Total conversion, similar to Fallout1.

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daniell411 says

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I remember installing this mod and the beginning blew me away especially the part with revolver roulette, however one thing ****** me off now a year later I try to play this mod again but endup running fallout 2, How do I install this properly? Im pretty sure I did the samething like I did last time when installing the mod, someone please help me. ;_;


Orzie says

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When I decided to download this mod, I expected a big serious work while reading the words "total conversion". However, my expectations were not fulfilled at this point at all.

The project I was up to try turned out to be a quintessence of a few Fallout features, with the rest of them ripped out or torn for small bits. However, these which were implemented deserve special attention.

And let me sum up my thoughts.
1) I liked pretty much the concept of often-met map locations. It is very cool to find anything new in the Wasteland rather often. And it does not mean that these locations must be huge or multi-leveled. I was very delighted to see something green on my map every time, and it kept my interest high enough to continue playing. Classic Fallout sometimes annoyed me with random encounters again and again, with bare opportunity to skip them rather fast. I would rather go for a lot of those tiny green circles, even if these locations do not contain much loot or cool progressive NPC dialogs.

2) Still, the Fallout atmosphere is present, even in some "shareware" form. There are ruined cities, harsh people hardened by wasteland life and old rusty pre-war facilities always tempting to be explored. Even the plot about mutants did seem rather attractive and creepy in some ways.

3) And the best part. It is game dialogs! Despite most of them are linear, and some are bugged, I enjoyed the humour very much! Sometimes the text even joked at some original Fallout things which seemed bizarre for me also. These dialogs never kept me asleep. A large plus for that.
I also would like to add that the jokes were highly rated by Russian Fallout community. They even made a translation for them, though I personally decided to check out the genuine thing. However, I think that the fact I stated above means something.

On the other hand, other game features turned poor to me. I love big and developed features, which make me want to replay the game. This mod (1.0) is for one-time play.


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