Hallo. I am Gabrilduro, the Developer of this Western Mod of M&B WB v. 1.153/1.158. I always dreamt of a Western videogame or of a ACW videogame and this Mod has them both and is an Rpg in 1st/3rd and strategic view. It is for a Single Player Campaign, but has also Custom Battles and a cool Multiplayer (even in Coop mode!) with playable Factions of the American Civil War and Wild Frontier, Mexican Second Empire and Indian Wars.DOWNLOAD LINK for 1860s Old America
Please go to the main Homepage on Talesworld Thread and post a comment there....to get all the explainations, watch Videos, Pics and posts.

Updated the Mod and the POLL

Go to the last 0.99Z version DOWNLOAD LINK and enjoy this last version.

First Official Review from Batong 92

I have played thrugh 100 game Days on new 99t and wb 1.153 and there was not even a single crash with this mod, one of the most stable i have ever played. The new viev limitation feels great once you get used to it. Most of the items are great and the revolver pairs wich show 2 guns and 1 can be drawn, is among the coolest. The great number of diffrent good looking rifles are awsome. I like the village battlefields most of all other battlefields and those around Richmond are very good.The best ways to avoid problems in village battles is to have small Groups instead of one huge line,
I play as a CSA vassal vs USA.The scenes are verry good and the random bandit attacks and prisonbreak missions allows high quality street shootouts.The showdowns are great and they are not won to easy thanks to the high Close quarter pistol damage with makes them both hard and intresting.The units for each faction, bandits, hunting terretorys, manhunters and secret hideouts all over the map makes travel much more exiteing.The overall gameplay are better then any other warband mod and the battlefields, formations and tactics fits the time period perfectly.And i shuld not forget to mention all the great caracters for example G A Custer and Stonewall jacksson with you can even recognice on the battlefields becuse they have personal faces. Also the companions are awsome and its verry funny to se Django in a game :) Summary. This is the greatest mod for WB and its verry stable with the 1.153 verson.Thank you very much Gab for creating and sharing this masterpiece with the comunity. :D

-- NEW THINGS in the Mod --

-CUSTOM Battles changed scenarios and fixed ALL
-MULTY-PLAYER on a Lan or alone , (NOT on internet)
Playable now with TEN different Factions, including France and...Lost Island CREATURES !! :shock:

-added FORMATIONS and ORDERS! Amazing job :mrgreen: (THX to Super HARLY!)
-named all French Centers, Lords and Ladies (THX BB for great help!!)
-new troop tree and names/items for France
-all indian Towns look the same, as an Indian Camp
-all Western Towns have a western town scene.
-fixed ALL Centers COORDS in ALL the Map, as well, pard' ! ...some have to be assigned, cuz of some errors?! :wink:
-Richmond Battlefield and most ACW scenes FIXED
-Miners Village (close to Denver) had some cactus_c that caused crash and some entry points were missing
-Some Centers (Towns/Forts and Villages) will look very close or even IDENTICAL.
To speed up the process of updating 1860s, I decided to "group" some centers and give a more "western and 1860s LOOK to the Mod, even if they very seldom random, see? I liked the final result, enough ....and I m sure u guys will as well.
GREAT NEW SHOWDOWNS (old Arenas) . Real Western and Mexican SHOOTOUTS!!!
Some ppl promised to work on some rough scenes and they will fix, or even create, new ones! 8-)
-Added ALL resources for making Scenes (pls, define Map ONLY the World strategic Map, folks! :twisted: )
So now more modern and Western PROPS, Houses and buildings...Trains...and military SHIPS can be added in the scene!!! 8-)
-Added all weapons and.... improved skills for a great weapon: the Remington (Admy, happy? :wink: )
-MODIFIED A LOT OF THEM AND A LOT OF STUFF, creating NEW Horses, Guns, Outfits, etc
-poisoned arrows with high damage to kill instantly!
-added all uniforms!!!
-made new troop trees
-made new assignements for troops guns and items
-deleted Canada and made a new faction for France, with full new troop tree
-placed many new French Centers in Mexico-Deleted Indian raiders and added APACHES!!!...........YESSS!!!!!!!!!!
-Comanches are now mixed Indians/Mexican COMANCHEROS
-improved many skills and assignements
-made new faces for most troops....and some characters. THX a lot to JOE!!!
-made new Companions and Merchants with names of friends and Supporters (...wait to see Marecone the Rebel!!! :twisted: )
-changed some Text at start (...and a lot has to be changed yet....but that damned work KILLs my eye!)
-Some new great sounds
-Wanderful Music according to Factions and....circumstances!!!
-swords drawing sounds are intended to be associated to charging trumpet music....and the effect when ordering to switch to melee is a massive and contagious charging effect! :P
-reverse handling of some knives are one of my inventions and is based on the fighting habit of most indians and white adventurers.
when I trained ppl in self defense, that is the best way to use a knife, due to shortest and quickest moves that are not easily predictable...and is very difficult to take it away from the owner...hehehe

--many other things that I cannot remember or that are still in my...hands.
Hope that all Testers will post comments on the many new issues that will find in this last update.

Things that I just fixed now:
-DELETED "Hurry Become master of the field" during Multiplayer Battles ( I HATED that!!! :roll: :roll: )
-ALL weapons show perfectly in Inventory, now!!! (GAX will love it, hehehe :mrgreen: )
-Ammos show on troops as Holsters or ammobelts. Choose the right belt for Your revolvers
-Military reverse draw for revolvers, in Usa and CSA Troops (very realistic! 8-) )

-explosive arrows with dynamite on them
.....some bugs that still occur, sometimes...

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6 comments by GABRILDURO on Jul 11th, 2014

Ciao Gente!
I am still working on version 1.0 alpha.
I never gave up but I had several problems.
Mainly a serious heart issue that conditioned for ever my life.

I will need soon a huge bunch of enthusiastic players of 1860s that will go through the next 1.0 alpha that I will release.

EVERYBODY can play the next alpha to test it.

I will only request that:

-you have a genuine version of M&B warband 1.166
-you are registered on MODDB
-you enjoyed and played the previous 0.99z version
-you HONESTLY rated it in reviews section

It will be a giant testing opened to all players that liked the mod sofar but that expect an improvement.
Suggestions and help will be very welcome, as always.

I will not tolerate haters and trolls anymore, instead.
If you disliked my previous job completely, just do not ask to play my updates, ok? That wouldn t make sense.

Keep on playing the version available, 0.99z and post your rating and reviews at the link below.

New version 1.0 alpha will be ready as soon as I will collect new suggestions and finish modding it and testing it.

Stay tuned and thx for your attention and support, always!


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1860s Old America v. 099 Z (latest version)

1860s Old America v. 099 Z (latest version)

Dec 9, 2013 Full Version 90 comments

LATEST version available. Very stable and ready to play. Please download and read the READ ME file inside the Folder. Feedback only after a deep try and...

Version 0.99 M

Version 0.99 M

May 18, 2013 Full Version 53 comments

DO NOT DOWNLOAD. (older version) Pls check the most recent Link

1860s Old America v. 0.99 G

1860s Old America v. 0.99 G

Apr 29, 2013 Full Version 12 comments

VERY OLD update of my Mod. -Please DO NOT DOWNLOAD this OLD VERSION. DO NOT ask questions here, please. Go to the main 1860s Forum link.

Post comment Comments  (60 - 70 of 631)
Guest Feb 27 2015, 1:40pm says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

GABRILDURO Feb 22 2015, 9:23am says:

Ciao a tutti folks!

Very poor activity on this thread...

Anyway...I frequently receive a conplain from players of my mods (1860s / 1776 / 1755 ), and they sent me tons of PMs asking for info about Multiplayer on a HOME LAN.

Most players, for what i know, can play on a Home Lan (2 or 3 PCs connected at same home server) and they use at once the same game version and NO key is requested.
But some, for some reason, cannot do that.
And is a fact, that STEAM clients CANNOT do that, period. (one of steam's limitations... :roll: )

I personally spent hours playing on a lan, when I had my old desktop and a notebook, with my son or a friend...with the SAME version of the game, installed on both PCs.

Hope I made all that clear in my half decent english...but I am curious to know if:
-some of u did not even know that it was possible...and never played like that
-some of u have different stories...or even found a legal way to play the same steam version on a home Lan


+5 votes   reply to comment
pecheurman Mar 3 2015, 1:12pm replied:

I did follow you game in the past, and played them(maybe forgetting to thanks you for the work spent. but i thought it :).
i can tell you that from the time you leave the things changed, vikings dlc, l'aigle mod, 1257 finished,Caribbean.

so yes people did get interested in other mod and same game engine game.(like caribbean)

but if you do an update the horde will come back :P.
and you know the mount & blade community, and the impatience that come with it. they need more and more new original features all the time.

i think bannerlord will help us alot xD.

+1 vote     reply to comment
amandaxxwilliams Mar 1 2015, 7:28am replied:

Hi Gab.

I wish you a speedy recovery. Don't worry about the activity on the thread because lots of us are still playing your mod. Keep up the good work and don't pressure yourself completing 1.0. Just take your time. We'll be waiting.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Guest Feb 19 2015, 7:44am says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

dinnerblaster1 Feb 17 2015, 11:31am says:

The mod is generally very pleasant and fun to play and I haven't encountered any crashings, so it's very stable. However, I'd like to give a few suggestions:

-Freelancer, Diplomacy and Battle continuation would improve the mod greatly
-Taverns should be remade
-The map is large, but settlements, towns and fortresses are either far too few or too close to each other. The map would need some extra detail also
-The range and deadlines of firearms should be increased, now battles take too long to win (or lose)
-Remove the trumpet sound from swords. It's neat at first, but gets old in the long run
-There seem to be bandits in every village I visit

There. Good luck with the mod!

+4 votes     reply to comment
TreyZGaming Mar 1 2015, 7:58am replied:

100% Agreed !

+1 vote     reply to comment
GABRILDURO Feb 22 2015, 9:27am replied:

Thx mate...some answers are on the main TW thread, as the bullit power impact (I explained how to tweak that)
Other fixes will be in my next 1.0 version

+4 votes   reply to comment
Trollskiller Feb 14 2015, 8:47am says:

GABRILDURO had made much work in town and village scenes that are not just providing the needed parts there are also very nice and lovely details. You can tell so much time was spent in doing those many things, such as the stuff that is on the horses, ie.
This is a really great mod, expecially if you like the western genre.
As my name says, I dislike Trolls...and I love to hunt them.
And Gab has some sworen enemies that adore trolling around him...well, many enemies much honor, Gab!!
1860s by GABRILDURO provides everything you can expect like Indians vs US, American Civil War, French intervention in Mexico -about which I knew so few, gotta admit! - and so much, more. It gives many Items for fashion looks, horses, guns and much more.
It is as much historical correct as a mod/game can be that will represent all these parts from the western era. Nobody ever made such a videogame, not even History Channel...and they should have been accurate...
For more questions about the mod, problems or suggestions you should go into the 1860s taleworlds section and ask there. And you should do this in a way you guys would expect such things from others.

+3 votes     reply to comment
GABRILDURO Feb 22 2015, 9:30am replied:

HAH! great to have u around then, Killer -wink-
Thx a lot to u and dear Gizzy for kind affection and support.
U guys are tempting me like hell to be back soon...but pls understand my troubles ( I know u do! )

A huge and big hug to u and all my true friends and supporters


+3 votes   reply to comment
Gissy Feb 15 2015, 4:26am replied:

I agree on all that, Trollskiller and in addition I wanna say that gabrilduro is taking the whole amount of this mod on his back
nobody else is doing anything to help him anymore and i know how terribly tiring that can be
and that heart problem that he had will not help, since now his time is even less than before and also his motivation i think
It is absolutely f a l s e that he makes things on his taste only. Not true at all. how can somebody say such a thing? he changed map, factions, scenes, weapons, expecially hit power and reloading time and so on, so-many-times! in my opinion, when i still was helping him with 1755, too many times. it is his mod, not other people's mod.
but i m glad that he is always so available..that way he listened and added french faction and foreign legion troops yessshh
if you are reading this now gab, please take care and just do not bother those few trolls and haters, mostly people that didnt get permission on your stuff or just kids that are much less than those thousands that adore you and your mods

+2 votes     reply to comment
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