A Warhammer 40k mod for SOASE:Rebellion Races are still in development, Aiming to bring the Universe of 40k to the amazing game of Sins Main ones so fare Will be Imperium, Chaos, Eldar, Orks Space pirates. All community suggestions well be gladly accepted and thought of and any one willing to help pm me.

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The Chaos Gods bring goodies! The Chaos Gods bring goodies! The Chaos Gods bring goodies!
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8 comments by Roboute-Guilliman on Jun 30th, 2015

Hi All,

So due to recent personal events i haven't been able to work on the mod at all and kind of lost my knack for it. Now that being said i am trying to get back into the hang of it but some other issues have arrived. With the announcement of an Official Games-Workshop licensed game Battlefleet Gothic: Armada. This cause issues with the mod, GW has a strict non competition clause basically stating that it is against there terms of agreement to have a mod on a separate game that shares a similar play style to there own games. Hence all the other RTS mods for Warhammer 40k usually shut down if they get to big and noticed and I have yet to receive a letter from them on this mod but it will come. It does not mean it won't. So to you the loyal followers of this mod and to my mod team which i have neglected and i apologize for; we have two options

1) Work on the mod and keep adding to it till i get a letter.

2) We fix up what we have gotten so far and have one final release.

Personally don't feel like finding out how good the Lawyers are for GW but that's me haha

Sincerely Deepest Regards,

Lord of the Ultramar System

Roboute Guilliman

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40,000 Sins 0.4

40,000 Sins 0.4

Jan 31, 2014 Demo 48 comments

Here it is in all of its alpha glory....finally!

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FeánaroTWC Nov 20 2014 says:

I am still wondering on how you could handle the Eldar. The Craftworld Eldar do not colonise planets, which goes against how the game works. They instead dwell on the Craftworlds.

Perhaps the Eldar instead of colonising worlds have a Craftworld which functions much like a space station, and is able to make units and defend itself. So, instead of having to take worlds like the other factions, they have to not lose the Craftworld.

Taking worlds does not give the Eldar resources, extra fleet capacity but instead after sufficient build-up, the ability to 'move' the Craftworld. (If that is possible in the game engine, of course)

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Roboute-Guilliman Creator
Roboute-Guilliman Dec 3 2014 replied:

They do have old colonies on planets and as well we might make them more station heavy then the other races

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FeánaroTWC Nov 2 2014 says:

What will you do with the Eldar?

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Janissaire Oct 31 2014 says:

You will use the time of ending ressource?

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Battlemage1 Oct 28 2014 says:

Just let these guys finish the mod. I heard...they have some problems with crew. Any modelers or another usefull people here?

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Kodasa Oct 21 2014 says:

Hey mod makers. Serious question. Will the tau be featured in this as a playable race? They happen to have one of the most advanced space fleets. Sadly you don't hear much about it because their empire is relatively small, as the tau do not utilize the warp in any way for travel, meaning they have to travel at sub light speeds between planets. They do have jump technology, its just... Different.

Space marine ships essentially teleport right? They're guided into the warp by librarians, and travel through the warp to their destination. The eldar also utilize the warp for say, webway gates, and it seems that warp travel is fairly instantaneous, at least to an outside observer. Of course time might behave different in the event horizon.

Sorry, jumbled up. So the tau use a technology that propels them at just below Light speed, meaning they'd actually have a travel time. Still they have a fully functioning fleet, complete with orbital stations, fighters and all. I'd love to have Mantas for invading planets, or Orcas. Tigersharks for bombers, Barracudas for fighters etc etc. They'd be an awesome fleet to play with. Their research could also be structured based on Caste. Fire Caste for offensive, Water caste for diplomacy, Earth caste for empire and Air Caste for defenses.

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Grimaldus* Oct 25 2014 replied:

Yes, the Tau will be in the mod. And those are some swell proposals there thank you very much. I like the idea of different Castes for different tech lines. In terms of Tau travel speed for interplanetary jumps we will slow down the speed so it may take them a little longer, but it won't be much as to balance issues. Otherwise other races would easily be able to outrun the Tau. Thank you!

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Kodasa Oct 26 2014 replied:

You could also look at making the Tyranids use a mechanic similar to the way the flood behave in the mod. That is to say. They spawn with worlds in the map. Each world they hold spawns a "raid" Basically a pirate raid. The tyranids would behave like the pirates in that they perform raids. But they attack any world they come across, their raids include bombardment ships, and colonization ships. Every world they colonize (Be it neutral or player or AI owned) Will spawn another raid for them. Meaning they can be terrifyingly powerful if allowed to snowball.

That may be a better option than making the Nids playable, given how invincible their hive ships are supposed to be. Oh and I know from the way they built the flood that it is possible to make it so the tyranids completely ignore bounty placed and behave independently.

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Janissaire Oct 31 2014 replied:

No,we want a playable Tyra race and a lore friendly mod :)

The tyranids ship are not invincible.

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Kodasa Oct 31 2014 replied:

That is still lore friendly, I know they're not invincible, but they're supposed to be close to it. Playable tyranids would be pretty boring. What space ships do the tyranids have? A hive ship and I guess a space hulk crewed by genestealers. Anything other than that would be stretching the lore quite a bit...

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Janissaire Nov 3 2014 replied:

The tyrannide have Human-like Genestealer(used for spy,rebellion for weaken planet).

They have Ork and Eldar like to.

So,they can have modified ship of other race.

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malanthor Nov 5 2014 replied:

Tyranids have lot of different ships. Hive ship, Tyranid cruiser, tyranid kraken, vanguard drone ship, drone ship etc. I say a loud NO to giving them other races ships. Sure they use genesteelers for infiltration/subversion but the tyranid attack fleet consists of tyranid vessels.

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FeánaroTWC Nov 4 2014 replied:

Or they could use their own ships.


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Kodasa Nov 3 2014 replied:

I don't want to play tyranids just to be playing orkz... The point of playing tyranids would be to actually play TYRANIDS, not Orkz or Guards with a tyranid skin.

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FeánaroTWC Nov 2 2014 replied:

The Tyranids had a fleet list in Battlefleet Gothic, just like any other race.

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Kodasa Nov 16 2014 replied:

I see this now. My experience with the tyranids is limited specifically to ground based engagements. There isn't really any good space based WH40K game. As in, There isn't a space RTS like Sins of a Solar Empire, but Wh40K. If that makes sense. Battlefleet gothic was also discontinued long before I had the money to consider getting into it.

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Kodasa Oct 26 2014 replied:

Thanks for getting back to me on that, I do love the tau so very much. Can't wait for an update. OH and one other thing. If you haven't already seen the "Sins of the Prophets" halo mod, then I have something to suggest for this mod as well. In the SotP mod, planetary bombardment for the humans, is not bombardment as such, but rather invasion. The ships launch invasion craft instead of nuclear weapons.

So perhaps you could do the same for this? It would make more sense in the WH40K universe to invade a planet rather than bombard it. It is only some modelling, texture and particle work, as the invasion still uses the exact same mechanic as bombardment. But you could have a battle barge firing off drop pods, instead of dropping exterminatus. Since it would make more sense to be able to use a planet that wasn't nuked to death.

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law4426 Oct 30 2014 replied:

Or put both the drop pods and exterminatus, like the Halo mod

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Kodasa Oct 30 2014 replied:

Well in SotP, the Covenant don't completely glass the world. They use pinpoint surface bombardment to leave it colonizable. They destroy key targets from orbit. Glassing a planet takes way too long for them to actually use it in the mod.

Exterminatus is faster, but the problem with Exterminatus is that it leaves the world as little more than molten slag, devoid of all organic life and matter, depending on the style used it may have no atmosphere left as well. So you wouldn't be able to colonize the worlds again.

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Lolpakka Oct 22 2014 replied:

While the Tau do have one of the more advanced fleets in the galaxy they are generally lacking in heavy combat focused vessels. Only towards the end of the third sphere expansion did they even build ships intended for war. Which just goes to show you how awesome they are. Their merchant fleet repelled the Damocles Gulf Crusade. However, it wouldn't make sense for the air caste to be defences as the water caste are the fleet and air force elements of the Tau Empire. Research is conducted exclusively by the earth caste.

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Kodasa Oct 26 2014 replied:

The idea is more to give a Caste the research field that best represents them. I did double check my information from several sources when I relegated out the various duties To quote the Lexicanum directly:

Fire Caste:

"Members of the Fire Caste are the warriors of the Tau Empire, and as such are most often seen on the field of battle. They have been bred to be the tallest, strongest, and most aggressive Tau, and weak strains are quickly weeded out. . Fire Warriors, as soldiers of the Fire Caste are known, spend their entire lifetimes in battle or preparing for it, constantly honing their tactics and working to improve their skills."

Earth Caste:
"This caste provides for the manufacturing, agricultural, industrial, artisans, and engineering needs of the Tau Empire. By far the largest caste in sheer numbers, it is they who erect dwellings, provide food, and produce new technology."

Air Caste:
"The Air Caste is charged with holding the Tau Empire together through the Kor'vattra, the Tau Empire's merchant and war-fleet in addition to operating Tau Orbitals and Fortress Stations. Formerly functioning as messengers, these days they are the Tau Navy and are sometimes called the "Invisible Caste", for they rarely if ever set foot upon planets. Living in Orbital Cities"

Water Caste:
"The Water Caste serve the Tau Empire as traders, merchants, public servants, bureaucrats, administrators, diplomats, and ambassadors. They interact with other races when such affairs are not handled by the Fire Caste, and often act as administrators of Tau worlds in the absence of an Ethereal governor."

Source: Wh40k.lexicanum.com

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Kodasa Oct 26 2014 replied:

So with that in mind. The fire caste are the aggressive, offensive ones. It still makes sense for them to be the Caste name assigned to offensive research. You understand this is purely for the name of the research trees right? Just because they are offensive research doesn't mean they're the ones doing the research, nor piloting. Its basically a cosmetic suggestion.

In this mod Air Caste is defenses because they're in charge of the Orbitals, including stations aka star bases.

Earth Caste have the constructors, and handle all the colonization, mining and agriculture research from the civilian tree.

Water caste brings the diplomacy and mercantilism to the table. So they get the diplomatic tree with foreign relations.

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Lolpakka Oct 26 2014 replied:

I was just pointing out that I disagreed. I would prefer to see them labelled after Tau methodologies such as their such as their tactics. If mentioning the caste system don't forget about the Ethereal Caste.

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Kodasa Oct 26 2014 replied:

The Ethereals serve as "philosopher kings", and guide the other castes, as well as alien member-races of the Tau empire, towards the enlightenment of the Tau'va, the Greater Good. They serve as the undisputed rulers of the Tau Empire. Their unique role is a combination of spiritual and political duties, and their declarations shape and steer every action of the Tau Empire. Were an Ethereal to order a Tau to kill himself, he would be met with instant obedience. Ethereals themselves rule from the Ethereal Council, with the Ethereal Supreme being the highest ranked of the Caste. They are in turn protected by the Ethereal Guard.
Source: Wh40k.lexicanum.com

I looked at the Ethereal Caste when proposing the Caste System. The issue with them is. Sins does not have a research tree that best represents them. Holy artifacts perhaps. But not really anything else.

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Kodasa Oct 26 2014 replied:

The thing is. Ethereal Caste is very small, and they're more like a church than a government, if you follow my drift. It is more like religious leadership. They would most likely factor in as say, a name for one of the culture related researches. "Ethereal Guidance" Increases the spread of the greater good throughout the galaxy and reduces the spread rate of enemy culture pushing against your own.

Other than that, the Ethereal Caste doesn't quite have a place in Sins of a Solar Empire. Since Sins is more about the Mass battles and Mass Colonization. The Ethereals are not exactly well known for leading from the front. There are not many and loosing them is a big blow to Tau morale.

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