7 DEADLY SINS is the ultimate original content and combo mod for the award winning PC game Sins of a Solar Empire. With over 30,000 downloads, it is also once of the most popular and most supported. Developed by DANMAN (DANMAN3712) and the 7DS Mod Team, 7 Deadly Sins is all about offering more for your gaming buck. With 7DS, you get new planets, 11 races, new weapon effects, new planet and galaxy textures, new stars, a black hole, and a space graveyard. Each race is unique, with its own stlye of play, including new weapons, ships, research, and a brand new ship class, the TITAN. Races feature the original 3, plus 3 variants, the Rogue who are a class of playable pirates, the Arilou, green UFO guys from the Star Control series, the Kor-Ah, a race bent on exterminating all likfe in the universe, also from the Star Control series, plus the Empire, from Star Wars, and the Atlantians, the race of ancestors. You are urged to download and try out 7 DEADLY SINS, you will be glad you did.

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