote     reply to comment
tanker1408 Sep 20 2009 says:

nice work man, please keep it up! please don't let it die i really like the idea! it reminds me of an old game called "Project Nomads" which is set on the fictional planet Aeres, a fantastic world of gigantic floating islands, which are the remnants of the planet from before it exploded. After Aeres broke apart, the few surviving inhabitants settled on the drifting fragments of the planet.

in the game you could wander across the planet on your island, discovering mysterious artifacts and exploring the ruins of the long dead race of Master Builders. The only place to fall to is the Sea of Flames, the very bottom level of this new world. in project Nomads were also giant flying Battleships and WW1 aircrafts, very similar to this MOD.

this is just like a RTS version of project nomads lol :D

0 votes     reply to comment
CommisarHark Oct 5 2009 replied:

dude this has been dead for years, stop necro-ing the thred

+2 votes     reply to comment
Hidamari Aug 11 2009 says:

omg, is it dead, all the concepts and ideas are so damn cool

for anybody who has watched Ghibli animated movies this will also appeal to greatly,

sombody save this mod, i wanna play it!

+1 vote     reply to comment
Gnostic Aug 26 2010 replied:


+1 vote     reply to comment
Gnostic Jan 9 2009 says:

I love some of these concepts so much that I plan to add zeppelin fortresses into a game me and my friend are making in a steampunk/sci fi universe.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Scarwing Oct 23 2008 says:

Okay seeing how my modelling skills cant make those airplanes or blimps/zeppelins even possible on the polygon scale, but i have decided to open up my own mod every one, i will call it "Skies of Kharak the first wars" yeah its set inside the Kushan's world war 1.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Scarwing Sep 6 2008 says:

i would, but i am working on a mod rightnow i am just having issues putting the ships in game, i cant use cfhoded still i would so love this, actually about 2 years ago i fantasized about making a mod similar to this, but then i thought it was impossible, still i gave the idea away today to see who can make this a reality.

+1 vote     reply to comment
CommisarHark Sep 5 2008 says:

I dont think he has much in game. at the moment from what I've seen it's still in concept stage. I only think he ever got one ship in game. What he sould do is realease the work to someone to start it up again. Any volunteers?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Scarwing Sep 4 2008 says:

HEY YOU, BEFORE YOU KILL THIS MOD, I THINK YOU DID 1 YEAR AGO, ATLEAST PACKAGE UP ALL OF WHAT YOU DID, AND SEND IT OUT AS A BETA DO THAT AND ILL BE IMPRESSED, sorry for all caps but still do that, it'll make alot of people happy, especially me, now go do it, or god help me.

+1 vote     reply to comment
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