3000 Miles To Tokyo is a Pacific War mission project on Men of War.You will control some elite infantries of USMC to defeat Japanese.This mod include many singleplayer missions bring you back to the battle of Tarawa and Makin raid.

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Reminds me of Medal Of Honor Pacific Assault ecspecially the skins/units.

Amazing mapping love the mod =D 10/10

great story line

Amazing, really makes the Japanese feel more complete as a faction.

great mod

Good mod

Looks good but way too difficult and unrealistic as ****.
In the first mission you have to take that outpost that has like 20 men and 2 MGs aiming at you with your two men who aren't accurate enough to kill the MGs. also behind it you see your allies driving to the beach and guess what. Its like an endless march of vehicles and nobody gives a **** about your situation. so realistic.

A very good mod for single-player. Hard to play.
I like the skins-(uniforms), both japaneses and usmc.
Surprised with jap-snipers on palms. And zombies ... It is really a joke !!!
A tribute to those fighters.


Just great

Great job on making this mod it help me alot :)

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