2027 is a modification and a prequel to Deus Ex 1.

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The level design is by far the best part, the levels are aesthetically consistent, impressive, and unique, and the layouts are intricate and facilitate exploration and effectiveness well. They're big without ever feeling empty, which is an excellent feat.

All of the system design tweaks and changes also worked really well, the new skill system was excellent (though Battle Training was still a bit more useless than I was hoping) and the perks were a pretty neat addition. Making the spy drone an item was a great improvement both in terms of the narrative and the gameplay, though I never made much use of it. The weapons were... well, I still suspect they were ripped out of a version of Counter-Strike, but either way they were nicely detailed, had excellent sounds, and most of all I loved the new implementation of recoil and how powerful it made the weapons feel, especially in combination with dust puffs where your bullets hit. Also loved the tweaks to the weapon mods.

Great economy, too - you actually really needed money in 2027, unlike... well unlike in any other Deus Ex mod I've ever played, as well as Deus Ex itself. Or Human Revolution, for that matter.

The only real let-down was the narrative. Really needed a proper intro to tell me who the hell I was playing as. Never really had enough time to get to know and care about the characters, so I never had any reason to like them or dislike them. The denouement in the end was cool, but it would've been cooler if I'd cared about what happened to any of the characters.

But I get the feeling the narrative wasn't a main focus during development, it seems the emphasis is primarily on the gameplay and especially the gunplay, and I can only applaud those priorities - it's a much more focused game than you expect from a Deus Ex mod, so what it does, it does really well. Completely worth the 11 hours of my life I spent playing it.


It's a completed Deus Ex mod.

Mod feature full and complete storyline. Much of the gameplay elements you saw in original DX are present here. There are augmentations, items, upgrades etc.

Number of skills is reduced and skills are refactored to be more useful. For example, throwing knives goes to Medicine skill. There are also perks you get based on total number of experience points.

There are items hidden in various places so looking around is recommended. Whole game is surrounded with decent ambient music which adds massively to overall effect.

As always you cant put everything in inventory so creating adequate combination of augs and equipment is essential to be able to handle any situation. You'll need area effect ordnance and defensive capabilities.

Cyborgs in this mod are real tough guys. When you shoot them you hear "clang". All enemies have greater area of detection, especially bots.

There is plenty of lockpicks and multitools around to unlock almost everything, provided you invest at least to Trained rank.

Story mechanics follows up DX. You will have several sides and you must decide whom to join in the end. It'll take you about 10 hours to finish this mod if you are detailed and thourough in you play style.


2027 and The Nameless Mod are best two mods for the greatest game ever made.

Awsome Mod

Офигенный мод! Прошёл уже 2 раза)))

Пожалуй лучший мод для одиночного похождения - большой, продуманный и с множеством нововведений.
Perhaps the best MOD for single adventure - big, thought over and with set of innovations.


7ty7 says

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This mod is the best thing to ever happen to a game. The degree of professionalsim easily equals the original. The same feeling of freedom as in the original, sometimes even more. Seriously, if you haven't tried this and you liked Deus Ex, try it out.

Great total conversion for Deus Ex. You MUST play this mod!

This mod has probably some of the best level design I've seen in any mod ever. Levels feel authentic, and fairly large without ever feeling empty. Its got unique music that suits Deus Ex, more retro weaponry and mechanical augs. Its got readables for added depth and a few branching storylines. Its also a tad harder than DX.
Its amazing how
Feels like what DX:HR should have been.

This mod has a number of improvements, like a inventory for corpses... shops sell weapons so money is actually important now.. Spybot is now item instead of a aug.
I think simplifying the skills is a good idea for the fact that Deus Ex is a longer game than this mod. So your not going get as much skill points. To get around that would have meant higher skill point awards which would have made you to powerful to quickly.

Consolidating swimming & environmental training, hacking/electronics, and demolitions/heavy weapons, while buffing existing skills like Mechanics (lockpicking) by improving your ability to upgrade personal bots.

But.. Medicine is the governing skill for melee weapons now...
I do like the idea of Medicine giving you a better understanding of a persons vital points, could be a interesting perk...
I don't agree with combining them considering it does take real skill to use a simple weapon like a baton effectively... or a deadly weapon like a Katana.
Close Combat training should have been added, with the added advantage of martial arts perks, like being able to disarm someone, throw them to ground, put them into submission holds, and effectively throw weapons like shurikens/throwing knives. But thats asking for to much out of a one man mod team.
No voice acting makes the mod feel like its missing something but its not a necessity, more like a luxury. Those cutscenes go to fast for me to read so it feels needed.

In the end I do feel that it could have been longer but I'm satisfied with what we got.

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