Creatures came out of what seemed to be thin air. Animated and alive. They came without a warning and swept the world ...

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Well here is my review. I give it a 7 out of 10. Overall, I liked the mod. The voice acting was pretty good, the characters, although not on the level of some other games, were interesting and like-able.

Graphics: 9/10
Incredible. Most everything was normal mapped or had some kind of shader to it. The character models and textures were detailed, and so were the custom props. The only bad thing that I can say about this section is that some of the shaders just didn't look right. Other than that, 9/10.

Storyline: 7/10
Alright. For the most part, the story flowed pretty naturally, but I couldn't help but feel as though everyone in the mod besides John tended to ignore my character's presence. Not even after I killed what seemed like half of the world in the final battle, I never truly felt like I was participating in the story. Anyways, I liked all of the nods and explanations as to how the combine came to earth, especially a certain scene with a radio. I give this section a 7/10.

Music: 8/10
Top notch with this. The music always fit with the scene, and always got me pumped up for the upcoming battles. It was all very well composed and it felt like it was made by a professional composer. There was a bit of a problem though, as some areas that I felt could have used some kind of music were left with no music at all, namely the subway, the mansion, and the end portal. 8 out of 10 for this.

Level Design: 6/10
This is the only place that this mod falls short. I understand that with such big maps, there are bound to be some problems, but I often encountered many of them, which is not good at all. For one, the maps and building look pretty blocky at times and some are just plain disproportional. The levels often had a way of confusing me into going the wrong way, and it I lost my sense of direction a bit too often. Some areas seemed like placeholders, like the tunnel system before the forest. On this, unfortunately, I give a 6 out of 10.

great story and gameplay.. but its VERY HARD to figure out where to go...

Well, I may as well bring some truth into this review board. Most reviews I've seen either hail it as incredible or call it absolutely hideous. I'm more in the middle, personally.

Make no mistake, this is a beautiful mod with unique enemies and incredibly fun segments at some points. At others, it can be boring, bland, or frustrating.

Nothing much new about the gameplay. Ironsights were well-done, and the Sniper ironsights are the best I've seen of any mod. However, certain maps are horribly done in terms of gameplay. Some points in the game that you feel should be simpler, just something you could easily jump over or avoid, are rigged as completely inevitable. This inspires more frustration in the player than actual enjoyment. Death is constant in this game, and some fights seem impossible. Eg: Fighting 4 Houndeyes with nothing but a knife, as I experienced in my playthrough.

Excellent quality models, weapons, and maps in terms of presentation. The soundtrack is also incredibly good. Certain parts can be bland, but others leave you breathless.

STORY - 8/10
The story is well-composed and works well, but confusing at some points are just plain cliche at others. The story can be lacking in zest or actual unique qualities in some spots, but is overall well-done.

All in all, 7/10. Not the best mod I've ever played, but not the worst either. It shines sometimes and is absolutely awful at others. I say, it's worth a playthrough if you're willing to put up with some awful parts of the game.

The concept is really good.

From what I understood, it is about living the time lapse between Half Life 1 and 2 through the eyes of a "normal guy".

Even though I am pretty sure this "normal guy" is in fact someone important to the story, the fact that we are an ordinary man facing extra ordinary circumstances makes this mod feel overwhelming in a similar way the movie Cloverfield might make you feel.

On the development's perspective I would say it is really good too, good weapons, level design, believable voice acting and good music.

The 3 points I have removed is not for one particular reason, but an addition of minor to medium details that could be polished and improved, as well as a general value of appreciation I have for this mod.

The different patches show that the team is really dedicated and have a passion for this project.

As far as I am concerned, this mod stands on the top 10 of Half Life 2 Story Line based Single Player mods.

Keep up the good work !


They clearly had some good ideas and concepts if mind, but the execution falls pretty short, and the difficulty isn't "challenging" so much as "unbalanced," and "untested."


rcminor says

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OK, better final thoughts than I left in the regular comments. I still think it dragged a bit for the first half or so, I still think John is annoying, and my initial observation about the soldiers is still left mostly unanswered (at least we know who they are, but still not why.) Inside the mansion got pretty tedious finding the keys, going around & around, but liked the concept, also that one crab zombie! Sgt. Chris is good sidekick. Again, some very beautiful artwork & textures & stuff. I liked the endgame quite a bit, starting with the approach to the restaurant, classic HL/HL2, and the Mustang was a great addition! Would have liked more driving time. (And the opportunity to run over some goons!)

Still find the weapons system a bit clumsy and floundering about taking damage when I find I'm trying to shoot an empty weapon. Feel there are almost too many. Liked the bolt action rifle a lot! Is that supposed to be a Mauser? I would like to see setups where your crew can go in for close combat while you snipe away from a distance with it.

The church was gorgeous. Here and in HL/Lost Coast, I have mixed feelings about combat scenes inside a church, but it helps too, to drive home the ruthlessness and nature of the enemy. The last action sequence is a real "Holy %#*" moment, and I suppose that is the only really plausible wrap-up which follows! Just slightly anticlimactic, and I do hope that it indicates your next installment "Rogue Train" will carry on this story.


THELEGOMack says

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I'm not sure what to think about this.

Sorry if that's so indescisive, but there's just so many bad design decisions (Some textures are clearly derived from photos and thus look really out of place; sometimes it's very hard to understand where to go; large groups of soldiers are very unforgiving; etc.), balanced out by so many good design descesions (John's voice acting is some of the best I've ever heard, including retail games; the environment design is nicely done, most of the time; there's a large variety of weapons, etc.)!

As for the story, well... it doesn't portray the Half-Life story arc correctly. You expect me to believe the Black Mesa incident, which somehow is known to everyone (thus nullifying the effort of the HECU), happened 10 years before the game and the Combine invade at the end of the mod, thus 10 years after the Black Mesa Inciden rather than only a few hours, as according to the Half-Life Canon? The G-Man obviously has some intrest in the protagonist, but that's not explained. Sure, it's not explained in Half-Life either, but at least it feels like Gordon Freeman is part of something bigger.

Why is the flashlight only availible on two guns?
Why do the houndeyes look so weirdly thin?
What are the weird TRON-like vortigaunt things that attack the player and his crew at the church at the mod's finale?

There are so many questions unanswered, and so many bad descisions!

But it was fun. Very fun.

I loved how John's line and witty comments.
I loved the bonus Christmas-themed map.
I loved how the zombies all don't have one skin.

In the end, it may be very flawed, but it's a good mod nonetheless. I reccomend it!


Boomsicle says

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It's a fun mod but the tiny bits got to me...
Firstly, the names of the characters. John. Micheal. Boring and generic as ****.
Secondly, the weapons feel a bit underpowered. If a zombie in HL2 instantly dies from a shotgun blast to the head, why shouldn't 1187's zombies? Speaking of weapons, you were obviously going for realism with the tactical lights and melee weapon swing speed but it's executed poorly. Sorry.
Thirdly, why are soldiers shooting at me? If their goal is to kill aliens and civilians alike, then that makes no sense. What would they gain from killing civvies? The HECU in HL1 had something to look forward to by killing scientists and guards but in this mod, they don't.
I know that I've been focusing more on the bad parts and this mod probably isn't for me but it is fun! It is fun but that's pretty much it so I'm being generous with a 7/10.
Also, please make the hud numbers thinner kthxbai.


PsiSkyCor says

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I liked the idea of this mod, but as many have stated before, it does fall short on some of the design and gameplay.
-Brings you back to fighting the Half-Life 1 enemies! (Vortigaunts, Hound-Eyes, Human Grunts, Apache Helicopters, and those sweet bad-*** blue Vortigaunts)
-Fairly well made weapons that FINALLY aren't the original HL2 ones
-A good variety of dark, enemy-filled, trap-laden maps
-Not great design of maps (Too many places to get physically stuck in, cover is rare, finding things is not commonplace, ammo for map-specific weapons is scarce
-That annoying sidekick (His speech is at times funny, but having to go back and heal him, as well as him not being a help whatsoever in any situation except for kills at 5 feet away)
-The dark is a bit TOO dark, and maps have some issues with lighting, texture, and material placement
-Those damned baby-headcrap carriers. Thank goodness there were only two when I played (Can't see the babies in the dark)

6.5 out of 10. 7 because I sort of pity the careless mistakes here and there. Need some good updates.
-Gameplay is a bit iffy (Guns seemingly jam sometimes, grunts and vorts can fire upon you from exploits in the map, tons of errors in fights like the uber-vort fight and 1st apache fight)


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