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This custom looked really promising, and had really good potential.
However, I'm afraid it fell far from what it could reach.

The beginning was quite good, seemed really funny and well put together. But when i reached the entrance hall and tried these "Custom Stories" i was rather disappointed. It seems the definition of a CUstom "Story" is a bunch of badly put together and completely irrelevent demos from other custom stories that do not contribute to the main story at all.

After repeating these custom stories countless times due to the fact some were almost impossible to complete without looking for playthroughs or pretty much cheating, i finally completed it thinking i would get some more insight on the real story at hand, i was wrong... again.

All of that time wasted to get a 5 second ending saying that you couldn't find the dog and that your going to "get" Alexander. And then a big long list of credits topped off at the end saying "See you next time" i can assure you i will not be playing anymore of these stories so long as they remain like this sad excuse for a custom map.

Overall, giving this custom a 1 is a bit generous.

Edit: Statyk, i can assure you that im an in fact not butthurt and that you are a stupid ******* ****.

I dont care if it was made in 24 hours, at the end of the day, if its almost impossible to complete, there is no point in playing it you stupid prick.

So you want my respect Statyk, heres what i got for you, **** YOU!

At the start it appeared to look very promising however after completing this "custom story" it was soon shown to be just a couple of demos which were completely irelevant from the main story since when does a slappy taking a bath have to do with your missing dog?


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