Creatures came out of what seemed to be thin air. Animated and alive. They came without a warning and swept the world ...

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Just finished the game, the levels are great, the story is great,
the work put into this game is great, its just great for a fan-based project.
It can be buggy at times, and sometimes the fighting sequences tend
to be a bit on the hard side, but overall managable.
This is a true Episode to the Half Life Universe wich earns to
be played and then replayed.
Just try it out, its completely free and easy to install, like a
regular game (restart steam after install).

My final verdict is an 8.5
download here:

Ok were to begin.


Over all of all the HL2 themed source mods Ive played this one was certainly the best. Unlike many other mods this one focuses on its OWN story instead of trying to tie into the default HL2 script with some random rebel, combine, or what ever. Its so far the most accurate depiction of the time frame b4 the 7 Hour War to date. I don't see eye to eye with some parts of it but that's a given for artistic freedom so I cant really complain about that.


Its a little rough around the edges but over all its quite fun and it will leave you wanting more. It just to bad that in my personal opinions the game play aspects couldn't have reached their true potential especially with the movement animations which are sound but could have been more complex, realistic, & natural.


This is were the mod really suffers and its not just in realism in general but certain aesthetic details are just horrid. For examples the weapons in game are just plain ****** up especially when it come to their sounds which truly seem half assed and some of them don't even fit the animations >> The scripts are also totally illogical. For example the M16M203 sniper rifle has for some odd reason 12 rounds for the mags while it should be 30 and it does not use the same ammo as the M4 which uses the same STANAG mags and 5.56mm ammo. It was so bad that I had to change them my self and use realistic and quality CS:S sounds mostly made by Strelok on :/ The X army soldiers look more like mercenaries that soldiers as none of the gear even resembles anything the US military used aside from the M4s and LAW-72s which btw are not supposed to be re loadable nor guided >> Hell some of the soldiers look like reskined CS:S terrorist players which is absolutely horrid.

Overall Ill give it a 8/10 but there is so much room for improvement that would make this game a truly one of a kind mod.

Ah, 1187... this was a great mod. One of the best I've played. So why only an 8?

Some things I did not like:
-All weapons are way underpowerd and it takes a million hits to kill an enemy
-Melee weapons are way too slow
-There are parts where you have to force yourself to keep playing... the very beginning was one of them, not a good way to start at all
-Forget the pitiful AI, John's lines were very unconvinving
-Army being against you makes no sense whatsoever. It made sense in Half Life; they were trying to cover up the incident. But not in 1187.
-Health packs look terrible and are too common
-Too many weapons, not enough ammo to actually use a variety of them. There was a long part where the only thing with enough ammo given to me to use was the shotgun.

However, I did say that I loved it, right? Some things I liked:
-Great environment. Average city block turns into alien infested hell.
-Weapons look great. IDK if they look exactly like real weapons, but who the hell cares?
-Great modeling
-Alright AI, except for John
-Some epic firefights
-Good mix of logic and shooting
-Melee attacks with all weapons
-In generally, everything looks great

I can't really complain about the new features because you can turn them off. IMO they should have been worked on more; for example no one leans to the side while strafing. Anyways, I turned most of them off except for the alternate HUD which I am thankful you did; I hate having to click to confirm when I'm switching weapons.

Anyways, this was a great mod; it's worth playing for sure.

i liked how you got to understand more as you went and the help that sheets and passersby tell you i cannot wait for a second game. good work.
but i got a little mad in battle and how much enemy's there where (i played on hardest) but i did beat it good job guys you did a fin job on how a mod should look.

Solid gameplay, but the melee system is very inaccurate, and the voice acting isn't as good as it could be. Otherwise, excellent game. This has easily occupied me for entire weeks.

Awesome game, really good use of the Source engine by a very talented team. Only problem is that a certain companion just so happens to be a massive tool as well as having a fail AI. And occasionally level layout makes it extremely hard to figure out where to go.

Other than that, this game is made of win. =)

This could have made 10 on my list but with all the bugs and crashes I could barely have any fun playing this mod, the ideas the concepts the game play was amazing. but when you have poor scripting that causes your AI partner to activate an event that he wasnt even near and then when the game crashes every time you reload after death made this game rather unsavory to play

The mod is actually pretty good.

I love the animations and the mapping.
The sprinting system and legs just makes it perfect.
Looking foward for another release. :D

I would have given it 9 points if the quality of the graphics would have been constant. The Rifle looks like plastic while the Sniper looks great. The Revolver looks like it was made of stone, while the Pistol looks nice. Some detail, like the furniture right at the beginning of the game, look too blocky, while the overall look is above the "average mods" quality. Besides that, I already was halfway through the mod, before they released the patches to fix melee weapons and make it possible to disable headbobbing, because it's NOT realistic. I don't know how people get the idea that it is, because I don't swing my head to the left and right when running. The movement my head does, is negated by my eyes, that move independently. Try it, try it right now. Run a few meters, while looking at something in front of you.
So, that were the negative aspects, now let me get to the positive ones.
The lenght of the mod is good. It does not feel like it was filled with unnessesary content, to extend it, but also is short enough to make me want more of it.
The story pulled me in a way, the big AAA titles rarely manage. Especially certain "letters" in a subway...
The gameplay is full of action, while maintaining a "constant flow", by which I mean that relaxed parts and parts with heavy combat are not seperated from each other. In laymen's terms: This mod is more like Half-Life and less like Call of Duty, because all the areas are logically conected to each other.
Overall one of the best mods I played yet.


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