What would you do if you lose your interest in this world? What if the group of reluctantly dead slaves comes back to life and tries to disembowel you? Would you just kill yourself or would you fight against the inhumanity and find something to live for? If so, you are currently the only person who is capable to resist this suicidal uprising.

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Although I have read the authors note about what this CS is, I'm not very fond of the end result. Yes the story is quite good and I took my time to read through all the notes to really get immeresed into it. But thats the only thing there is... And although the author warned us for not having much else, this is still a game called Amnesia. I think it's a shame you didnt include all the elements this game has to offer! Just think about how great this CS could have been if the author had spend even more time on it to perfect it. To add, more atmosphere, gameplay, puzzles, just all the elements that make good CS. But ok, I knew where I was in for so I didnt want to judge it too bad on these points. But I really felt let down because of all the grammar mistakes.. My god man.. It's ok if English isn't your mothertongue but at least get all the grammatical mistakes out of the notes. It was freaking horrible to struggle through the story without noticing all these faults. I seriously wonder if the author ever took the time to reread his notes at least twice! Big tip for the future; Let as many people read ur story as possible. I am finishing my thesis and I let at least 4 people fully read it and it's astounding how many mistakes you miss when you write and read ur own paper.

But back to the CS. I think if you would have made more of an effort to inlcude other elements you could easily have a CS worth a 9/10.


KrustiClawn says

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- Amazing level design
- A story can't be more complex than this
- Pretty scary


- What did I need the hammer/chipper for? I didn't use it once
- The non stopping monster music in some of the maps is really annoying and repetitive
- Huge lack of challange
- Half of the story doesn't require any exploration whatsoever
- Brute, before entering the storage, turned back and chased me down for no reason at all
- Waterlurker (the not hallucination one) was stuck and "died" because he couln't catch me while hiding between the wineshelfs

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- Too many notes! I loved the story, but after reading notes after notes after notes, I eventually lost my intrest to keep reading. I think I found over 25 notes and at least 20 of them with 2-3 pages full of text. The story is good, as I said, but I spent more time reading than actually playing the story


A great story! Although it's too much story. Seriously dude, you can write a whole book with all the notes I found! I hope you create a better balance between story line, gameplay and challange next time.

For the wonderful design, lenght and great story, I'm still giving this a 9/10

9/10 - Awesome


Skelatilian04 says

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I really did like the plot here, and for me that is a huge plus for any game/story/thingy.
The level design was also above average, though not outstanding to me.
It was atmospheric as well, even if it didn't really scare me that much.
The scripting was somewhat predictable but I still had fun so no points lost there.
I spent most of the time in the mod just running around the map and reading pretty interesting notes. However they are almost always completely optional. One could go through the entire story without exploring and not understand what is going on. If you were encouraged to explore, then that problem would no longer be one.
The notes had really really amazing grammatical errors. I had to make out what was going on more than half of the time- and it did **** me off.
My biggest concern with this story, however, were Kraken* glitches. In one encounter I threw something and it kept on bouncing off of the kraken and I think it was stuck.
Near the catacombs I was exploring and went near the door only for a kraken to appear behind me. I did manage to run from it but for some reason it was "walking" on solid, waterless ground/wooden boards. And it kept on chasing me and I was confused.
The length was also pretty good, as long as it needed to be.

That's it for me.

* Kraken is what I like to call the water monster/Kaernk

This custom story had some pretty decent maps and a few of good scares. I don't know why I was able to complete it right after I picked up a key.

This was a great first time CS. The level design was simple and straight forward. There was very little in the way of scares but the general atmosphere was chilling.

That being said, there was one glaring flaw; the notes throughout were riddled with some of the most gratuitous grammatical errors I've ever seen in a CS. The overabundance of misplaced modifiers, unnecessary adjectives and misspellings, was lending itself to hilarity than to immersion. When reading them aloud, I ended up laughing so often that it extinguished the general dread that was built up during the interludes from note to note.

Regardless of the atrocious butchering of the language, this was a great first CS, and I look forward to seeing what you produce in the future.

Very good level design, especially in the lower storey and the prison area, love it.
I also had fun reading all the entertaining notes, and the story is good.
I also like that the story didn't overuse monsters. The atmosphere was great and was built slowly, which kept the tension all the time.

Only thing that bothers me is that there is no lantern. I was wandering around the second mansion level and i was forced to turn the gamma to 2.

I really enjoyed this. Instead of relying on jump scares, this is all atmosphere and story. Very reminiscent of the original amnesia. The few "jump scares" were actually very moody and atmospheric rather than cheap. I thought the story was interesting. I would have liked more which is the only reason I did not give this a 10. Very well designed. Monsters/Enemies had just the right level of threat.

I am embarrassed to admit I did die while playing this, but I think with the right amount of skill. A player could make their way through without death. I enjoyed this almost completely. I got a little stuck on one puzzle, but what is an amnesia game without one puzzle that takes that extra effort of observation?

I really wish this could have been longer, but I respect the length and scale of the custom story. Good job. Keep up the good work.

not what a I was looking for. only thing I see that you did very well was the ambiance and decent mapping. a few unneccesary monsters like the water monster in like. a few feet away for the nect map, in 1 feet of water. soooo many notes I actually stopped playing it. Never felt that "I know he's here but where is he?" type of feeling... English was ok. Minor things here and there but understandable. music kinda got stuck a few times when the monsters tried to chase me. NOT a single tinderbox and never found a lantern, which were actually not even neccesary, most parts of the maps were well lit or just enough to make you not lose sanity

Not much to say that can add on to other peoples opinions.

All I can say is "you have a very bright future in the custom story space"

I look forward to seeing what you have around the corner :D

Its a really good custom story with a really GOOD story

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