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Hello all! And welcome to a brand new news post for A Galaxy Divided- The Clone Wars! Today I am going to be explaining to you guys how the brand new tech system is going to work. I know what some of you are thinking or are going to say: "A new tech system? In what way? How?". Well, I'll answer those questions as I go along.
The tech system is going to be part of the Sub Menu system in a way. As the sub menu has a series of sorting buttons for both land and space units to make more space on the build bar. So there will be a Research button. Through this research button you are able to choose your desired tech or unit upgrade. However, there is a catch...
Say you research half the upgrades given to you for both land and space units. You won't be able to advance to the next tech level! This is kind of like Dennis Nedry's "You didn't say the magic word!" (Jurassic Park, gotta love it. Also we are referring to Newman here!) routine...

What you need to do is research everything because the better the tech, the easier it is to conquer the galaxy.

Now what upgrades are we talking about here? Well, upgrades that research new units and upgrade them. But still, what do we mean! Say that you research the ARC Trooper program, you get to train Phase 1 ARC troopers. But they have a specific set of abbilities due to being Phase 1 ARCs. So later on you research the Phase 1.5 armor upgrade for ARC troopers. This upgrade will replace the Phase 1 versions available in the buildbar with Phase 1.5. The difference between the two is their gear, meaning they have better range and have more durable armor. But when you get to Phase 2 ARC trooper armor, you can be sure that your ARC troopers are a force to be reckoned with. Also, certain upgrades make certain heroes appear. With the ARC trooper program a couple heroes can appear like the Muunilinst 10 and Alpha-17 "Alpha". Each hero will be affected CANONICALLY by these upgrades too.

^^^^ Nothing is this tree is final. Just a diagram for explaining. ^^^^

Now, on to researching brand new units!

Units like the V-19 Torrent always had prototypes. Canonically, the prototypes for the V-19 were used during the First Battle of Geonosis and were tested. Slayn & Korpril later created the final version of the V-19 torrent shortly after the First Battle of Kamino. Using this piece of history as an example, you can research new units. For the republic you already have access to the V-19 prototype when you start, but when you research the V-19 Torrent 'theory' the Prototypes are immediatley replaced with the final version of the V-19 in the buildbar...

And as for heroes.... That is something special... A special surprise for a later date. That is all for now, and I hope this gets you excited for
A Galaxy Divided- The Clone Wars.

I also really want give a big thank you to the_Farseer for creating an awesome splash for this mod. It has been something I wanted to have created to really show off how unique this mod is and to show what is to come. So thank you Farseer!

If you haven't already, go check out the_Farseer's mods:
Campaign Commander:
Rise of the Mandalorians:

So I'll be seeing you guys later!

TTFN (Ta-Ta For Now)

- The_Darker_Side

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Resquests for help

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Guest Jul 19 2013 says:

Hi! I am really looking forward to this mod. I played "Republic at War", but my main problem is that it isn't balanced very well and that some parts don't stay true to the Star Wars lore or are just unrealistic. The worst are space battles, where even the shields of massive capital ships go down in seconds which makes it pretty much impossible to use any kind of strategy.
I hope this mod will make it better.

+3 votes     reply to comment
yeyeye526 Jul 16 2013 says:

Hi this mod is not even going to be a very cool like these people what they are doing but the mod they do not know how but if you explained what was going on, I can help

0 votes     reply to comment
AUS_Doug Jul 25 2013 replied:

You might be making a good point............Then again maybe you're not; I just don't know.
I would suggest finding a better online translator - preferably one that can deal with syntax.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Niner Skirata
Niner Skirata Jul 13 2013 says:

This mod will be like a Galactic battleground or more like a Clone Wars mod ?

+1 vote     reply to comment
The_Darker_Side Creator
The_Darker_Side Jul 13 2013 replied:

It is going to be a Clone Wars mod. But it is taking elements from Galactic Battlegrounds and other Clone Wars sources to create an authentic and unique clone wars mod :)

+1 vote   reply to comment
juan117 Jul 9 2013 says:

add the ships of the animated serie and unlimited populetion please

+1 vote     reply to comment
The_Darker_Side Creator
The_Darker_Side Jul 12 2013 replied:

Unlimited population is still being decided, as we want the game to be playable and not lag as much. And as far as ships from the animated series, several are planned to be in the mod :)

+1 vote   reply to comment
GhostRider0700 Jul 13 2013 replied:

Unlimited pop capacity should not be in the game because if ur on hard ai and they make a massive fleet you are screwed over

+1 vote     reply to comment
The_Darker_Side Creator
The_Darker_Side Jul 13 2013 replied:

Practically lol That is why it is still being decided.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Drakov64 Jul 6 2013 says:

Hey, can you release a demo of your mod?

+1 vote     reply to comment
The_Darker_Side Creator
The_Darker_Side Jul 12 2013 replied:

I am sorry to disapoint you, but the mod isn't far enough in production for a demo to be released. All in good time ;)

+1 vote   reply to comment
Drakov64 Jul 13 2013 replied:

Yeah, got it ^^
So just waiting for the full mod's release ^^^
Just have to telle you another time : your mod seems great, so don't be surprised for players to wait for it =)

+1 vote     reply to comment
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