1257 AD Middle Europe mod is a completely new mod for M&B, which is aiming for the historical medieval Middle-Europe. We want to make a historically correct mod (unit names are in real form by every nation), but not an unenjoyable one!

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This mod is by far one of the best in warband. The play factor sometimes makes me think that my kingdom could have very well have been a real one back in this time. This is by far one of the best for warband!

About the worst **** ever made.

este mod es solo recomendable si no tienes memoria para correr ano domini 1257

it is a great mod. love the factions. but their is one problem i am facing. everytime i speak with a king the game crashes. pls fix


If you're looking for a Warband mod, you should move to Anno Domini 1257. If you're looking for a Mount&Blade; mod, congratulations, you've found a decent mod. It changes some stuff, but it feels like it is a very early alpha for a greater mod or a realistic Native module.

very good the mod but only can download warband patch please fix the download to M&B normal


Well just look at the detials of the skin and the amount of factions you can help with. Not the mention the volley system is badass. I think its better than Europe 1200 if you ask me.

The mod just encompasses so much more than the original game. There is simply way more for you to do. I thought this was simply an all-round excellent mod.


One of the best Mods ever.


If you looking for Best mod for M&B. HERE is !

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